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The 2017 JLPT will be held in North America on December 3, 2017. The American Association of Teachers of Japanese, or AATJ, has a website for Americans wanting to take the JLPT. I am certain that Canada and other countries have similar organizations who provide similar resources to help prospective test takers.

No point in keeping it a secret: I've gone ahead and registered for the N2. I do not expect that I will pass, but for me the motivations for taking the exam are similar to what they were before with the N3. External assessment of proficiency. Proverbial "fire under my ass" / "carrot on a stick". Studying for true fluency anyway and so why not stop along the way to take the test. This year, though, attaches a rather meaningful bonus. I can discuss that more later in the event that I do pass.

In the United States, registration costs $60 non-refundable. You then have to factor in travel expenses as well. Registration closes towards the end of the month (September 29 @ 9:00 PM Eastern Time), so you still have several weeks to consider if you're on the fence. There are many good arguments against taking an exam like this. There are also good arguments for taking it. Consider your individual circumstances and decide accordingly.
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