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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post

This is the main entrance to the Casino – as such, it is substantially guarded and monitored. Entering requires passing through two thick steel double doors, the first of which bears scars of previous attempts by law enforcement groups at breaking and entering. The amount of force required to break through them is probably beyond the capabilities of one Pokemon, or even a team of six. Since everyone in the daylight hours is posing as a trainer in search of a good time and quick riches, however, the doors will open for you... for now.

Once inside, entrants are greeted by a pair of guards on either side of the entryway - an Aegislash on the left, and a Metagross on the right. They wear little guard hats atop their heads with a Jirachi on them to indicate their positions. The Metagross in particular regards everyone with suspicion, but merely keeps an eye on the crowd.

Behind Aegislash are some more practical features of the lobby, such as a check-in counter/help desk, restrooms and a small souvenir shop. There is also an ELEVATOR near the restrooms. Behind Metagross are some plush couches for patrons to sit and relax, as well as the STAIRWAYS leading UPSTAIRS and DOWNSTAIRS. Two more guard Pokemon – an Arcanine sitting calmly by the help desk, and a Machamp in a Jirachi's Casino leather jacket (with four arm holes, of course) wandering about – make four in total.

In the center of the lobby is a massive fountain, lit by natural light from a star-shaped window above. The fountain depicts Jirachi, water spewing forth from his third eye, as statues of various Pokemon swim and play happily in the pool of water below. Behind this statue, one can continue STRAIGHT AHEAD to explore the rest of this floor. If the mood strikes you, of course, you could always turn around and go back OUTSIDE.

There are seven visible security cameras around the room – two point at the front door, one points at the check-out counter, one points at the fountain's back side, one points at the stairwell and one points at the entrance to the elevator.

Where will you explore first?
“I know. I know it stings, but stay with me... Don't phase out... you're doing a great job! Stay focused, it's almost... there.”

It was an odd sight indeed – a lavender-haired woman in a torn, bloodstained suit among the throng of nurses, Blisseys and Comfeys, kneeling by a hospital cot. The Gengar to whom she provided ministrations winced as a strong poultice was sprayed on his semi-corporeal body. Forcing a smile, the woman rests a gentle hand on the Gengar's forehead, taking in the indescribable sensation of that which was not fully present, yet nonetheless among them, feeling pain as all the others did.

“I would not recommend shifting phases for the next few hours. Your trainer will be in shortly to check in on you – I will be happy to let him know how well you're doing. Keep your mind clear and your thoughts on recovering.”

Marion's own Pokemon had been fortunate – the blunt trauma wounds that August had sustained in the latest efforts to break into Jirachi's Casino were nothing out of the ordinary for a combatant of her caliber, and a day or two of rest would see to their healing. Bedivere, who had also taken significant damage, was already well enough to very politely take over the infirmary cafeteria and make wonderful treats for everyone who visited, his bandaged tentacles mixing and baking and frying away. Sangre, the silent watchbat, was dexterous enough to avoid some of the heavier hits, but still had difficulty flying some few hours after the incident - he was moved to the inorganic unit to be relieved of the constant smell of delicious, delicious blood, which elicited cravings. Others in the raiding party had not been so fortunate, and given Marion's expertise, the task of administering aid to the ghost types who had been injured in this and previous attempts fell squarely on her shoulders. It was fortunate indeed that the city's hospital was mere blocks away from the Casino – but post-anarchy Fizzytopolis was still in recovery, and not well equipped to take in the sudden surge of patients.

Of course, Marion had run in after her Pokémon like an idiot, only to be thrown back by an unseen force and knocked out cold. She had been among the first to receive medical attention - most of the blood on her suit was hers - but her pride took the hardest hit by far. How could she and the strongest members of her team be so helpless in the face of this crisis? Even with the assistance of other nations, other leaders, success seemed maddeningly out of reach. Others were talking about drastic measures to resolve the issue... Their suggestions terrified her.

As she is about to leave her ghostly patient to help patch up a Drifblim with a small leak on the second floor, she is startled by the sudden absence of light in the Gengar's room. Turning around, she sees that the window has been blocked out by a batlike figure, which appears to be opening up the window from the outside. Recognizing the badge on the creature's necktie as being from the Noivern Express Delivery Service, she assists the Pokemon in its attempts at opening the window. Gracefully flying inside, Marion assumes the package tied around the creature's torso must be some kind of get-well gift from afar for one of the patients – how surprised she is when the Noivern beckons to her!

Retrieving the package carefully, the Pokemon and Elite exchange respectful bows, before the Noivern once again takes flight. Shutting the window behind it, Marion cautiously unravels the package, only to find a handwritten note inside -

Originally Posted by ”Letter from an Unknown Sender”
Ms. Ette,

I believe we have a common interest at the moment, on a matter of which I'm certain I can be of great assistance. As I'm sure you too suspect, the happenings at the Jirachi Casino are no mere criminal activity. The stolen money and Pokémon are only the beginning. If you wish to cooperate, meet me outside of the casino's main entrance. I will make myself known there. Even the elite shouldn't work alone.
Marion scoffs. “Yeah, sure. Cooperate. I know a trap when I read one.”

...Still, she pockets the letter, as she makes her way to her next patient.


Outside the Casino lobby, a flickering purple light shines through the cracks of the first double door, as a Lampent curiously inspects the dents and scrapes imprinted on its exterior. Finally, the Pokemon points with his “arm”, looking to his trainer with bright, yellow eyes.

“Yes, that's definitely August's fist, all right. See if you can find where she headbutted it,” the trainer beside him wryly comments – dressed in her best tourist approximation, she had purchased a FIZZY BUBBLES EST 1998 tank top from a local souvenir shop, paired with some non-descript white shorts and cheap, rubber flip-flops with sequins to complete the “I'm here for my Summer Vacation” look. Of course, there was a significant drawback to showing off her bandaged arms and legs, but she would come up with some story if she had to. There was some practicality in the getup - sporting a thick pair of designer shades to conceal her eyes and a large, black, wide-brimmed floppy hat to keep her trademark lavender locks hidden, she pauses to try to shove in a stray strand – only to have a few more fall out in the process. Well, at least it's keeping my scalp from burning to a crisp in this damn heat. Sighing, she adjusts her glasses instead, to get a better view of her luminous companion, who was using his cast light and flickering flame to create a shadowy silhouette of August against the door, trying to imagine the scene as it happened. Gwyn had not participated in the initial raid – not for lack of strength, but for his sensitive, introspective personality - not well suited for direct confrontation on the field of battle. Certainly, he could fight, but only as an absolute necessity or when directly ordered... and if the rumors regarding the motives of other trainers in Fizzby were to be believed, perhaps this was the perspective Marion needed to make this work.

Marion uncrumpled the note she had received the day before – she had thrown it in the garbage at least twice before finding herself compelled to retrieve it – and read its contents once more. Of course, they hadn't changed since first receiving the note, but one could never shake the feeling that there had to be some clue – some hint – something more to the missive than what was written. Gwyn, noticing his trainer's preoccupation, illuminates the note with his trademark purple glow... Only to create a small shadow of a question mark against the note.

“Honestly, Gwyn... I don't know why I'm doing this, either.” Marion sighs and shrugs her shoulders. “If I read the situation right, this is the type of thing I should be staying far, far away from... but I can't let it go.”

Gwyn nods sagely, the look in his eyes as illuminated as the rest of him. He seemed to know what his trainer didn't... but refused to elaborate, through light or through shadow. He merely stays by her side, content to wait
Outside with her for the mysterious sender of this note.

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