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After remarking on Hazel's former shyness, Robin then asked Keith if he had any other Pokémon on hand, mentioning she wouldn't mind seeing them. Oblivious to Robin's belated awareness of the risk inherent to this, Keith nodded. "Sure," he agreed, taking the other four Poké Balls off his belt- an Ultra Ball, a Violet Cyber Ball, a Fast Ball... and a Space Ball. "Alright," Keith said, tossing all four balls in the air. "Millicent, Jack, Anion, Luna, come on out!"

Four different kinds of Poké Ball split open. Four flashes of light ensued. And four Pokémon materialized. From the Ultra Ball appeared Keith's Timburr, her log slung over her shoulder as usual. Around her neck, she wore a string to which was tied a round and remarkably smooth rock. From the Violet Cyber Ball appeared Keith's Ditto, jiggling in place as he looked around. From the Fast Ball appeared Keith's Minun, grinning as she regarded her unfamiliar surroundings. And from the Space Ball appeared that which Robin was surely worried about- Keith's remarkably observant and psychically skilled Swoobat.

"Alright, so this is Anion, my Minun," Keith started, introducing his own Electric-type. "Anion, this is Robin.

"Hiya, Robin!" Anion said, waving up energetically at the young Trainer. "Good to meet ya!"

"And this is Millicent," Keith added, gesturing to the Timburr who waved up at Robin. "And her log goes by the name Willow- it's actually haunted by the ghost of a Leavanny. She might talk to you, so if you hear a voice emanating from the log, don't be too alarmed. And this here is Jack," he continued, gesturing to the Ditto. "He likes his pranks, but never takes 'em too far.

"Hey there-" began Jack, before noticing the Jolteon. "Oh, hey!" he exclaimed, oozing off towards the Electric-type.

"...OK," Keith remarked. "And this here is Luna," Keith added. "She's actually really talented by Psychic-type standards, so she tends to know more than most. She's very nice, though."

Luna, as Keith spoke, was flying around Robin, regarding her with an expression unreadable save for the glimmer of recognition in her eyes. After about a minute of this, the Swoobat's telepathic voice sounded, in Robin's head and her head alone. I won't tell him, Luna said. But I think you should. He's worried about you.

"Um, n-no, it's just, I... I d-didn't know why you were st-staring, and it kinda..." stammered Aster. The staring had in fact made her feel uncomfortable, but at the same time, she didn't want Hazel to think he was not welcome to talk to her.

But before Aster could attempt to elaborate on this, Jack approached them both. "Hazel? Wow, I ain't seen you in months, congrats on evolving," grinned the Ditto. "Remember me, from the party at Keith's place? In fact, lemme refresh your memory," Jack added, before Transforming into a pizza box- the exact same one he made himself look like back then, complete with the words "132 Pizzeria".

Aster was a little surprised by this. "Y-you've met Jack before?" she asked Hazel.

Meowth was seriously annoyed by this point, as Tessa continued to steadfastly deny his claims. Before he could open his mouth to even begin to retort, the Cosplay Pikachu returned to her work, no longer giving him so much as a moment of her time. Moreover, Voltaire seemed oddly eager to get Meowth out of the kitchen, even going so far as to shooting a death glare at the Torchic who so obliviously contradicted the Emolga's claims that the Fire-type would want them out ASAP. Meowth noticed this death glare as well. And at Voltaire's words, Meowth folded his arms... front legs... whatever one might want to call them. He'd asked his questions, alright, but it was the lack of answers he got to said questions that was on his mind right now.

"I promised I'd see if Anion's here if I got answers to my questions," Meowth stated. "And all I'm gettin' here is da runaround from youse and Tessa. Cayenne don't want us outta da kitchen, you do! I was right, wasn't I?" he asked Voltaire. "If youse wants ta meet Anion, I'll be glad ta make dat happen, but only if youse can actually be honest wit me fer once. Look, if it's some big secret, I promise not ta blab about it, all I'm askin' here is dat youse don't take me fer a fool."

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