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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post

This is the main entrance to the Casino – as such, it is substantially guarded and monitored. Entering requires passing through two thick steel double doors, the first of which bears scars of previous attempts by law enforcement groups at breaking and entering. The amount of force required to break through them is probably beyond the capabilities of one Pokemon, or even a team of six. Since everyone in the daylight hours is posing as a trainer in search of a good time and quick riches, however, the doors will open for you... for now.

Once inside, entrants are greeted by a pair of guards on either side of the entryway - an Aegislash on the left, and a Metagross on the right. They wear little guard hats atop their heads with a Jirachi on them to indicate their positions. The Metagross in particular regards everyone with suspicion, but merely keeps an eye on the crowd.

Behind Aegislash are some more practical features of the lobby, such as a check-in counter/help desk, restrooms and a small souvenir shop. There is also an ELEVATOR near the restrooms. Behind Metagross are some plush couches for patrons to sit and relax, as well as the STAIRWAYS leading UPSTAIRS and DOWNSTAIRS. Two more guard Pokemon – an Arcanine sitting calmly by the help desk, and a Machamp in a Jirachi's Casino leather jacket (with four arm holes, of course) wandering about – make four in total.

In the center of the lobby is a massive fountain, lit by natural light from a star-shaped window above. The fountain depicts Jirachi, water spewing forth from his third eye, as statues of various Pokemon swim and play happily in the pool of water below. Behind this statue, one can continue STRAIGHT AHEAD to explore the rest of this floor. If the mood strikes you, of course, you could always turn around and go back OUTSIDE.

There are seven visible security cameras around the room – two point at the front door, one points at the check-out counter, one points at the fountain's back side, one points at the stairwell and one points at the entrance to the elevator.

Where will you explore first?
He looked at the garish statue with an air of intense disdain.

This place always unsettled him, what with the flagrant promotion of gambling, the flaunting of wealth everywhere the eye can see, and speaking of eyes, they were everywhere. It was unsettling, that an establishment of such opulence could possess security tighter than a prison, and judging by the look the soulless machine wearing that ridiculous hat gave him, much of that security was speciesist.

Of course, not that it would stop Fragarath from being scornful regarding the situation. Having ears everywhere had its perks, and the Honchkrow, on learning of the unusual activity within Jirachi's Casino, a place built and run during the dark era of the old guard, its secrets defended zealously within, he of course had to have a wing in the investigations. Heck, the avian had went so far as blackmail to ensure his trainer, Alex, was on board with the plan he had for the joint. It had stood for far too long, and the link between it and the old coins for prizes joint, something he knew very well had links to criminal groups, meant that the time to stand idly by had long since gone.

Alex moved a little, the Honchkrow on shoulder giving the air of disdain while he was to play the part of the fool. He had over half a million of the coins, soon to be discontinued, and he'd be damned if he wasn't going to let them rot in a vault somewhere. Fortunate then his role in the bird's play, for he was in as a gamer, a high roller of sorts, to keep the focus on the machinery while the sharp eyed insomniac crow kept a vigilant scan for anything suspicious. Of course, being a Honchkrow had its perks, and the species were well known for their thieving prowess, but for now the destination and objective was simple: Go straight past this hideous representation of Halley, and take a look around for potential security loopholes to take note of.

He'd be damned if this wasn't going to be the heist of the year, if not century.
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