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Round 2: Typespamm'd right back

Flashing pink, Pallav keeps up the pressure with a burst of Secret Power. Thanks to the close proximity, Wallace is unable to dodge entirely out of the way, taking some mild damage as his legs get clipped while he darts to the side, rushing the Sceptile before jinking around the lizard like an Aerial Ace, dealing some severe damage to the Grass-type. Shrugging it off, the reptile starts to blow a soothing Grasswhistle, while Wallace waits to see if he's getting statused or not. Feeling his eyelids droop, the Fighter enters a Zen-like state (though this doesn't really help against tiredness) and Headbutts the lizard, dealing some damage while the physical impact helps snap him awake a bit.

Wallace is hanging just above half health now, though after those blows Pallav isn't too far behind him. Energy use was slightly higher from the Gallade, both still pretty even in that respect. They're close, Wallace slightly tired.

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