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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
I don't think anyone's argued this here, but ed made a comment about disliking 1.5/3 because of energy use. No offense to you, ed, but it struck a bit of a nerve.

If you don't like 1.5/3 because of energy use, I'm really not sure why you're complaining - you have plenty of energy to safely KO a foe without the help of SE attacks. SE attacks are a bonus that make it so you don't have to worry about energy so much. The reason I am so annoyed by x2/x4 is because you deal a wild amount of damage for no equivalent energy use, making it extremely efficient and encouraging typespam, which just leads to bad, spammy battling and not actual strategy. The reason I like x1.5/x3 is that it slows the battle down enough that you can actually make a comeback and employ strategy instead of "EVADE N SE ATTACKS AND THEN TRY TO HIT HIM". And, if you do get typespammed, your foe actually feels it, allowing you the opportunity to get back at them. This way, they're not taking out half your health with a Fire Blast and feeling nothing for it. It becomes a crutch and you never actually learn to control energy use.

I dunno, I may be kicking a dead horse here, but I just get kind of annoyed when people don't like things because they don't want to put the effort in to learn something new. It's not that hard of a system to get used to and you'll still have Pokemon falling in at least 8 rounds, if not earlier. At the very least, I'd hope that refs will learn to actually consider energy and exhaustion as a part of their calculations (another reason I dislike purely math-based systems - there is nuance in the health and energy they don't account for!) so that the typespammed are at least given a chance.
Eh. Jeri, as much as your points are valid, your main bugbear seems to be that under the existing system, the proponents of said system are getting the unfair advantage, since it restricts the opponent's strategies. Surely it's also arguable that under the other system, proponents of that system will be better off and the non-supporters would be at detriment. Besides, it doesn't quite address Kush's point: "1.5x is bad for energy usage now that everyone seems to be increasing how much energy stuff costs." I'm not quite sure why you're so absolutely against the 2x/4x system - there are a couple of ways it kinda flies against faces:

- Why should, say, a Water attack take more energy out of the Pokemon if used against a Fire/Rock-type - just because the damage is multiplied? It looks like energy usage would be calculated AFTER damage has been done to the opponent, which makes even less sense. By that logic using Thunder against a Pelipper would exhaust you of most of your energy assuming you killed it, and in parallel it would cost you no energy using it on a Swampert. Put another way - by that logic, if your energy used is inversely proportionate to the effect done on an object, it means that you use more energy throwing a small pebble than pushing a huge boulder (that doesn't budge).
- What defines "learning something new"? Typespam is one thing that certainly affects balance, sure, but - pardon me if we've already brought this up - why is it that the opponent who sends his, say, Escavalier out against a Charizard is not similarly judged? If the matchup was done willingly then, well, sure - clearly the Escavalier user must already have something in mind, in which case there's no problem. If the matchup was done out of sheer ignorance - could we not say that it's the Escavalier user who needs to learn something new?

Overall, I think it's that potential slippery slope Kush (and ed, if I'm not wrong) is/are trying to bring up. Are we wanting a league in which a Sneasel can trounce a Lucario - regardless of how much we'll have to change things and, as it were, get people to "put in the effort to learn something new"?
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