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Phantump Cinccino Royale, featuring the Phantump Thieves of Hearts - DAY PHASE BEGINS

In casinos all over the world, stocks of prize Pokemon and items are vanishing without a trace. Game currencies – coins, vouchers, tickets, points – are universally wiping with no explanation. Footage from security cameras and eyewitness reports have corroborated this strange story – items and Pokemon literally disappearing before one's eyes, regardless of the level of security or number of witnesses present. Systems glitching and showing flat balances out of the blue. The cost of replenishing the missing items and Pokemon is unrecoverable for many of these establishments. Already, millions of Pokedollars have gone into solving this mystery from around the world, only for the case to remain unsolved – though recently, a glimmer of hope has shimmered through this dim situation, from an unlikely source.

When a group of Pokemon was spirited away last month from the Goldenrod Prize Corner, a tiny Mime Jr., only recently taken from the hatchery to the Corner, somehow managed to remain behind. Investigative psychic types who interviewed the little Pokemon after the event were able to relay a vision the baby had to their trainers – the vision of a lobby the likes of which no one had ever seen, in terms of opulence and design. Its description matched that of no known building on record. A number of people involved with the case began questioning the veracity and accuracy of the baby Pokemon's testimony. For weeks, the investigation went cold... that is, until the reports came in about the establishment known as Jirachi's Casino.

On the surface of it, one would think that Jirachi's would be a prime target for thieves of all kinds – abandoned for months in the shifting of power and sitting in the very center of the anarchy-ridden main city, no greater target for pilfering valuables could have existed. Even when the new Elite settled in, the place remained untouched for a time – most trainers anticipated that when the people of Fizzby finally got around to addressing their Casino, its valuables would be utterly ransacked – if not from within, then from crime syndicates in the surrounding areas.

Those native to the area have described the Casino in its present state as “unrecognizable”. Expanded and refurbished seemingly overnight and inexplicably without notice, the massive, overly elaborate facility may not be familiar to its old patrons, but the moment that pictures of the lobby began circulating, those who had interviewed the precocious little Mime Jr., it was recognized immediately as the one in his vision. The little mime, now known as Feste, is now actively involved in the psychic investigation of Jirachi's Casino and its secrets.

In the following days, law enforcement from around the world have attempted to strongarm their way into the Casino with sheer power and numbers to take back what's theirs – but whatever force has taken residence within the building has managed, successfully, to repel them all. Though none have actually seen it, the force of its power – which seems to emanate from the very walls and floors at the first sign of signifcant threat – has caused significant damage to massive teams of well-trained Pokemon. Of course, it is not in the spirit of Fizzby to give up – and if the rumors are to be believed, trainers all over the area have begun devising their own alternatives to the brute force typical of law enforcement. Indeed, if one is to win against this unknown menace, they reason, one must go outside the law to achieve the goal. We will take back what's ours, and that which belongs to other nations. We will recover the stolen goods by fighting fire with fire – by stealing back that which was stolen from us.

That's right, my friends – we are breaking into Jirachi's Casino! But first, like any good thieves, we need to get an idea of what we're getting ourselves into. During the daylight hours, we will pose as happy Casino-goers, all while gathering information (and goodies, provided we don't get caught) for the upcoming infiltration at night.

THE DAY PHASE will begin now and last until August 21, 2017 at 11:59 PM GMT – all infiltrators are expected to leave the Casino at that time to reconvene for the EVENING PHASE.

The Day Phase is is the plainclothes information gathering phase. Members have a maximum of ONE Pokemon with them to help them search the area for entrances, exits, areas of interest, clues, secret passages, etc. This may be the same Pokemon that will assist in the infiltration during the evening/night phases, or a different one, but a Pokemon who participates in the Day Phase investigation may have a slight advantage having been exposed to the area already. Areas where rare Pokemon are kept can be identified for the infiltration. Items can be stolen in this phase, but getting caught will have consequences. It is suggested during this phase that everyone SPREADS OUT to explore – after all, what good is trying to get a feel for all the Casino has to offer if everyone goes to one area?

So, without further ado -

Let's all go to the lobby! Let's all go to the lobby! Let's all go to the lobbyyyy – to steal ourselves some treats.

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