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Dropping off my Torchic, Blaze, to smash Tate's Pouli. Tate keeps the offspring.

Nickname: Blaze
Level: 100
Gender: Male
Pokeball: Love Ball
Nature: Careful
Characteristic: Proud of its power
Type: Fire
Obtained: Adoption Centre
Ability: Blaze
Bond: 44
Contest stats: Cute/100, Cool/20, Beauty/20, Tough/20, Smart/20
Moves: Scratch, Growl, Sand Attack Cut, Strength, Night Slash, Low Kick, Crossfire, Featherdance, Bounce, Mud Slap, Focus Energy, Ember, Agility, Double Team, Slash, Heat Wave, Helping Hand, Snore, Swift, Reversal, Rock Slide, Fire Spin, Peck, Flame Burst, Mirror Move, Flamethrower, Sunny Day
Hold Item: Charcoal
Evolves to: lvl 16
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