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Records of Old

(Note: This is an archive of all the posts in my old secret base, by Missingno. Master, Shiny Turtwig, and myself. All text has remained unchanged, for better or for worse.)
Credit goes to Missingno. Master for all text in purple, and to Shiny Turtwig for all text in olive.

Story 1 Part 1: (2013)

Spoiler: show
Keith had been to the Cloud Garden once before, though that was for an adventure. This time, he was here to visit a friend. He walked up to the large oak tree, and saw the rope ladder which led up to the house.

"Vee?" questioned the furry brown Pokemon in Keith's arms.

"Yeah, this is the place, Cyanide," Keith nodded in response to his Eevee. "OK, I think I'm gonna need to put you back in your Poke Ball for now, just till we get to the top. Can't really hold you and climb the rope ladder at the same time, y'know?"

"Eevee!" exclaimed Cyanide, shaking her head vigorously. She reached down and slapped the button of a Poke Ball on Keith's belt with her paw, and in a flash of light, a Crobat was unleashed.

Keith chuckled, getting the idea. "OK, Hedwig, Fly us up to the top of this ladder."

"Cro," replied the Crobat as her tiny feet gripped Keith's shoulders. Then, with much flapping of her four wings, Hedwig lifted her trainer into the air, bringing him up to where the door for the base was in the first place. As she gently placed him down, Keith knocked on the door, hoping that Jake would be in.

After the final floor board was nailed in Jake and Telpo finally relaxed. Can't wait till my order get's through then we could lie on a bed instead of the floor. Said Jake to Telpo. I assume our schedules and the shop owners schedules don't line up master. Said Telpo completely seriously. Jake laughed before looking around his newly built base. Bubbles was wandering around the base thinking of her next scheme,while Sparky and Pom were exchanging battle plans. The base may have been a bit small but Jake and his Pokemon didn't mind to much. But just as Jake was about to doze of on the floor he heard a knock at the door. Jake got up and answered the door. It was Kieth. Welcome Kieth come on in. Said Jake holding open the door. As Kieth walked in Telpo, Sparky and Pom all waved in a friendly matter. Sorry about the lack of a chair Kieth my order at the base shop hasn't gotten through yet. Said Jake apologetically. Just then Bubbles walked in from the main room and saw Cyanide. Sorry hold on Keith don't want another fight said Jake before walking over to Bubbles and whispered something to her. Bubbles if you are nice and don't bug Cyanide while she's over I'll give you some extra lunch for 3 days. Bubbles shook her head before making a cough it up symbol with one of her pinchers to show that she needed more of a reward. Fine how about a week? Asked Jake to which Bubbles nodded. That was enough of a reward for her. Jake walked back to Keith. Sorry about that. Said Jake still eyeing Bubbles. I got some apples if your hungry, Pom picked them just this morning. Said Jake offering one to Keith
Jake opened the door, letting Keith, Cyanide, and Hedwig in, and promptly apologized for the lack of furniture. "Not a problem," Keith smiled. At that point, Jake caught sight of Cyanide and hurriedly whispered something to his Corphish. Judging by Bubbles's gestures, it seemed as though Jake was bribing her to not antagonize Cyanide. Keith set the Eevee down on the floor, and she walked over to Sparky and Pom, making a point of not looking at Bubbles.

"So, what's up?" said Cyanide as she approached the Joltik and Aipom.

Meanwhile, Jake offered Keith an apple, which he graciously accepted. "Thanks," Keith said. "Oh, yeah, I don't think you met Hedwig yet," Keith added, gesturing to the Crobat behind him. "Hedwig, my friend Jake. Jake, my Crobat Hedwig."

As Cyanide walked up to Sparky and Pom, Bubbles felt great temptation to lash out at her. She quickly shook the temptation and walked to Jake before jumping into his arms,taking another apple from Jakes hand and climbed down the base and hide in the mailbox. She likes to do that alot said Jake. Kieth then introduced Jake to his Crobat,Hedwig. Nice to meet you Hedwig! Said Jake before turning to Kieth. I take it Hedwig flew you here? Asked Jake. Wish I had a flying type......said Jake. Though Telpo can teleport me across short distants it makes him very tired. Jake then called for Telpo to come meet Hedwig. "Hello Hedwig how are you?" Said Telpo to Hedwig via telepathy.
Meanwhile Cyanide walked up to Pom and Sparky and greeting them with a what's up? Nothing much said Sparky. Right now we're exchanging battle tips right now but in a second we are going to play cards want to join? Asked Pom.

Keith watched as Bubbles swiped one of Jake's apples and went to hide in the mailbox. Jake explained that she likes to do that a lot. Keith wasn't sure what to say to that, but the subject changed rather quickly to Hedwig. "Hedwig actually just flew me from the ground up to here," Keith said. "I walked most of the way here myself. Hell, I'd have climbed the rope ladder myself, except Cyanide didn't want to go back in her Poke Ball." Jake explained that Telpo could take him short distances with Teleport, though this would tire him out. Keith nodded. "My Qwilfish actually knows Teleport, he's taken me short distances with it before. I actually brought four of my other Pokemon with me, I might as well let them out," he added as he produced four more Poke Balls (well, three regular Poke Balls and one Rocket Ball) and threw them into the air. "Nagini, Six, Strychnine, Gemini, come on out!" he exclaimed.

In four flashes of light, four more Pokemon appeared- an Arbok, a Foongus, a Grimer, and a Weezing. Keith gently scooped the Foongus into his arms. "OK, Six, this here is Jake, and this is Telpo," he said in a soft voice. "Say hi."

"Um... Uh... Hi," Six squeaked nervously.

"He's still just a baby," Keith explained to Jake. "Very shy around others, but I'm trying to help him with that."

Meanwhile, Hedwig was somewhat surprised to hear Telpo communicating with her telepathically. "I'm fine, thanks," she replied to the Abra. "You're Telpo, right? Nice to meet you."

"So this is Nagini," Keith said to Jake, pointing at the Arbok. "She's the first Pokemon I ever caught in Fizzytopia. That there is Strychnine," he added, pointing at the Grimer. "I caught her on Venom Island, in the Cascadia archipelago. And this," he said as he patted the Weezing on the back of the larger head, "is Gemini. My very first Pokemon. I caught him back when I lived in the Hoenn region, back when they were just a baby Koffing."

Once the introductions were over, Nagini slithered over to where Cyanide, Sparky, and Pom were. "Hello," she said politely to Sparky and Pom. "My name's Nagini. Cyanide, who are your friends?"

"Oh, yeah, that's Pom, and that's Sparky," Cyanide replied, nodding at the Aipom and the Joltik, respectively. "Pom, Sparky, this is Nagini."

"It's a pleasure to meet the both of you," the Arbok smiled.

"So we're gonna play cards, you said?" Cyanide asked. "Sounds alright to me."

