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Re: big bad birtha's suggestion box 2: secret passions unveiled

Just finished ef ~A Tale of Memories~. So, SPOILERS!

The end of episode 11 was amazing. I totally thought Chihiro was going to throw herself from the rooftop, though. The diary bit was unexpected (despite having watched Renji chasing after the pages in the wind in the 4-minute trailer), and arguably even crueler than killing herself. Man.

The beginning of episode 12 (the final episode) was good, but the second half was really, really disappointing. I think that the happy ending with Renji and Chihiro, while desirable from one viewpoint, was a copout. And it felt very forced. "Renji-kun! I just can't forget about you! ;_;" It made no sense. The Chihiro saying that had only known Renji for 2 days (assuming she was waking herself up in the wee hours of the morning to re-read the diary, like last time). The Chihiro who knew Renji the longest (the 5-day one ... iirc it was 5 days) ended up crashing from physical exhaustion of not getting enough sleep, and she slept over 13 hours and forgot everything. How are Renji and Chihiro planning on avoiding that this time around? My point is, 2-Day Chihiro may look fine now, but what's to keep her from crashing in 72 hours' time? What is Renji going to do if Chihiro enters a deep sleep she simply can't be woken from? And even if she does manage to wake up every 8 hours and re-read the diary to keep Renji in her active memory, she's still not going to be able to remember everything. You can't remember an entire lifetime in 1 day -- you just can't. It would be naive to think otherwise. This means that Chihiro is only ever going to remember (at most) 13 hours' worth of details about her life with Renji. And more like 12, because that 13th hour is "buffer space" for when she's cycling through memories just to cling on to them. That's right, she gets 12 memories of her and Renji assuming she does nothing each day but process memories for 13 hours. So really, she gets even less. More like 3 or 4 hours, tops.

Back at Episode 8, the show made this precise point and (imo) made it wisely and well. Yet now, they toss it out the window in favor of the Cinderella "happily ever after" ending. Like I said ... it just feels too hollow to be enjoyed. You can't enjoy a gift that wasn't earned properly (e.g. enjoying a Wii you stole from a store). It's the same here. I can't enjoy this happy ending because I know it's undeserved.

And the problems don't stop there, I'm afraid. My favorite character (Kei) got shit-for-nothing development until the last 10 minutes, wherein she had this explosion of character growth and (DAMNINGLY) was attracted to Cameraboy but didn't act on her feelings other than to blush. Damn it! :x Either don't show her liking him yet (if we're supposed to believe only a day or two has passed) or show her being his lover (if like years have passed).

Also, I reaalllllly hated how Miyako was like, "Oh! It's a phone call from Kei-chan! How is she doing? ^-^" Grrrrrrr. ¬_¬ Even if you do have big boobs (which got dismally smaller as the series progressed), it doesn't mean I like you. I hate you. :P

In the end, a good ending. So ... that's good. Review next post.
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