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Ash-Greninja Spoilers below, from the demo and related stuffs:

Spoiler: show
Ash Greninja is confirmed to get stat boosts. +50 Attack, +50 Sp.Attack, +10 Speed. This would put it at, iirc, 144 Attack, 153 Sp.Atk, 132 Speed.

Battle Bond is confirmed for boosting Water Shuriken's power, but its not known by how much. Water Shuriken is also confirmed to have been changed into a special move.

Looks like Gamefreak actually wants Ash-Greninja used because they really tried to compensate it for losing Protean. As of right now, Ash Greninja hits harder when you need it to use Water and Dark moves but Greninja's coverage (especially Gunk Shot) hits harder.
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