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Re: big bad birtha's suggestion box 2: secret passions unveiled

Thru Episode 10 of ef ~A Tale of Memories~. Same level of goodness (average to slightly above average). We just got out of the woods, it looks like, with the whole Miyako x Hirono x Kei love triangle, with Kei losing. As predicted. As angrily predicted because Kei is (a) way more deserving and (b) way less psychopathic than Miyako. I just don't get it. Kei loved Hirono for years and he was oblivious to it; then he goes and dates Miyako for what has to have been (as in the storyline) less than 2 months, and bam, sex. I'm glad for Kei, in a sense, that she's not winding up with such a dirtbag as Hirono. And I'm glad, in a sense, that Hirono got saddled with Miyako because he has no idea what he's in for. (Considering Kei erased the 99 psychotic messages Miyako left on Hirono's cell phone.)

Even though I think Cameraboy's a hollow character with not enough development, it was cool to see him kick Hirono's ass both philosophically and physically.

So, with two episodes remaining, it's looking increasingly like we're going to focus on Chihiro and Renji with the occasional Kei x Cameraboy scene to polish things off. I guess I can't complain. Even if I question what sort of relationship Renji and Chihiro can have short of a medical miracle which restores her anterograde memory capabilities.
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