As Kieth was explaining how he walked most of the way and only flew instead of climbing the ladder because of Cyanide there was a knock at the door. As Jake opened the door there was delivery man with 6 Machamp holding onto a table and chairs,a bed,a mat and a huge Wailmer doll at the ground. Jake told everyone that his stuff was here before asking Pom and Telpo for some help. Telpo can you lift that table and mat into the base? Asked Jake. Why not master? Asked Telpo before using his telekinesis to put the mat by the front door and table in the main room. Alright I got this chair guys you can go back. Said Jake to Telpo and Pom. Meanwhile Bubbles was waiting until just the right moment to scare Jake out of his wit's. As Jake passed the mailbox Bubbles lept out and tackled Jake sending the chair flying. Bubbles! Yelled Jake before trying to catch the falling chair. Luckily Pom was watching the whole time and managed to catch the chair. Thanks Pom said Jake. Patting Pom on the head before taking the chair and climbing back into the base. Sorry about that said Jake to Keith before offering him a seat at the new table. Before long the conversation picked up again as Kieth was telling Jake about how his Quilfish knew teleport. That's amazing! Said Jake. How did you teach it teleport? I thought Quilfish couldn't learn teleport. Asked Jake in amazement. Anyway did you just bring Hedwig and Cyanide? Asked Jake hoping Kieth brought some cool pokemon. I actually brought four of my other pokemon with me said Kieth before throwing four pokeballs into the air before saying Nagini, Six, Stychnine Gemini come out! In four flashes four pokemon appeared. An Arbok, a Foongus, a Grimer, and a Weezing. All poison types thought Jake. I know I told Sparky that there would be a few I didn't expect Kieth to bring five thought Jake hoping Sparky would be ok. Kieth gently scooped up the Foongus into his arms. Ok Six this here is Jake and this is Telpo. Kieth said in a soft voice. Say hi. Um....Uh....Hi, Six squeaked nervously. Kieth then explained that Six was just a baby. He's adorable said Jake before greeting Six with a hello! Back to him. Kieth then introduced Jake to the rest of his pokemon. And this is Gemini. My first Pokemon. I caught him in Hoenn were I used to live. Said Kieth. You usedto live in the Hoenn region? I heard it's very warm there. I used to live in the Unova region before I came here said Jake. Meanwhile in the other room Nagini slithered over to where Cyanide, Sparky, and Pom were. "Hello," she said politely to Sparky and Pom. "My name's Nagini. Cyanide, who are your friends?" Sparky was freaking out inside but tried his best to hide it. "Oh, yeah, that's Pom, and that's Sparky," Cyanide replied, nodding at the Aipom and the Joltik, respectively. "Pom, Sparky, this is Nagini." It's a pleasure to meet the both of you," the Arbok smiled.
Just then Sparky lost it and dashed towards the new bed before hiding in it shivering with fear. Sorry about that Nagini said Pom. Sparky is afraid of poison types after Jake my trainers dad killed his family with poisons said Pom. He does that to almost every Poison type said Pom before running toward the bed. Sparky come on out theres nothing to be afraid of said Pom concerned. Go away! Said Sparky No i'm here to help you Sparky said Pom. I SAID GO AWAY said Sparky who then jumped off the bed and tied Pom up with a string shot.

Keith's conversation with Jake was somewhat interrupted by the delivery of his furniture, which involved a close call involving Bubbles and one of the chairs. Luckily, Pom was able to catch the chair before it hit the floor. Cyanide watched this happen, and found herself slightly impressed that the Aipom had the speed and strength to catch the chair in time.

As Jake responded in amazement to the revelation that Keith's Qwilfish could use Teleport, Keith grinned. "Back when I first became a trainer, TMs worked a little differently around here- they could work on any Pokemon at all, even if it made no sense for the Pokemon to learn the move. Nagini here knows BubbleBeam, Hedwig can use Thunder, and my Qwilfish... Oh, Hebenon's got a very wide variety of moves. Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Psywave, even Dark Void, and much, much more."

Six seemed to relax slightly as Jake declared the Foongus to be adorable and said "hello" to him.

Over with Cyanide, Pom, and Sparky, Nagini's polite and friendly greeting resulted in the Joltik hiding in the bed, shivering in fear. As Pom explained that Sparky was afraid of Poison-types, Nagini looked upset. "That's awful," she whispered as the Aipom revealed the reason behind the fear. "Reminds me of a Nincada I know, actually," she added. "She was deathly afraid of all snakes, but I helped her to overcome that fear. At least, somewhat. She's still wary around snakes she's never met before, but she and I are friends now. Still, I suppose it's fortunate Keith didn't bring his Seviper- he's not so friendly, I'm not sure Sparky would like him much. Hey, you know what?" Nagini said. "I think Sparky needs to meet a Poison-type his own size, one that won't be so intimidating to him. I know just the one, too." She slithered over to Keith and gave him a look.

"Hmm? What is it, Nagini?" asked Keith.

In response, the Arbok carefully let out a weak BubbleBeam, the few bubbles of which took the shape of a Weedle in midair before popping. Keith nodded his understanding of this, and pressed a few buttons on his Pokedex, which caused a Poke Ball to materialize in his hand. "OK, Hermione, come on out!" Keith said as he opened the ball, unleashing a Weedle into the room.

"Hermione," Nagini greeted the Weedle, "Could you help me out? There's a Joltik over there, and he's terrified of Poison-types, and-"

"And you figured that it would be good for him to meet a Poison-type closer to his own size," nodded Hermione.

"Exactly," said Nagini.

The Weedle crawled over to the bed and climbed up on top of it to where Sparky was. "Hello," Hermione said to the Joltik. "My name's Hermione. You're Sparky, right? It's nice to meet you."

Meanwhile, Cyanide approached Pom, who had been tied up with Sparky's String Shot. "Need help with that?" Cyanide asked Pom.

As Sparky was shaking from the terrifying Arbok's entrance a bug type pokemon about twice his size came crawling up the bed. Hello, Hermione said to the Joltik. "My name's Hermione. You're Sparky, right? It's nice to meet you. Um n nice to m meet you too said Sparky still shivering from the Arbok encounter. W what are you d doing here don't you want t to talk to a a pokemon that is isn't afraid of your type asked Sparky still clearly scared. Meanwhile, Cyanide approached Pom, who had been tied up with Sparky's String Shot. "Need help with that?" Cyanide asked Pom. No thanks Cyanide said Pom before struggling for just a second then managed to break out of the web line. Sparky almost always does that when he sees any poison type. Said Pom to Cyanide. Only exception I've seen is Pomona. Hey want to do some training outside Cyanide? I recently learned some new moves and I want to test them out what do you say? Asked Pom.
Hermione listened as Sparky, still clearly scared, asked her if she wouldn't rather speak to a Pokemon not afraid of her type. "Well, Nagini wanted me to talk to you- she's rather upset at having scared you and figured you would be a little more comfortable talking to a Poison-type closer to your size. And I'm pretty much the smallest Poison-type on my team. Why is it you're scared of Poison-types, anyway?" the Weedle asked. "Am I correct in assuming you've had a bad experience with them in the past? Not all Poison-types are bad, you know. In fact, most of my teammates are very nice and pleasant. Nagini, the Arbok back there? Probably the kindest and most gentle Pokemon on the entire team."

Meanwhile, Pom declined Cyanide's offer of help just before managing to escape the String Shot himself. Cyanide was slightly impressed- String Shot wasn't the easiest of moves to escape from without help. Pom then explained that Sparky was like that with most Poison-types, with Pomona being the only exception he knew of. "Yeah, that much I know," nodded Cyanide. "Pomona's one of those Pokemon that won't be satisfied until she's friends with everyone on the planet. She's always happy, sweet, perky, and optimistic. Makes me want to puke sometimes." Pom then asked if Cyanide wanted to do some training outside. "Sure, why not?" Cyanide replied. "I got nothing better to do right now." Though her wording implied that she was only joining in on the training out of boredom, the Eevee's tone seemed to lack some of her usual coolness and air of disinterest.

It doesn't matter if YOU think that that Arbok is nice said Sparky to Hermione. That Arbok doesn't want to kill you! Sobbed Sparky before telling her about how his family died. So you don't know crap about how nice your trainers pokemon are. I bet that besides Pomona they all want to kill me! Cried Sparky unable to hold back his anger, fear and sadness.
Meanwhile Pom thanked Cyanide for accepting before leading Cyanide down to where him and his teammates usally trained. Alright first I want to get better at dodging is it ok if you launch an attack at me Cyanide? I'll try and dodge with my new agility move. Said Pom before geting into his battle stance eager to train with Cyanide.

Hermione shook her head in response to Sparky's insistence that Nagini wanted to kill him. "I'm sorry about what happened to your family," Hermione said patiently, "but you have to realize, that was a result of humans using poisons, not Pokemon. In no way does that tragedy have anything to do with the behavior of Poison-type Pokemon. You've met Pomona, you said? Just looking at her should be proof enough that not all Poison-types are bad. Now, please don't tell me that I don't know my teammates. I've been one of Keith's Pokemon for several months now, and I know my teammates very well. Nagini wouldn't hurt anyone unless they really had it coming. In fact, one of her best friends is a Nincada who used to be afraid of snakes. And the only Pokemon on Keith's team that might even remotely want to kill you is Pisces, his Basculin- and she's not even a Poison-type. I wish you would give my teammates a chance, Sparky. They really are very nice."

