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Sypher felt somewhat frustrated with himself as he had yet again volunteered for undercover work. Hopefully it would go better this time and hopefully he wouldn't have to deal with some mafia force for a third time. The first time had ended up with a rather gruesome blood bath and the second had everyone hating him because he kept getting drunk and spouting gibberish. But it was no time for him to be kicking himself as practice was the only way to better himself.

It was the first time he had been in a Casino and he was quite impressed with the aesthetics. "Kinda nice isn't it Jill?" He looked over his shoulder to see that Jill, who had been fluttering alongside him had landed to take awe at the Metagross guarding the entrance. He scurried over to retrieve her. "Sorry about her, she act without thinking whenever she see's a Pokémon species she has meet before." he assured the guard, "She won't be any trouble." As he walked towards the elevator he patted her on the head and reminded her not to wander off. "Now, an another day, another elevator, hopefully not the same shit..." he mused thinking back to Bedlam Ridge.

As he entered he pressed the button to stop the lift between floors. He reached towards the roof, lifting Jill up find a latch. "If one is up there, go through and infiltrate the HVAC system. Have a look around and see if you can overhear any guards. I'll be back in 45 minutes or so. So wait at the top of the shaft when you return and I'll whistle sharply thrice when I come back for you."

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