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ROUND 16: Brave Heart

ROUND 16: Brave Heart
Mienfoo vs Castform

After she retrieves her unconscious Rotom-Wash, Kayla tosses a third Pokéball which clicks and releases a cell-shaped creature. White flesh coats a bulbous head, and two wide eyes blink with delicate naďveté. A single wisp of a hair stands up, while the small creature hovers like a light cloud. Between the creature's cumulus appearance and limbless form, the referee is reminded of Play-Doh.

"Here is the data on Kayla's last Pokémon," announces the referee, clicking his datapad.

Originally Posted by Pokédex
Castform (Normal): Castform change their shape, as well as their type, depending on the weather. They will become a Water-type while it's raining, a Fire-type during a Sunny Day and an Ice-type in Hail or Snow. Castform remain Normal during "normal" weather. Their weather changing attacks are much more powerful than normal, starting almost instantly at full power, lasting twice as long as usual and being much harder to change against Castform's wishes. They fight more enthusiastically in atypical weather conditions and their attacks are faster to charge in such environments. Castform levitate by default.
[Normal]: Normal-type Pokémon generally have a bit less off-type energy than other Pokémon. Normal-types which usually have a secondary type do not suffer from this drawback unless specified. In the ASB, Normal-types take resisted damage from the damaging effects of Ghost-type energy.
When the referee finishes speaking, Jupiter the Castform seizes the initiative, rustling with stalwart determination. Filled with loyalty towards his fallen comrade, Jupiter sheathes himself with the intention to Retaliate, as he pounces at Fei Xing. The more fatigued Mienfoo is unable to react in time, and Jupiter tackles Fei Xing against a slippery slide, which shudders from impact. Wincing from the harsh blow, Fei Xing nurses her wounds but doesn't commiserate. Instead, she distills her courage, securing her brave heart. After she raises a fist, Fei Xing channels her Fighting spirit, with which she Punches Jupiter. Careening like a derailed train, Fei Xing's blow pummels Jupiter, who wails from the super-effective assault. Portions of her health Drains from Jupiter, whose body pales from this realisation. Jupiter refuses to sulk, though. Reaffirming his movie, Jupiter glances to the clear sky into which he fires a beam. Immediately, the Day begins to become Sunnier.

Weathering a large blow and then recovering some health, Fei Xing suffers only small net loss, dipping into the final third. Jupiter lost more in this round but still remains in the first third. Energy use was fine, and the weather is heating up.

-Prince to order.
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