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Not really, no. But I was already used to RTL reading conventions. The closest example I can think of when I began studying Japanese is when you see words that are each other's backwards order. So like ...
  • 日本 vs. 本日
  • 会社 vs. 社会
  • 腹切 vs. 切腹
  • 神風 vs. 風神
When I first started, this would slip me up some since often times it's the pair of characters (and in no particular order) that your brain identifies at a glance rather than the individual characters (and in a particular order). But it was only ever the occasional slip-up. And it doesn't much happen anymore. Familiarity with both words in a given AB-BA relationship helps with this. It's much easier to misread 本日 as 日本, for example, when the only word you know is 日本. Know 本日 too and the spell is broken. (Though perhaps not for dyslexics.)
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