Outside, Pom requested that Cyanide fire off attacks at him, so he could improve on his dodging with the use of his Agility technique. "Sure," shrugged Cyanide as she focused hard, summoning Hidden Power orbs, practically oozing Poison as they hung in midair. "Try and dodge these," smirked Cyanide as she fired off the attack.

Cyanide agreed to Pom's request and summoned Hidden Power orbs, which were oozing poison as they hung in the air, before firing them at Pom.

The first orb came flying, hitting Pom right in the gut and sending him flying back. However, Pom managed to recover by landing on his tail. Pom then started to relax and lighten his body, giving him a boost of speed and allowing him to easily dodge the last three orbs.

''Looks like I need to work on it a little bit'' Pom said as he walked back over to Cyanide. ''But that Hidden Power, it was really something''

''Wow, that's a ton of neat moves your Pokemon know!'' Jake replied. It was then, however that Jake spotted a familiar antlion slowly creeping closer towards Kieth. ''Dusty!'' Jake yelled before grabbing the antlion. ''How many times have I told you not to try and bite people?!''
Dusty simply rolled her eyes. She had heard this all before, couldn't Jake just let her have her fun? ''Now go socialize without biting people'' Jake firmly told Dusty before putting her back down.
''Sorry about that, that's Dusty, she finds it funny to bite people for no reason'' Jake explained. However, desperate for more attention, Dusty turned on the T.V and turned the volume up really loud. ''Dusty! There are guests over! Turn off the T.V!'' Jake yelled. ''Can I please just watch the next news story it's going to be quick!'' Dusty pleaded.
''No you can't Dusty, turn it off!''
However it was then that the commercial breaks ended and the story got under way.

''A mysterious event happened at the police station this morning'' The news reporter began. ''According to police, five people came to the station to report a murder, however when they went to investigate, no trace of any hint of murder could be found. Even more interesting, the five people all reported the same thing, seeing a young boy stab a man alongside a group of pokemon. They also all seemed to forget what happened before or after, police are currently undergoing investigation. We'll keep you updated''

Jake froze. Not everyone was fully hypnotized last night. His head started to spin. ''What if police found a hint that murder was indeed committed? What if they found out it was me? What if they sentence me to the Eelektrik chair? I don't want to die!'' Jake thought in panic. Luckly before Jake could break down, Tasu ran over. ''Jake, their is an emergency, come quick!'' Tasu panicked before running outside.
''I'll be back in a sec Kieth'' Jake said before running after Tasu, glad about the distraction. As Jake got off the ladder, Tasu stopped panicking.
''Ok, I saw what happened Jake. I know this is going to be hard but Jake, if you don't want to get caught you have to stop reacting to stuff like that!'' Tasu scolded.

Though the first Hidden Power orb struck Pom right in the gut, he managed to evade the other three with relative ease. Cyanide looked mildly impressed at this. Pom then walked over to her and admitted that he needed to work on Agility, but praised her Hidden Power.

"Well, that Agility of yours wasn't half bad," the Umbreon smirked. "What other moves you got?"

Dusty's antics didn't bother Keith too much, though Hedwig looked decidedly distrustful of the Trapinch once she realized that it had nearly bitten Keith. The news story, however, and Jake's reaction to it, that bothered Keith somewhat. As Jake retreated to talk to his Plusle, Keith looked around the room, wondering if this all meant what he was starting to suspect it meant. Then, he noticed that Hedwig seemed to be avoiding looking directly at him.

"Hedwig," Keith said to his Crobat.

"Cro?" replied the Crobat, in a clearly fake innocent tone.

"Hedwig..." repeated Keith, more sternly. "There's something you're not telling me."

"Crobat," said Hedwig, shaking her head. Keith wasn't buying it.

"Wanna try that again?" he said. "Because yesterday, I've been getting a few complaints about a Crobat flying around the Bar and trying to cast Hypnosis on everyone. Hypnosis is not the solution to all your problems, Hedwig. What are you trying to hide?"

Defeated, Hedwig gave a sigh. She pointed at the TV with one of her wings, then pointed in the direction in which Jake had gone.

"So it's him, then," Keith stated. "Jake's the guy on the news who stabbed a man?"

Hedwig nodded.

"And you tried to help cover it up by using Hypnosis on the witnesses," Keith continued.

Again, Hedwig nodded.

"And I'm guessing some of your teammates had a hand in clearing up the evidence," sighed Keith. "Let me guess- Ginny had a lot to do with this?"

More nodding from Hedwig. This didn't surprise Keith in the slightest.

Keith was silent for a moment, then he spoke up again, this time in Shuppet language. "Did Jake have a good reason for doing this?"

Hedwig nodded, vigorously this time, possibly to convey that Jake had a very good reason for doing what he did. Keith nodded back- this was good enough for him. He knew that Jake was no murderer. He also knew that even the best of people could sometimes be driven to do things they ordinarily wouldn't do- this he knew from experience. Therefore, there was no way he was gonna hold this against Jake.

''What are the other moves I have? I also have Scratch, Tail whip, Sand attack, Can't Catch Me, Mega punch, U-Turn, Baton pass and Gunk Shot'' Pom explained.

''I can't stop Tasu, the thought scares me everytime I remember it'' Jake replied.

''Then stop thinking about it! Just focus on other things!'' Tasu retorted.

''That's the thing Tasu I can't think of other things, it haunts me, I-I don't want to die!''

''Yesterday you announced that you were going to start to become an electric type specialist, so focus on that. No one will find out it's you if you just focus on that, I guarantee it'' Tasu stated firmly

''O-ok'' Jake stammered before walking back inside. As he got back in, he felt as if something was off, but he couldn't put his finger on it. Ignoring it, Jake sat back down at the table. ''Sorry about that, Tasu thought she saw a swarm of Beedrill coming, turns out it was just a group of Skiploom floating on the wind'' Jake lied. ''Oh I didn't tell you yet but I recently decided to become an electric type specialist'' Jake added , desperate to change the subject as quick as possible, just in case.

Cyanide didn't look particularly interested as Pom listed his attacks, though in reality she was listening to him. She perked up a bit at the last move he listed, though. "Gunk Shot, hmm?" she said with interest. "That's a Poison move- most powerful one there is, in fact," she added. She actually sounded slightly envious of Pom. "I'd like to see you try that move," she said.

Jake walked back in, explaining to Keith that Tasu had thought she saw a swarm of Beedrill, though Keith suspected they had really been discussing the previous day's events. Still, he reasoned, Jake clearly didn't want to discuss it, and Keith saw no reason to press the matter. Therefore, when Jake revealed to Keith that he was planning to specialize in Electric-types, he accepted the change in subject with no question.

"Electric-types, hmm?" Keith replied. "Pretty cool. And you already got a decent start on that, between Sparky and Tasu. In fact, I actually have an Electric-type of my own," he added as he produced a Poké Ball and tossed it into the air, unleashing a Stunfisk. "Meet Rubeus," Keith said to Jake. "Rubeus, this is Jake," he added.

"Jake?" repeated Rubeus, his interest clearly piqued. "I know that name- wait, you're Bubbles's trainer, aren't you?" he asked Jake, sounding progressively more excited. "Is she here?"

Keith blinked- Rubeus almost never got this excited. "Er... what's he saying, Jake?" he asked. "I don't see Rubeus this excited that often."

