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Alice Hope had by now adapted to the Pokemon world for the most part. She had her own place in the Cloud Garden (and she was proud of earning that little spot, for sure), she had more friends now than when she had arrived, knew where to get her medication and all the other good and mundane stuff. As it was, while gunning for her own goals, Alice had consciously aligned herself to the side of heroism in big and small-- until now.

Honestly, maybe it wouldn't have surprised anyone who knew the wannabe idol well enough. If she had a special power? Invisibility, or anything that would've allowed her to steal, troll and the like. If jail hadn't been such a deterrent, the way some people bullied her probably would have led to dead bodies. In a magical world where all was possible, why not rob a casino? With a gang of questionable peeps? Well, wynaut?

The young woman rocked up, a notable swagger to her walk. Every click of designer heels radiated confidence, sweet ringlets fluttering with the breeze of the building's open doors. Whoever she was, to those who didn't know of her growing celebrity, she at least looked like she could be famous. Painted, sparkling, manicured fingers slipped fancy shades from a face of make-up-- done so that blemishes were rid of, eyelashes were long and lips popped and nothing much more – and replaced them with proper glasses.

“Oh my gosh, those hats are so cute!” Alice declared, honey oozing from a posh, but indistinct, accent. The trainer pulled her Pokegear from her designer bag to snap photos of the guards and their adorable little hats. Fitting the amped up image the tourist was portraying, a Snubbull pottered after the young woman, pink fur complimenting the outfit of choice: a little off-shoulder dress, one that started just above a pushed up bust and cut off well before the knee; patterned in pink and white floral. It was comfortable, but a little tight. Alice loved attention, and even in the midst of investigation, she felt like getting it the right way would aid her cause-- especially if it threw off the idea that she would be one of the criminals returning once the day was done.

“Come on, Sammi, let's go and win some big money and see what else is up!” Alice prompted the canine, and with that, she was through the foyer and into the main hall. It was perfectly exquisite, and it was almost a shame that she had come to fuck shit up. Alice had never been in a casino before, from what she could remember (which was spotty). Samantha stuck close, but all senses were peeled like any good doggy's would be. The hours would fly by, and they needed as much intel as possible before the heist.
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