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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
As a Greninja trainer, I agree completely: Protean is huge. Easily the best OU-relevant ability they created in Gen 6. So much so that Smogon eventually deigned to ban it. (De facto, anyway, because lol at the thought of Protean Kecleon new OU meta. ) But just because Protean Greninja is awesome doesn't mean that Ash-Greninja can't be awesome -- or that he can't even be more awesome. Let's not forget -- neither Mega Lucario nor Mega Gengar have Protean either, but I don't see you guys suggesting that this disqualifies them from being better than Protean Greninja. It's entirely possible that Ash-Greninja will be an equally good or even a superior choice to Protean Greninja.
No offense to you but as someone who's been embroiled in the competitive scene for far too long to be healthy, equating Ash-Greninja to Mega Lucario and Mega Gengar is frankly silly. The two Megas have incredibly useful abilities in their own right (Adaptability and Shadow Tag respectively), which really defeats the purpose of the argument that "oh they don't have Protean but they can still be good!" while Battle Bond really only fills the role of being a conditional Mega Stone. This is besides the fact that the combination of their abilities, movepools, stats, typings, and so forth make the quick comparison pretty invalid. As a whole, it's highly doubtful that on the merits of its stat boost alone (that we are presuming is occurring at this point and is hopefully on par with the boost received from a standard Mega Evolution) that it will even come close to the utility of immediately gaining STAB on any of your moves as well as the benefits of changing typing to whatever you want that turn. From the description of Ash-Greninja it sounds like Speed is definitely going to be something boosted, which really wasn't an issue with Greninja, and then its offensive stats, which were already seeing a boost all around thanks to the STAB provided by Protean. Unless the boosts are particularly significant, and judging by the likely Speed boost they probably won't be unless they make Greninja even more frail, there's really not much reason to utilize Ash-Greninja over his Protean brethren.

To answer your queries the best I can from the information I've gleaned behind the scenes, it is very likely that he will receive a stat change of some variety as well as a 99% almost-surety that Ash-Greninja will remain as such for the entire battle given this line in its description; "The Battle Bond Ability triggers this Pokémon’s form change to Ash-Greninja after it causes an opponent’s Pokémon to faint. When the battle ends, the Pokémon returns to its original Greninja form." The form change would very likely not count towards the Mega Evolution counter and to be truly useful, he would have to gain stats on the Mega-level, otherwise his utility falls even further. I mean, I could see them doing something small since its a novelty but I guess we'll see. Custom moves it's hard to tell, but I would assume it will probably get 1-2 signature moves and that'd be about it.
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