Pom could see that Cyanide wasn't all that interested as he listed of his moves, that is until he listed his final move, Gunk Shot. "Gunk Shot, hmm?" Cyanide said with interest. "That's a Poison move- most powerful one there is, in fact," Pom could hear a small bit of envy in her voice as she said it. ''Most powerful Poison type move? I knew it was powerful, but the most powerful?'' Pom thought. Cyanide then told Pom that she would like to see him try that move. ''Ok, sounds good'' Pom said before jumping back a few yards. ''Here it comes!'' Pom stated before charging for a brief moment before firing garbage at Cyanide. However, he had charged it a little less then usual, so to lower the power, just in case..........

Jake nodded as Kieth said that he had a decent start specializing in electric types with Tasu and Sparky. Despite this it was quite obvious that he wasn't fully paying attention. Kieth then sent out an electric type of his own. Meet Rubeus," Keith said . "Rubeus, this is Jake," he added. ''Hello Rubeus'' Jake said.
Rubeus's interest piqued however, asking him if he was Bubbles trainer and asked if she was here. Kieth then asked Jake what Rubeus was saying, stating that he didn't see Rubeus that excited very often. ''He asked if Bubbles is here'' Jake replied. ''She should be around here somewhere'' ''Rubeus!'' Bubbles exclaimed as she hurried over, having overheard the conversation. Meanwhile, a hungry Shuppet floated over to the group. ''Hello, hillbilly my name is Aco introduced himself with a scowl on his face. As though he was forced to greet Kieth. However his interest quickly turned to Jake. ''Hmm, that's interesting'' Aco smirked. ''Aco, can you please go away?'' ''Oh but why?'' Aco replied ''After all why is there so much'' ''I think that's enough Aco'' Jake cut in. ''Fine whatever floats your boat'' Aco said before floating away, but not before getting a nasty look from Tasu. ''Sorry, about Aco there, he isn't the nicest of pokemon'' Jake apologized.

Cyanide grinned as Pom agreed to show off his Gunk Shot, though as the Aipom fired off the move, the Umbreon looked a little disappointed. She only barely avoided the Poison move, after which she turned to face Pom. "Hmm," she frowned. "You held back on that, didn't you?" she said to him. "Didn't seem like you were giving it all you got. I didn't want to see some weak, watered down Gunk Shot, I wanted to see the attack at full power." The Umbreon stepped back into position and betrayed a small grin as she addressed Pom. "Let's try that again, shall we?" said Cyanide.

"Bubbles?" repeated Keith in mild surprise. Before Rubeus could do anything in response, however, the Corphish came running over, at which point the Stunfisk promptly flew down and hugged her with his fins. Keith watched this, a look of surprise on his face. "Huh," he remarked. "Did not see that coming."

"It's so good to see you again, Bubbles," smiled Rubeus as he embraced the Water-type. "How have you been?"

At that moment, a Shuppet floated over to Keith, addressing him disdainfully, as though some force was compelling him to do so. Remarkably unperturbed by Aco's rudeness, Keith responded in Shuppet language. "Hello, Aco," he said coolly. "And the name's Keith, not 'hillbilly'." Aco and Jake then got into a brief argument before the Shuppet floated away. Jake then proceeded to apologize for Aco's rudeness. "Oh, believe me, not a problem," chuckled Keith. "You remember Myrtle, right? She can be far worse than Aco, believe me. Still calls me 'Meat Sack'. Believe it or not, she's improving- used to be she'd call me 'Idiot Meat Sack'. She's not a bad Pokémon, really, it just takes a lot to get her to warm up to somebody." He paused for a moment, then spoke up again, a little more quietly this time. "What was Aco talking about just now, anyway?" he asked. "I know Shuppet feed on negative emotions... something bothering you? You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to, but if you do, I'm here to listen."

Cyanide had caught on to Pom not giving it his all, stating that she didn't want to see a weak, watered down Gunk Shot and wanted to see the attack at full power. ''Sorry'' Pom apologized before getting back into position.
"Let's try that again, shall we?" Cyanide said. Pom nodded. ''Alright, she wants me to give it my all, then I will'' Pom thought before starting to charge up the attack once again. However as the garbage was fired, it was obvious that it had much more power in it then last time.

At Bubbles coming over, Rubeus flew down and gave her a hug, asking her how she had been.
''I've been ok, I guess'' Bubbles replied. ''Though recently, things with my trainer haven't been so well. He recently killed someone, completely by accident, but it's still made me feel a bit uneasy.'' Bubbles added in a whisper, so no one but Rubeus could hear.

Kieth chuckled, saying it was no problem before explaining explaining that his Shuppet Myrtle could be far worse, and that she still called him Meat Sack.
''Wow'' Jake replied
''Reminds me of a few names Aco comes up with for his teammates, he calls Kage, Ms. Emotional, Bubbles, Bi-polar freak just to name a few''
Kieth then asked what Aco was talking about, stating that he knew Shuppet fed on negative emotions and wondered if anything was bothering him.
''Why couldn't Aco have just shut his mouth!?'' Jake thought, knowing that trying to say every thing was fine wouldn't be believable, what could he say?
''Ever do something that you couldn't control until it's to l-late then feel g-guilty about it? W-well something like that happened yesterday, and now now I feel guilty'' Jake explained.
''It's not a big deal'' He added.
''Oh but that's where your lying!'' Aco smirked as he came back into the room.
''Such a dark secret you hold, how long can you hide it from everyone?'' Aco continued. ''Aco, please just shut up!'' Jake yelled.
It was then however that an idea sprung to Aco. ''I've got a better idea'' Aco smirked. ''Let's see just how tasty your emotions can get'' Jake's eyes went wide.
''N-no Aco y-you w-wouldn't!'' Jake stammered.
''Oh but I would'' Aco said smugly, he could taste fear already building in Jake. Aco then floated higher up so everyone in the base could see him.
''Attention everyone, I have an announcement to make'' Aco called, loud enough for even Cyanide and Pom to hear. ''As you may of heard, about the bizarre case of five people reporting a murder at the bar yesterday, yet no evidence has been found. Well I am hear to tell you that their was a murder last night. I also know just who murdered the man'' Aco went on, before a brief pause for dramtic effect, dodging a Chocolate Magic attack from Tasu. ''Aco, shut up if you know what's good for you'' Tasu threatened, something she almost never did. Ignoring the mouse, Aco went on. ''And the cold blooded killer is none other then, my trainer, Jake!
Jake wanted to kill myself right there.

Cyanide grinned as Pom fired off another Gunk Shot- it was clear that this one was launched at full power, and though the Umbreon made an effort to dodge it, she found herself getting splattered with garbage anyway. Ordinarily, this would have infuriated her, but right now, the sight of Pom unleashing such an amazing Poison move was ingrained in her mind. Cyanide made use of her Psychic attack to get the garbage off of her (though some of her fur had already gotten dirty), and then turned to face Pom, her expression unreadable, though the look in her eyes intense. Slowly, she approached the Aipom, maintaining eye contact all the while... then, when she got close, she used Psychic again, this time to hoist the Normal-type into the air so their faces were level.

"Now, THAT," Cyanide said softly to Pom, "was a Gunk Shot." With that, she kissed him.

"Oh, my..." Rubeus murmured as Bubbles revealed that Jake had killed someone recently. As Bubbles then mentioned that it still made her feel a bit uneasy, he hugged her again. "Jake does not strike me as a cold-blooded killer," he said kindly. "Besides, as you said, it was a complete accident."

