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The circumstances are much different though. At full strength, the 2016-2017 Warriors are much better than the 2015-2016 Warriors. LeBron had to muster everything he had to beat that Warriors team, which was injured and weakened by the 73-9 chase and the 7 game death march with OKC.

This time around, the Chokeboys are 100% healthy and having steamrolled the competition by huge margins, they didn't have to play extra games, so they're more or less rested and at full strength. In this game they basically dropped the same strategy they did in 2015 against LeBron, and they forced Love on perimeter defense. They rode Durant until the rest of the team got going, and they did what I predicted they would: defend Lebron and defend the rest of the Cavaliers. The 2014-2015 Warriors lead the league in turnovers (except maybe behind the Rockets?) and they only yielded four in this game. Four!

Not to mention, unlike 2014-2015 the Cavaliers are also 100% healthy and they were basically blown out here. Once Golden State adapted to being forced onto the paint the Cavaliers had no answer. LeBron was great this game and the Cavaliers couldn't do anything. Against the Celtics, LeBron was bad for two games and one of those games lead to a loss. If he goes bad in any of the games against Golden State

It's like Popovich said. You need to have your best team and not make any mistakes just to give yourself a fighting chance. And Golden State is still not at full strength, with Klay Thompson still bad on offense.

If he gets hot.
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