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Keith would be lying if he said he wasn't curious as hell as to what Robin was getting at- she had started to mention that Aster's shyness reminded her of something or someone, but quickly stopped herself, and after a moment, stated that she wasn't sure where she'd been going with that. Keith, meanwhile, was starting to think there was definitely more to all this than he knew. He hadn't quite reached the same conclusion as Meowth just yet, but he couldn't help but think he wasn't getting the whole story just yet. "Yeah, Aster's pretty shy," he replied, deciding he wouldn't bring this up until he had some idea exactly where he'd be going with it. "My Amoonguss and Garbodor are the same way themselves sometimes."

Aster squirmed a little bit as she noticed Hazel eyeing her. "H-h-hi," she finally mumbled to the Jolteon.

Tessa definitely froze up at Meowth's questioning, and Meowth noticed it. The Cosplay Pikachu stammered out her denial of Meowth's claims, and Voltaire added that there had to be other Cosplay Pikachu in the region. "I'm positive!" Meowth responded. "And gimme a little credit here, I know dat Cosplay Pikachu are rarer den rare! And two different ones wit da same exact name, dat even act similar? Youse expects me ta believe dat's just a coincidence? Look, if I done stumbled onta some big secret here, I can understand youse wantin' ta keep it quiet, but don't go tinkin' I'm stupid, alright?" he asked. "Da whole reason we's even here today is because we got lost tryin' ta get a lead on where ta find Jake in da first place," said Meowth. "And my Trainer's sittin' in dere, all worried about his friend, and he might actually be talkin' ta dat friend and not even knowin' it... I just want da truth, is dat too much ta ask?" Meowth pleaded.

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