Keith nodded gravely as Jake asked whether he had ever done anything he couldn't control until it was too late, and then felt guilty about it, for Jake had just described the exact events of Halloween night, 2012. Before he could dwell much more on this, Keith raised an eyebrow at the discussion Jake was having with his Shuppet, and frowned as Aco rose into the air to announce something to the entire room, in spite of Tasu's efforts to stop him. Aco then confirmed what Keith had already forced out of Hedwig- Jake had been the one to murder someone in the Bar the previous night. A silence followed this proclamation for a few moments. Then, Keith turned to face Aco, frowning. "You know, Aco," he said in Shuppet language, "I realize your kind thrives on negative emotions, but actively causing them in others for sustenance is just cruel." He then turned to face Jake, looking remarkably unfazed by the news that he had murdered someone. "You asked whether I've ever done anything that I couldn't control until it was too late, and then felt guilty about it? I have, as a matter of fact. Ever hear of a Stunfisk named Neville? I'm ashamed to admit I used to be his trainer. He's a ruthless prankster, who specializes in inducing paralysis with Static, though he's not above other forms of screwing with others... Before I dumped him in the Adoption Center, one of his victims was a Banette, who swore vengeance on him. Right after I sent Neville to the Adoption Center, I was approached by the Banette, who looked furious, and she was asking the whereabouts of my Stunfisk. I explained to her that he was in the Adoption Center, and confided in her that given all the crap he had pulled, I would raise no objection if she wanted to seek vengeance on him. Skip ahead to Halloween night... everyone's in the Bar, having a good time, and then I get a call from the Adoption Center. This wasn't long after the government removed the restrictions on PC space, see, so they were making calls to any trainer who had dropped off Pokémon there, asking if they would consider adopting them back. And even after all the crap Neville was responsible for, I hate to admit it, but I was considering giving him another chance. That was a mistake I'll regret for as long as I'll live," he sighed. "The Banette had heard me... She was furious. of course, but... she was also sad. She felt that what I was doing, giving consideration to taking Neville back, was nothing short of betrayal. I sometimes still have nightmares about the look of anger and sorrow in her eyes that night... And I was really starting to get on good terms with that Banette, too, I was starting to really like her... She pulled out her needle, and prepared to lay a deadly Curse on me, but her trainer intervened, and the needle wound up stuck in her arm. She's OK now, by the way, but she was hospitalized for a month..."

Keith gave a heavy sigh before continuing. "To tell you the truth, Jake," Keith said quietly, "I could've spoken up at some point... I could've begged for my life, I could have apologized... but I knew anything I would have said then would have sounded hollow and meaningless... and I didn't beg for my life because at that moment, once I realized how my carelessness had affected her... I didn't want the Curse to be interrupted," he confessed. "I felt, in that moment, that I deserved to die." For a minute, Keith said nothing more, reflecting on the horrible events of that night. He finally spoke up again. "Things improved, though, after that night," he continued. "I'll spare you the details, but I will say this- remember Coselle? Remember that she's a Banette? She's the same Banette from that night." He grinned slightly, then decided to change the subject back to Jake.

"Look," he said to Jake. "Despite what Aco says, I highly doubt you're a cold-blooded killer. I'm thinking you had to have had an extremely good reason for doing what you did, am I right? Tell me your side of what happened. And Aco," he added, switching back to Shuppet language, "I'm not your trainer, I realize I have absolutely no authority over you, but all the same, I'd like to request that you let your trainer tell his side of the story with no input from you, OK?"

Silence followed Aco's announcement. The first to speak, was Keith, addressing Aco.
Saying that even though his kind feasted on negative emotions, actively causing them in others was cruel.
''As long as I get benefit out of it, I don't care'' Aco replied, still looking smug.
Kieth then turned to Jake, looking unfazed about the announcement before telling a story of a time where he was in a situation he couldn't control until it was too late, and then felt guilty about it.
Though Jake was hardly paying attention, he was just looking at his shoe, only registering few words from the story. Kieth then changed the subject back to Jake, saying that he doubted he was a cold-blooded killer, and that he probably had a very good reason, asking for his side of the story. He also requested no input from Aco.
''No need for input, does Jake look like he's going to tell you?'' Aco smirked. Sure enough, Jake was still looking at the floor, now wet with tears. Jake then got up before running out the door, slamming it behind him.
''See what did I tell you? He's such a crybaby'' Aco laughed before getting hit by a glob of Chocolate as if by magic, from Tasu. ''You've caused enough trouble, now stop insulting my trainer!'' Tasu yelled. She then sighed. Well since Jake wasn't going to tell his side, maybe Telpo's side could be heard. ''Telpo!'' Tasu called. After a couple seconds, Telpo teleported over. ''What's up?'' Tasu asked. ''We have a problem, Aco here blabbed about last nights events, and you now need to explain to Kieth why Jake did it.
''Got it'' Telpo replied before turning to Kieth. ''Alright, I'll explain why Jake killed someone'' Telpo said via telepathy. ''You remember Jake's father was chasing Jake yesterday? Well later, he caught up to him, long story short we got into a big battle. We eventually won but Jake's father trys to kill Jake by throwing a knife at him, before charging at him with another. It was either Jake's life or his. Jake didn't do anything wrong, but he thinks otherwise, and has been really harsh on himself since.'' Telpo explained.

''I know he isn't a cold blooded killer. But what if he get's caught? From what I heard, if your guilty of crime, they release all of your pokemon, I don't want that to happen, I don't want to never see you again'' Bubbles said.

Though Cyanide tryed to dodge, she still managed to get splattered with garbage. ''Are you ok?!'' Pom asked, he hoped the attack hadn't hurt her to much. Cyanide got the garbage of her using Psychic, before turning to face Pom. Pom couldn't read her expression at all. Was she happy, angry, hurt? Pom hoped for the first one. She then slowly approached him, maintaining eye contact all the whole time. As Cyanide got close, Pom could feel his feet leave the ground as he was risen up a good 7 inches off the ground from Cyanide's Psychic, so their faces were level.
"Now, that,was a Gunk Shot." Cyanide said softly before kissing him. His fear of hurting her had quickly melted away. This was how things should be, a great trainer, a great team and an amazing girlfriend, what more could a pokemon ask for? Pom didn't know what and didn't care. He just wanted to cherish every moment.

Keith frowned at Aco's selfish response, but said nothing. The Shuppet continued, however, stating that there was no need for his input as it looked as though Jake wasn't gonna tell his side of things anyway. In fact, not only did he not say a thing, but he raced outside and slammed the door behind him.

At that moment, Telpo Teleported over to where Keith was and telepathically told him what had happened- Jake's father had tried to stab him with a knife, and Jake had acted in self defense, almost without conscious thought. Keith nodded as Telpo finished his explanation. "Knew he had to have had a good reason," Keith stated as he stood up. "I'll see if I can't help him calm down a bit." With that, he walked outside after Jake, hoping that all he had done was just step outside, that he didn't flee to anywhere.

"I don't want that to happen, either," Rubeus said as he hugged Bubbles again. "But if, Arceus forbid, it does happen, and you do get released... well, you know where my trainer's Secret Base is, right? You can come there to see me any time. You could even stay there if you wanted, Keith wouldn't mind. I know I wouldn't mind, either," he added with a smile.

After a while, Cyanide and Pom's kiss stopped, and the Umbreon gently lowered her boyfriend to the ground. Cyanide stretched a little bit, then lay down next to Pom. "Heh," she said to him after a minute, "I don't think I ever told you why I like the Poison type so much, did I? Don't suppose you'd be interested in hearing about that?"

As soon as Kieth left to find Jake, Telpo, Sprout, Tasu and Dusty glared at Aco in anger.
''What was that for?!'' Sprout demanded
''That was just low'' Dusty added
''Think what you want, does it look like I care?'' Aco laughed.
''Why, just why?'' Telpo asked.
''You know he didn't want anyone to know, you knew how scared he was and you make it even worse, you disgust me!'' Tasu yelled before turning to the others. ''Alright let's do this, Telpo, Thunder Punch, Sprout, Weather ball and Dusty, Bite!'' Tasu commanded before preparing a Chocolate Magic attack.
However once the attacks had been delivered, only a weakened Nuzleaf remained. ''Kage?!'' Dusty gasped. ''Looks like freak in a sheet got away'' Sprout sighed. ''Well nothing we can do now'' Telpo frowned. ''He'll come back, and when he will, that's when we strike, he won't get away with this'' Tasu added.

Luckily for Kieth, Jake hadn't gone very far, in fact, he was sitting right at the tree base, his face covered by the hood of his jacket.

