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The team’s assessment is that they shouldn’t bother with whatever “small fry” Torterra and Farfetch’d send their way. After all, not only do they seem weak, they look just as willing to battle, and besides, toppling the giant takes priority over everything else.

The air around them suddenly becomes chilly while Nina’s eyes glow like sapphires; before long, hundreds of tiny snowflakes begin to fall, covering the grassy meadow. With the first part of their plan concluded, Nina then prepares to unleash a wave of Freeze Dry, while Sam gathers fire in her fangs… but before they can continue the assault, the three Bug-Type recruits suddenly get in their way! Neither of them makes a move, knowing they are outclassed, fear plastered on their faces… but they seem determined on standing up to those who would destroy their new home. After all, they have no other home to return to, since Torterra effectively dried up most of the Radiant Rainforest… Will Nina and Sam carry on with their attacks regardless of the opposition, or reconsider their approach?

Deciding to employ her efforts differently, and emboldened by her companions’ resolve, Mimi moves away from the other two to strike the large tree at the center of Torterra’s back – the one that seems to lose leaves whenever the titan is damaged. It might be, however, wishful thinking on the part of the Psychic-Type to hope that a Mime Jr can single-handedly topple such a large tree with its limited physical strength, and as Mimi’s hand meets the trunk, the best she can manage is to leave a dent on the hard, rough surface. Undeterred, she strikes again, widening the wound on the tree like a lumberjack, while leaves continue to fall all around her. However, that is all that tumbles down from above, with no sign of Farfetch’d nearby.

In her tenacity, she fails to realize something foul is afoot nearby. Coming in from behind, the wild duck strikes Mimi on the back with a silent, deadly Aerial Ace, making her crash against the trunk she’d been trying to cut down. Then, with his opponent pinned against the tree, Farfetch’d lifts the Mime Jr by the chin with his stalk, before making it transform into a Leaf Blade that threatens to deliver a fatal slash to the neck…

“Retribution for that earlier Thunderbolt, I’m afraid,” taunts the wild duck. “Now little one, let’s go into round two of negotiations, shall we?”

He points with his head over to where Nina and Sam are being blocked off by the three bugs.

“They like it here. Master Torterra’s forest is peaceful, fertile, and quite frankly, the only place they have left,” Farfetch’d continues. “I suggest you tell your friends to settle down and accept our offer, stay as Torterra’s guardians. Otherwise, you might not live to become Ms. Mime…”

The Leaf Blade is held firmly against Mimi’s throat. What will she do?
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