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Spinda Round 8

With nothing but his nose and ears, sharp as they are, to guide him, and even his extent of moment cut to a fraction of the usual, Petr has good reason to feel disoriented, like seeing himself surrounded on all sides. There is no path left for him to take; all directions are blocked. No, he has no choice but to try and carve out his own path. He crouches slightly, his limbs sticking to his body and his ears to his head, his entire figure growing warmer and brighter, streaks of the Gleam penetrating out of the webbing. Her cloak of darkness soon to be blown away, Lizzy decides to act fast -- at least for the next couple moments, she still has an advantage. Raising one of her forelimbs, aiming it at her opponent, she plunges into a dive, her limb surrounded by darkness that cannot even be seen in this low visibility. This cover of hers, however, although well-suited for enabling her to opt for stealth, turns out to be her undoing; unable to see his opponent well, Petr, although he grows tense at her approach, does not fall for the trap. Instead, as the Galvantula desperately jabs her limb out for a Sucker Punch, a dazzling burst of light hits her point-blank in the face.

The Galvantula scuttles back through the air, her fur standing up straight, her six eyes reeling from the shock. The vision advantage she had had has been neutralized, if only temporarily. Her natural reaction is to trash around slightly, flailing her limbs in the air, and for once feeling what her opponent must be going through. But this very fact -- that her opponent is crippled the same -- gives her the peace of mind to take action, to try and keep fighting. If she can keep the situation under control, things will, when her sight recovers, fall back in place. She rears up again, her movements more poised this time, her other limb outstretched with a pink glow around it, tiny powders circulating all around. She darts in once again, and although she is partially blinded, her badge enhances her accuracy to counteract this, resulting in her managing to get in a fair blow nonetheless. However, the Snubbull has smelt blood, and he leaps towards it, seeing this as his chance, perhaps the last he will get, to turn things around. Before his opponent can get away, he lets his mouth fill with violet energy, then spews forth globs of it, a splatter of Sludge ringing through the air and blasting the spider away.

Lizzy's lead has closed up, both Pokemon about at the last third mark for health. Petr is out of Poison Type energy, with Lizzy's dark Type energy halved.
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