''Yeah that's true, but the thought still scares me.'' Bubbles replied. ''You hungry?'' ''We have some apples on the table''

After a bit, Pom and Cyanide stopped kissing and Pom felt his feet touch the ground again. Cyanide then laid down next to Pom.
"I don't think I ever told you why I like the Poison type so much, did I? Don't suppose you'd be interested in hearing about that?" Cyanide said.

''No you never told me, but I'd be interested hearing about it'' Pom smiled.

The second Keith exited, most of Jake's other Pokémon turned on Aco. Hedwig watched them launch their attacks simultaneously, but did not join in- the tremendous level difference gave her far too much of an edge, and she doubted Keith would be happy with her for joining in. To her mild amusement, however, a Nuzleaf took the attacks directed at Aco as the Shuppet made his escape.

Keith did not need to look for very long to locate Jake- he was sitting at the base of the tree, the hood of his jacket obscuring his face. Keith climbed down to where he was and sat next to him. "Telpo explained what happened," Keith said to Jake. "From what they're telling me, it was either you or him. I don't think anyone could fault you for doing what you did. I don't blame you, Hedwig doesn't blame you, your Pokémon don't blame you- hell, I bet even Aco doesn't really blame you, he's probably just going with it to get you to react. Believe me, guilt tastes great to Shuppet. After Halloween night, Myrtle informed me I was like a walking gourmet feast for her. But Jake, here's the thing, the only thing you're gonna accomplish by being this hard on yourself is making the cops suspicious. You gotta try and calm down, OK? Don't be so hard on yourself. Because if things went down the way Telpo's telling it, if you didn't do what you did, you'd have died. Anyone in your position would've done the same thing."

Meanwhile, Pom showed interest in learning the reason for Cyanide's preference for the Poison type. "Well, it started back when I was at the Coins for Prizes shop," replied Cyanide. "Before some rich idiot came in and bought me and the rest of my litter- I got thirteen brothers and sisters, see. Plus one half brother, some Shiny Eevee- he wasn't part of my litter, but my original trainer hatched him before he traded the whole litter off to other trainers. Anyway, life at that place was dull. Really boring, nothing to do. Then, I was about a week old, and the morons running the shop were feeding all of us, and I got to a food dish at the same time as this other Eevee from a different litter. He was... cute. Not like the other Eevee I was forced to live with. I got along real nice with him, and for a few weeks, I hung out a lot with him. He was all nice, and we got along real well..." At that point, however, Cyanide's expression darkened. "Then one night, a wild Arbok broke into the store, and went for some of the Eevee. Well, I was running away along with that cute Eevee, and I tripped and fell. And do you know what that little shit did? He knew I had fallen, but he just kept on running. I called out, begging for him to help, and he ignored me completely. Well, by that point, the Arbok was nearly upon me, so I did the first thing that came to mind- I Tackled it hard, and ran off to hide before it could recover from that. The attack didn't do much, but it stunned it for a moment, which was all I needed." Cyanide paused for a moment before continuing. "My plan worked- the Arbok didn't get me. But I did see it get that other Eevee, the one who abandoned me, left me for dead. By that point, my heart had already been broken, so I had no inclination to go and help him. Instead, I watched as the Arbok nailed him with a good Toxic, watched him suffer before he got eaten." A twisted smile appeared on the Umbreon's face at this memory. "From that moment on, I came to love the idea of poison. I wanted to become a Poison type, just like the Arbok who made that traitorous bastard suffer. Unfortunately, they never discovered a Poison-type Eevee evolution, so I started striving for Flareon once I learned they could learn Smog- it was the closest I was gonna come, I figured, though I gotta say, I don't regret becoming an Umbreon at all."

After she finished telling her story, Cyanide sighed, then looked down. "Truth be told, that incident affected me in another way," she said quietly. "That cute Eevee was the first living being I had ever had any affection for, and when things got bad, he abandoned me. I lost all faith in anyone after that. Of course, for some reason, I couldn't help but warm up to Keith once I was traded to him. To this day I still dunno why it was so easy... But anyone else, I didn't even want to attempt to get close to. I... I didn't want to risk getting hurt again," she sighed. "And then... and then you came along. You treated me nice the whole time, never mattered how rude or indifferent I ever seemed to you. Truth be told, Pom, I had feelings for you from day one, but I didn't dare act on it... And yet, you never let me down," she said with a small smile as she looked into the Aipom's eyes. "You know, Pom... As soon as it really occurred to me that I could let you into my life without having to fear disappointment... that's when I evolved into Umbreon."

''Why did you block the attacks, Kage?'' ''Aco had it coming, did you not hear what he did?'' Telpo asked. ''I heard just fine, it's just that, it's complicated.'' Kage replied ''I'll say one thing though, he was nothing like this when he was alive.'' And with that, Kage dashed away. ''Well what should we do now? We can't just wait forever for Aco to come back, knowing him, he should be close to Jake'' Dusty said. ''Nope, he's quite the distance from him, only ones around him are Sparky and Kieth'' Telpo confirmed. ''How do you know?'' Sprout asked. ''My species can detect everything within close proximity, telepathic radar.'' Telpo explained. ''Well just tell us if Aco tries to come close to Jake'' Tasu said.

The whole time Kieth talked, Jake didn't resond. In fact it didn't look like he was listening at all, though in reality he was. However as soon as Kieth finished, he finally spoke up. '
'I should have died their yesterday, it would be better for everyone'' ''And the cops don't need to get suspicious, I've made up my mind, I'm leaving'' Jake stated. It was then that Sparky revealed himself from his hiding spot. ''No, don't go! Think of everyone your letting down, all the friends we made so far!'' Sparky squeaked. Jake shook his head. ''If my whole life hasn't already taught me this, then this has. I don't belong here, or Unova, you guys will be happier once I'm gone.'' ''Kieth think about this, if you never knew me, your first thought of this case would be that it was my fault, so what does you knowing me make any difference. Jake sobbed. ''So it was nice knowing you both, goodbye!'' And with that Jake ran and ran until he came to the apple tree across the field.

He then ran behind the tree revealing a small log to stand and a noose hanging from the tree. He took a couple seconds to catch his breath before standing on the log, tying the noose tight around his neck. Hoping Kieth hadn't caught up. ''Theres nothing left for me, Sparky, Pom, Bubbles, Telpo, Botch, Kage, Sprout, Tasu, Dusty, Aco and everyone else I met, goodbye!'' Jake thought before kicking the log he was standing on, causing it to roll away.............

Cyanide's story about the Eevee who betrayed her and the Arbok, left Pom not knowing what to think. One thing he did know however, was how glad he was that the Eevee met his end.
Pom was about to speak, but then Cyanide continued. Saying that the incident had affected her in another way. Saying that after that she didn't want to get close to anyone because she didn't want to get hurt again.
''You treated me nice the whole time, never mattered how rude or indifferent I ever seemed to you. Truth be told, Pom, I had feelings for you from day one, but I didn't dare act on it... And yet, you never let me down," Cyanide said with a small smile as she looked into the Aipom's eyes. "You know, Pom... As soon as it really occurred to me that I could let you into my life without having to fear disappointment... that's when I evolved into Umbreon."

For the second time that day, Pom didn't know what to say at first, though he was blushing profoundly
''You think so?'' Pom asked. ''Because and I know this is stupid I still feel that I let you down, the night you evolved. I know you've already denied it but, I still think that I stopped you from becoming a Flareon, what you truly wanted to become''

"Whoa, don't talk like that," Keith said as Jake insisted that he should have died the previous day, that he didn't belong here, or in Unova, or anywhere. Despite the protesting of Keith and Sparky, Jake took off running. Keith immediately started running after him, reaching for a Poké Ball on his belt.

Jake had outrun Keith, and had made it to a tree where there was already a noose prepared. He fastened the noose around his neck and kicked away the log on which he was standing-

"Vernon, Stone Edge!"

