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"Fair enough," Keith nodded as Robin explained that she just happened to run into a fair amount of Electric-types. "I got a fair few Fire-types myself, but that's not exactly my specialty. Though to be fair, I did grow up in Lavaridge Town, so Fire-types tend to remind me of home." He grinned as Robin asked about some of the Poison-types he had- far from minding the question, Keith never passed up a chance to talk about his various Poison-types.

"Well, first off, my very first Pokémon was actually a baby Koffing I rescued from a pair of Machop bullies that were attacking him," Keith began. "Nurse Joy asked me to look after Koffing for a week after she treated his injuries, and by the end of that week, the Koffing and I were pretty much best friends," he smiled. "He's now a Weezing, and probably my strongest Pokémon. But yeah- as far as all the different kinds I got, he is just the tip of the Bergmite," he grinned. "I got a Vileplume, an Arbok, a Crobat, a Venomoth, a Qwilfish, a Toxicroak, a Skuntank, a Seviper, a Victreebel, an Ivysaur and a Venusaur, a Weedle, a Kakuna, and a Beedrill, I got a Gengar- my Beedrill and my Gengar can both actually Mega Evolve," he added, adjusting his Mega Hat as he spoke. "I got a special variety of Amoonguss- I don't know if you've seen Amoonguss before, but they're mushroom Pokémon whose cap and shields look like Poké Balls- my Amoonguss, his cap and shields look like Ultra Balls instead. An old variety known as the Ultramoonguss, they were thought to have all died out by this point. Um... I got a Dustox, and in fact, I get the feeling his daughter, my Shiny Wurmple, is also gonna evolve into a Cascoon, so I might have two Dustox soon," he grinned. "I got an Ariados, a Nidoking and Nidoqueen, a Swalot, a Drapion- he's actually my Weedle's mate and my Kakuna's father- I got a Roserade, a Dragalge, a Muk, a Tentacruel, a Scolipede I ride basically everywhere, I got a Garbodor, and I got a Shiny Mareanie... I think that's all of them," he stated. "And, well, there's my Umbreon, Cyanide- obviously not an actual Poison-type, but if there was a Poison-type Eeveelution, she'd have gone for that without hesitation- she's a Poison-type at heart," he explained. "And that's actually only about half of the Pokémon I have in total," he added. "Between my Meowth and my Umbreon, you've probably already guessed I don't train Poison-types exclusively, even if they're my specialty."

"Yeah, sure, I'll ask him," Meowth nodded. He vaguely thought that this might actually be interesting to see, how Anion might interact with Voltaire, before stepping onto the warp panel. At the moment, however, this was not at the forefront of his mind- right now, he wanted answers, for both himself and for Keith, and he intended to get them.

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