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Unlike the Warriors, there is already a book on LeBron, so if you follow it and you will defeat whatever team he is on. And that book says let LeBron get his points, but outshoot the Cavaliers to win. Easier said than done, but Golden State is the best equipped to do it.

The Warriors are the best defensive team in the league, so I think they'll definitely challenge that book a bit since they've already defended LeBron successfully in the past. But I can't emphasize enough that this is a mismatch if Golden State is firing all cylinders. Klay and Iguodala playing normally with Durant/Curry/Super Green will steamroll the Cavaliers. Having them absent and relying on JaVale (who has been great, but not clutch) makes it more of a series.

Ultimately, the most interesting part of this is while Golden State is overwhelmingly powerful right now, they're also not at their full potential yet.
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