There was Keith, riding on the back of his Tauros, who was moving as fast as he possibly could. Vernon bellowed loudly as it fired off a series of sharpened stones at the rope, slicing it up just as Jake kicked away the log. As Vernon drew closer to Jake, he came to a stop, and Keith climbed down. "Jake, what the hell?" he demanded. "What kind of talk is that, everyone would be happier if you were gone? That's a load of crap, and I know where there's at least nine Pokémon that would back me up on this. I just stopped you from killing yourself, does that sound like something someone would do if they'd be happier with you dead? And another thing, even if I didn't know you, self defense is self defense. I most assuredly would not have thought this to be your fault, because it was not your fault. C'mon, let's get back to your Secret Base, huh?"

Pom replied to the last part of what Cyanide said, confessing his concern that he may have let her down by being the reason she didn't evolve the way she had intended to. "Hey, believe me, I may not have planned for this, but I love being an Umbreon," Cyanide assured Pom. "I like how I look like this, and Smog's a weak move anyway. Besides, Flareon can't learn Psychic, which means I wouldn't be able to do this," she grinned as she used aforementioned move to pull Pom in for a quick kiss. "Let me repeat myself, Pom, you've never let me down," she said to him.

''Any sign of Aco yet, Telpo?'' Dusty asked.
''Nope, he's still a good distance away'' Telpo reported. However after about a minute horror struck Telpo's face.
''Everyone grab on, quick, we need to get to Jake!'' Telpo yelled.
The others didn't know what was wrong, but they knew it was something big, and so quickly grabbed onto Telpo.
And in an instant they were gone.

''I guess so.'' Jake replied weakly.
Kieth had just saved his life, at least he didn't see him as a murderer.

Just then Telpo, Dusty, Tasu and Sprout appeared beside the group, though they looked like they had just walked through a blizzard.
''Glad- glad your safe master'' Telpo said weakly, trying to catch his breath after multiple failed attempts at telporting to the right location.

''Promise not to do something like that again!'' Tasu pleaded.

''But who set up the noose?'' Dusty asked

''I have a sneaky suspicion freak in a sheet had to do with it'' Sprout replied.

''Well that doesn't matter right now, master is safe!'' Telpo exclaimed before turning to Kieth.

''Thanks for saving his life.'' Telpo chimed via telepathy.

''W-well let's go b-back.'' Jake managed to say before walking back to the base, along with some very reliefed pokemon.

''Well I'm glad I've never let you down'' Pom smiled.
''And Cyanide, you have never let me down either.''

''Um excuse me!'' A teen's voice called to the two pokemon. Pom let out a sigh before standing up, to see a young teenage girl running towards them.

The girl was a bit short, about 4'10" and wore glasses. She had short, red hair and had a Medicham and Mienfoo beside her.

''Sorry to bother you two'' The girl apologized as she got to the two pokemon.
''Do you two know who lives in that base right there?''
''My trainer, Jake lives there'' Pom told the girl.
Her Medicham, quickly translated what Pom had said.
''Jake Eclair?''
At this Pom nodded, though was curious why the girl wanted to know.
''Ok, thanks for your time'' The girl said before walking off towards Jake's base.

Story 1 Part 2:
Spoiler: show
As Keith stopped Jake from taking his own life, Jake's Pokémon appeared near him, minus Pom and Aco, all having been Teleported to that location by Telpo. "See, Jake?" grinned Keith. "What did I tell you? Your Pokémon all care about you, too, and I shudder to think how they'd react if I had gotten here too late." Then, as Telpo telepathically thanked him for saving Jake's life, he turned and patted his Tauros on his head. "You know," he added to Jake's Pokémon, "It's really Vernon here you should be thanking. He's the one what got me here in time and cut up the rope."

"Pfft, it was nothing!" snorted the Tauros modestly.

"Anyway, yeah, let's get back," agreed Keith as he climbed back onto Vernon's back, and walked along with Jake and his Pokémon.

Meanwhile, back near Jake's base, Pom and Cyanide's moment was getting somewhat ruined by the arrival of an unfamiliar girl, who asked who lived in the base. Pom's answer was apparently translated for her by her Medicham, though the entire time, Cyanide regarded the young teenager with a distrustful expression. Once she walked off, the Umbreon continued to glare. She didn't know what it was, but she didn't trust this person at all. Of course, it could easily be nothing, but still... Cyanide still felt a little uneasy.

"I'm not sure I trust that person," she whispered to Pom. "I dunno what it is, I just think we oughta say something to Jake when he comes back, y'know?"

Once the girl left, Cyanide whispered to Pom, telling him that she didn't trust the girl, suggesting that they say something to Jake when he got back.
Pom nodded. ''Yeah, I don't really trust her either''

''Hello, anyone home?'' The girl called as she got to the bottom of the rope ladder. It was then that she noticed the group.
''So that's where they are!'' The girl thought before bolting over there and yelling Jake's name. Much to quickly for Cyanide or Pom to tell Jake anything.

Meanwhile, the walk back to the base was mostly quiet, though Jake's pokemon said a few things, like thanking Vernon, Jake was silent, like he usually was lately.
''Come on Jake, cheer up a bit'' Sparky squeaked. Still silence. Despite what had happened, Jake was still, glum. ''What could cheer him up? I remember someone who would always cheer him up, but that was a long time ago'' Sparky thought to himself. It was then however that the young girl started yelling and running towards them. ''Jake! Jake!'' She yelled. The familiar voice caught Jakes attention, he looked to his to see the teen running towards him. ''Who is that?'' Jake thought.

Eventually though, as the girl got closer, he recognized her.
''Is that you Sophie?'' The girl nodded before stopping i front of the group. ''What brings you here Sophie, I thought you moved to the Johto region?'' Jake asked. ''I did, I'm on a journey now, since I heard you ran away to Fizzytopia, I decided I'd go and try and find you'' Sophie explained.
''Ah ok'' Jake said.
''Oh, and Sophie, this is Kieth, Kieth this is Sophie.
''Nice to meet you'' Sophie said.

Pom nodded, agreeing with Cyanide. However, the girl went running off towards Jake, and neither Cyanide nor Pom could react quickly enough. However, this proved to be unnecessary, for it turned out that Jake recognized this girl. Cyanide blinked in surprise as it turned out that Jake and the girl (whose name was Sophie) appeared to be old friends. "Huh," she remarked. "I guess I was wrong. Well, why don't we go and check it out anyway, Pom?" she suggested.

Meanwhile, Keith was mildly surprised at the sudden appearance of a girl who seemed to know Jake. Jake introduced her as Sophie, and introduced her and Keith to each other. "Good to meet you, Sophie," replied Keith.

Just then, a Poké Ball on Keith's belt opened up of its own volition, and in a flash of light, a Banette emerged, looking disappointed. "What hap-pened to the ne-ga-ti-vi-ty?" she asked. "I was en-joy-ing a tas-ty snack, Meat Sack, what gives?" she demanded.

"I'll explain later, Myrtle," Keith said to the Banette. "Now, while you're out, why don't you meet Jake's friend Sophie? And for the love of Arceus, try being nice," he added in Shuppet language.

Myrtle rolled her eyes, but all the same, addressed Sophie. "I sup-pose I could do worse than mee-ting you, So-phie," Myrtle grumbled.

"And this is Myrtle, my Banette," Keith said to Sophie. "Believe it or not, for her, that qualifies as nice."

''Yeah we should go check what's going on'' Pom replied, before running over towards the group.

Sophie chuckled slightly.
''Nice to meet you to, Myrtle''
Sophie then turned to Kieth.
''Your Banette reminds me of my Scraggy'' Sophie said. ''Hey Sophie, why don't you send out some of your other pokemon?'' Jake asked. ''I'd love to see what new pokemon you got.''
''Alright, come on out, Aura, Scraps and Chikara!'' From the pokeballs cam a Lucario, Gurrdurr and Scraggy. Immediately, the Scraggy lunged at Jake. ''No, Scraps!'' Sophie yelled as she grabbed Scraps.
''Scraps this is my friend, Jake, you don't need to lunge at him'' Sophie explained before putting him down. ''So Jake what new pokemon do you have?''
''Um I have Sparky of course along with Pom the Aipom, Bubbles the Corphish, Telpo the Abra, Botch the Grimer, Kage the Nuzleaf, Sprout the Bellsprout, Tasu the Plusle, Dusty the Trapinch and Aco the Shuppet'' Jake explained.

