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I think the deal makes sense on both sides.

For the Celtics, you get a slightly better version of your best player at the cost of a high first round pick (which you have multiple of), an unproven European guy, and Jae Crowder. Jae Crowder is a valuable guy who can do great things, but I guess that they feel his role can be filled between Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum.

For the Cavs, you got rid of the guy that wanted to leave town and was going to make for a tense locker room, and in return got a similar talent along with a good 3-and-D player in Crowder (whom LeBron doesn't have to face in the playoffs now). In addition, in case the team blows up next year and LeBron and IT leave in free agency, they have a really high pick from the Nets that they can build their future around. Either that or they can flip it and go into win now mode to trade for a guy that LeBron would want around him like Melo or Wade.

Overall I think the Cavs got the better deal here but I can see why both teams made it. I'm just surprised that it happened because they're the top two teams in the East.
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