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It was a beautiful day at Sunabā Beach. The sun was shining, and the pleasant sound of Wingull could be heard as they flew overhead. Yes today was the perfect day to...stay indoors?

Ok maybe that wasn't the best thing to be doing on a hot and sunny day, but that's how things seemed to be going inside Robin's secret base.
Stretched across the living table was a rather familiar board game. Sitting around the board was Robin, along with Tessa and Voltaire.

"Alright, I believe you landed on my property." Voltaire said as he began to shuffle through his cards.
"Yep, you owe me...four hundred Pokédollars." The Emolga added with a smirk.

Letting out a small sigh, Robin handed her Emolga a small stack of fake money, something he was quite happy to accept.

After that, it fell to Tessa to make her move. Picking up a Pikachu playing piece, the Cosplay Pikachu was about to move, when Cayenne burst into the room, startling her considerably.
Following right behind him was a Jolteon, who seemed much calmer then his teammate.

"Ok ok, Hazel and me are finished now! So let's do something!" The Torchic exclaimed as he rushed to his trainer.

"I'm assuming Hazel managed to beat you?" Robin questioned. She wasn't trying to be malicious, but the result of such a battle was rather obvious.

"Yeah but it was a super close battle! I had him on the ropes!" The Torchic exclaimed. "But enough about that, let's do something! Like explore the beach!"

"Hmm, I guess we could." Robin replied, glancing out a nearby window.
"It does look pretty hot out."

No sooner had those words escaped her mouth, did the sound of thunder echo throughout the room, prompting a sharp cry from Hazel.

"So much for that." Voltaire snickered as he noticed raindrops start to splatter on the window. "I guess we have to continue playing this then, not that I mind."

"Umm..I kind of don't want to play anymore..." Tessa admitted.

"Yeah, how about we pack things up." Robin nodded.

Reluctantly following the other two, Voltaire began to help pack up the game. It wasn't long before this was interrupted though, by the sound of knocking at the door.

"Hold on, I'll grab that." Robin said as she approached the door.
"Now who could that be?" The young trainer murmured as she swung open the door.
The answer to her question, turned out to be none other then Keith and Meowth, probably one of the last two she had expected to see.

At the sight of her old friend, Robin could feel her body go numb, and her heart began to race. She could feel herself becoming dizzy as well....just what was she supposed to say? She couldn't leave them out in the rain....but at the same time...

"Umm...hi..I'm you need something?" She managed to choke out.
"Oh I'm probably want out of the rain right?" Robin added a moment later.
"Then you can come in...make yourselves at home." She said, before moving out of their way, allowing them access inside.

At the sight of the guests, Cayenne let out a loud squeak.
"Guests! We have guests! Come on Tessa, we've got to whip something up, and quick!" The Torchic exclaimed, before rushing onto a nearby warp tile, causing him to disappear entirely.

Letting out a small sigh, Tessa followed her teammate onto the warp panel, causing her to also disappear from the living room.

At the sight of Keith, Hazel hurried to his trainers side, quite unsure of how to feel about this turn of events.

As for Voltaire, the Emolga seemed rather preoccupied with cleaning up the large mess on the table, and paid the arrival of Keith and Meowth with nothing more then a short glance.
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