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Re: big bad birtha's suggestion box 2: secret passions unveiled

Comments on the first round of SaiGar:

Holy shoot, epic! Dio and Kenshiro had a pretty darn close fight, there - a difference of seven votes for two of the heaviest hitters in the whole tournament! I better check the Yotsuba archive to see if SaiGar Guy's report was saved - I must see the graph of the first round. The Emperor cleaned clock on the other side; that's the single largest win of any conteder in the tournament's history!

As for tomorrow, I think it'll be an easy win for Kaiji. The other side is contestable; I'll probably cast my vote for Hosaka, since Teresa wasn't really all that manly...she was practically a lesbian and a lolicon from how she acted before she left the stage. D:

Originally Posted by Xuande
The people who think ef ~A Tale of Memories~ has brilliant artwork must be the same people who think that Eva has brilliant artwork. I'll give you an example of this director's sense of "genius art" which gave me such a fucking headache (for real; an actual, physically manifested headache out of nowhere) that starting at 75 seconds left on the calling card, I had to shield everything with my hand except for the very bottom of my screen so I could still read the translation. And I closed my eyes constantly to avoid the strobe effect it did.

The link is a scene from Episode 10. Don't watch any of the earlier portion (spoilers!), but do skip to exactly 5 minutes 30 seconds (5:20 to be safe and to recognize that a girl put a calling card into a phone). So long as you don't speak Japanese, you'll be fine, since the sub is in Spanish. Please (DOPPEL, I MEAN YOU!), go ahead and click on this, go to 5:20, and watch it until the video ends. (The video ends right where I would have asked you to quit watching to avoid spoilers anyway. It's way before the "spoiler point," which is when the countdown approaches 0.)
I just watched it. Boy did I chuckle. It's hard to imagine that a lot of the anime is as ridiculous as that! As far as art is concerned, though, I think what people valued in this show was what you described earlier as "shiny-ness"; that scene in between those cuts to the phone card, with the nice sunset and sun-beams in particular. In Evangelion, we had the dumb stuff with single face stills, but most of the praise for Eva's artwork was in the smoothness of animation like when Unit-02 jumped off of a battleship. When I saw Eva a couple years ago, I couldn't help but hold my disgust at how ugly the art was, but I had to concede that at times the frame rate for some scenes was absurd.

But compared to say Gurren-Lagann, Eva made up for those scenes during the last couple episodes (or so I hear).

Oh, for the record, I can read Spanish subtitles.
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