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"Hazel?" Keith repeated as Robin gave the Jolteon's name. The name was sticking in his mind... why did something about it seem so familiar? For that matter, why did something about that Jolteon seem so familiar now that Keith knew its name? Why did his mind start making him want to congratulate Hazel on evolving, as if he'd seen the Jolteon before as an Eevee or someth-

Eevee. That was it- Keith remembered with a jolt (eon), back at that party he threw for Albus- among the Pokémon Jake had brought was his Eevee, named Hazel. But surely that Eevee and this Jolteon couldn't be one and the same... could they? Did Jake trade Hazel for some reason? Somehow Keith didn't think it especially likely that an Electric-type specialist would trade away a Jolteon, or a potential Jolteon.

Robin went on to react to Meowth's ability to talk. Well, perhaps "react" is too strong of a word- for someone who had literally just met them, she seemed far less surprised than she seemed to try to make herself appear to be. Nevertheless, when she offered them a seat, Keith nodded. "Yes, thank you," he replied, though he was starting to wonder about things now, wonder what exactly this Robin person's deal was, wonder if that Hazel was the same Hazel... As he took a seat, he noticed the Emolga cleaning up- Hazel was clearly not her only Electric-type. In fact, hadn't he seen a brief glance of a Pikachu as well? In fact... hadn't there been a black heart on her tail? That he couldn't say for sure, but if that were the case, a Jolteon named Hazel, and a Cosplay Pikachu? The coincidences were starting to add up. "Hey, so, Robin," said Keith. "Um... How long have you had Hazel for?" he asked. Meowth listened intently for Robin's answer- these things Keith was picking up on were not lost on him, either.

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