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There are several interesting things to watch in this series, so I'm quite looking forward to it. Here are my keys to the finals.

We didn't see it much in the matchups this season, but in a longer and much more important matchup will LeBron guard Durant, and if so how will that effect both of them? LeBron likely won't get the chance to bully Durant on offense, but on defense James may be better served sticking on Durant than the (relatively) less threatening Green.

Can Curry still create and facilitate when he has to exert much more effort on defense than he likes to against Irving? Will he do better against tighter defense than he did last year (His percentage dropped 10% against shots when Irving was within a 4 foot vicinity in the last finals)?

Do the Warriors have an answer for the Cavs small ball lineup? In their first two series this year the Cavs showed a terrifying lineup with LeBron as ball handlerr with 4 gifted three point shooters on the floor at the same time while Irving and Love rested and no team had a satisfactory answer to it. Either you play LeBron one on one (which he will always win) or you leave a very accurate 3 point threat alone behind the arc with LeBron distributing as well as he does. Given how rarely LeBron leaves the floor, that lineup may be key to giving the Cavs a big bench edge over the Warriors.

And finally: Can the Warriors starting 5 be checked by anyone? I think the Warriors may just have too many freaks when it's all said and done. I'm curious to see how both teams adjust game to game though.!
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