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Originally Posted by Muyotwo View Post
I'm thinking Elizabeth Warren is the likely pick- yes, you're doubling down with women, but she has very strong liberal credentials that could re-energize the college-aged liberals into getting out to the polls. The fact that Donald "Some, I assume, are good people" Trump is already attacking her (though he does attack everyone, so grain of salt) further makes me think that she makes a ton of sense as a potential VP.
As much as I'd love her to be Veep So someone could kill HRC and she could be our President It's suuuper unlikely for the same reason Sherrod Brown isn't happening. Their states have Republican Governors who would get to appoint their replacements to the Senate. With Dems already struggling to take back the Senate, every seat counts.

I'd put my money on Tim Kaine- he's a longtime Clinton supporter, former Governor and current Senator of a swing state (Was/is quite popular in his state when filling both positions, too.) and while he's a Senator Virginia has a Democrat for a Governor so that's a nonissue.

Clinton will publicly consider Warren until she actually makes her Veep choice because she wants to give the illusion of giving two shits about the left wing of the party but that's my bet on who she'll really go for.

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