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Re: big bad birtha's suggestion box 2: secret passions unveiled

Seen through Episode 8 of ef ~A Tale of Memories~.

While the plot is improving, it is improving predictably. So ... I am both pleased and unpleased. "Better better than worse" on the one hand, but "I'm starting to get bored calling everything two episodes before it happens" on the other hand.

The animation director, I am almost 90% positive based just on the show alone, is probably the same one in charge of Kare Kano. And that guy fucking sucked and was notorious across the Internet for sucking back when Kare Kano came out. I can't believe he didn't get similar flack this time around. Maybe nobody except Doppel and BBB and me has watched this show yet. -_-; Regardless, the director's idea of what constitutes "art" is really getting on my fucking nerves. "Art for the sake of art" isn't art. It's just noise. And that's what a lot of the animation in this show has been so far -- a lot of visual noise. It's been longer than I can remember (as in, I have no memories of doing this) since I have last had to close my eyes and just listen to the Japanese audio, imperfect as my Japanese is, because I'm better off than trying to read the subtitles amidst the frustrating animation behind it. It's that bad at times. I'm not ranting to be mean. I'm ranting because the show fucking deserves it. :x If I were to review the show right now, I'd give plot a 7, characters a liberal 8, but animation a 5. What it has in shininess and cute character designs, it KILLS in its so-called "artistic direction."

So I've bitched about the plot and the animation direction. What next? Calm down. :P Nothing really. I'm happy ... well, I was happy to see Kei completely creaming Miyako in the war, but lo and behold Kei and Hirono had a fight, Miyako squeezed back in, and Kei is (predictably) softening up to Cameraboy. I also am glad we got Renji's "see Chihiro when she wakes up after having completely forgotten who you are" scene out of the way. I was beginning to worry they weren't going to show that until Episode 11. It's a powerful scene, yes ... if you don't see it coming. For those who've read or seen stories like Chihiro's before (*points back to 50 First Dates again), this is something that gets called back around Episode 1 when we put together that she's a girl with anterograde amnesia with a high probability of falling in love with the boy we just saw bump into her at the broken-down train station.

Okay. I think I'm probably nagging too much.

Overall impressions through Episode 8: average (on the good side rather than the bad side, but pretty close to deadpan average). Would not recommend to others. Would not rewatch. Not forcing myself to finish -- enjoying it enough to finish on my own steam. But ... the steam's only enough to power a little engine, not a huge one.

Also, what ever happened to Kei's lesbian friend? You know, Hirono's kohai? I thought she was supposed to be just as important as the other three girls ... no?
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