It was then that Pom got to the group.
''Oh, there's Pom right now.'' Pom waved at Sophie before jumping on Jakes shoulder. ''Um, Jake who is that girl there?'' Pom whispered into Jake's ear. ''You mean Sophie? She's a friend of mine, me and Sparky met her in Asperita city five years ago.'' Jake explained to Pom.
''How about we all go inside? I have tea, milk what ever you like''
''I think that would be a good idea'' Sophie replied.
''Alright then let's go'' Jake said before walking back to the base.

When everyone got in Jake grabbed an apple from the basket.
''Sophie, want an apple?'' Jake asked
''Nah I'm good'' Sophie replied before siting down at the table. ''Do you two want anything to drink? I have tea and milk''
Tasu smiled. Looks like Jake was back to being himself, for now anyway.

Sophie seemed remarkably unfazed by Myrtle's natural rudeness, simply stating that it was nice to meet her before she turned to face Keith and informed him that the Banette reminded her of her Scraggy. Jake then asked Sophie if she'd send out her other Pokémon. She did so, bringing out a Scraggy, a Lucario, and a Gurdurr. Keith took out his Pokédex and pointed them at each of the Fighting-types in turn, including the Mienfoo and Medicham that were accompanying the girl.

"Mienfoo, the Martial Arts Pokémon," droned the Pokédex. "Mienfoo is capable of delivering attacks with devastating rapidity. It has mastered elegant combination attacks. Medicham, the Meditate Pokémon, and the evolved form of Meditite. Medicham gained psychic powers through intense meditation. In battle, it can predict what its opponent will do next. Scraggy, the Shedding Pokémon. Scraggy doles out powerful Headbutts with the help of its thick skull. It will headbutt anyone who makes eye contact with it. Lucario, the Aura Pokémon, and the evolved form of Riolu. Lucario can sense the Auras of all living beings. No foe can remain invisible to it. Gurdurr, the Muscular Pokémon, and the evolved form of Timburr. Gurdurr's muscular build prevents it from being moved against its will. Not even a group of wrestlers would be able to force a Gurdurr to budge."

"The evolved form of Timburr..." Keith repeated with mild interest as he looked at the Gurdurr. He had a Timburr of his own, of course, though was currently unaware of her aversion to evolving. "Well, Sophie, I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say you're a Fighting-type specialist, am I right?" he asked.

After Jake had listed his numerous Pokémon, he suggested they all go back to his place. This plan was fine by Keith. Once they got back, Keith returned Vernon to his Poké Ball (a Tauros indoors? Baaaaad idea), and also temporarily returned Cyanide to her ball, just for ease of getting her up the ladder.

Back inside, Jake asked if they wanted anything to drink. "I'd like milk," responded Keith. "Chocolate if you have it, but if not, regular's fine."

Meanwhile, Cyanide went over to where Pom was. "So, what's the deal with the girl, anyway?" she asked. "I'm guessing she's all right, then?"

''Alright milk it is'' Jake said as he got a glass and poured some milk into it.

''Sophie, tea, milk?'' Jake asked before handing Keith the milk.

''Um, milk as well please'' Sophie responded before turning to Keith.
''About your early question, you would be right, I am a fighting type specialist, I decided on it when I caught Aura back when he was a Riolu.''

Meanwhile Dusty, in a mischievous mood, slowly snuck up on Scraps before biting down on his thick skull.

''Yowwwwwwwww!'' The Scraggy yelled before flailing about before finally sending Dusty flyinb into the table, knocking it over with everything on it.

''Scraps return!'' Sophie commanded before trying to return the shedding pokemon to it's pokeball.

However, Scraps, dodged the red beam of light and instead, in a rage started to charge towards the next pokemon he laided eyes on.

Which happened to be an Umbreon and an Aipom.

Meanwhile, Cyanide walked over to where Pom was, asking him what was the deal with Sophie, and also guessed that she was alright.

''Yeah she's alright.'' Pom nodded ''She is apparently a friend of Jakes that he met in Unova.'' Explained Pom. ''But the weird thing is, Jake hasn't even mentioned her much before, and he's told all of us about what he....

Suddenly a loud smash interrupted what Pom was going to say, and before he could react, he was hit by a powerful Zen Headbutt, slaming him against the wall.

''What the hell was that for?!'' Pom demanded.

Scraps meanwhile, said nothing and moved on to Cyanide, preparing a powerful Head Smash.

Meanwhile Tasu, shook her head.

''So much drama has been going on within the past few days. Jake murdering his father, Jake trying to commit suicide, and now this'' Tasu thought. ''And just when I thought things would calm down''

Jake poured Keith a glass of milk, as Sophie confirmed that she was indeed a Fighting-type specialist. "Cool," replied Keith. "I specialize in Poison-types myself, though I do make a few exceptions, as I'm sure you've already guessed, between the Tauros, the Banette, and the Umbreon. I actually have a couple of Fighting-types myself, if you want to see them."

At that moment, however, Jake's Trapinch caused some trouble by chomping down on the Scraggy's head, causing the Dark/Fighting-type to go berserk. "Oh, crap," murmured Keith as Scraps slammed Pom with a Zen Headbutt. "This cannot possibly end well."

Sure enough, once the initial surprise of Pom being suddenly slammed off to the side by a random Zen Headbutt attack had worn off, Cyanide turned to face the Scraggy, who was now bearing down on her with a Head Smash at the ready. But Cyanide had no intention of being taken down. No, Cyanide's intention was currently to crush the Scraggy into a fine powder. Scraps had made the fatal error of viciously attacking this Umbreon's boyfriend, and Keith knew full well that there could be no quicker and easier way of getting on Cyanide's bad side. And those who get on Cyanide's bad side... Yeah, it's usually never a pretty sight. Eyes narrowed in a furious glare, the Umbreon let off a fierce Snarl, which rapidly escalated into a Hyper Voice. Wasting no time, she then fired off a Toxic attack.

"I just want to apologize ahead of time," Keith said to Sophie. "The Aipom your Scraggy attacked is my Umbreon's boyfriend, and, well, you can see just how well she reacts to him being attacked. There is no stopping her when she's like this." He then took a Pecha Berry out of his backpack. "I have no doubt Scraps will be needing one of these when all is said and done," he added. "Toxic is probably Cyanide's favorite attack to use. Probably one of the reasons why she fits in so well on my team in the first place," he added.

''Thanks, but Scraps won't need that'' Sophie replied to Keith offering the pecha berry.
''You see, Scraps has the shed skin ability, so even if Toxic is your Umbreon's favourite move, it's effects won't last long.''

Meanwhile, Dusty got up and started pulling on Jake's pant leg.
''What is it Dusty?!'' Jake demanded, angered at mess that the antlion had caused.

''Let me in there!'' ''I'll show them who's boss!'' Dusty said in excitment.

''You've already caused enough trouble!'' Jake replied.

''How am I supposed to become a mighty dragon when I'm not allowed to fight?!'' The antlion demanded.

''I'll put you in the daycare soon enough''

''Fine, whatever'' Dusty agreed before watching the battle intently.

Cyanide started with a Snarl which turned into a Hyper Voice, knocking Scraps off his feet.
However he quickly got up and preformed mystic dance, raising his speed and attack.

Just as Scraps finished, he got hit by a Toxic attack, badly poisoning him. He then once again preformed a mystic dance, further raising his speed and attack.

He then charged at the Umbreon before using a powerful Facade attack. And with the toxic and dragon dance boosts, it was bound to leave a mark. And as the shedding pokemon landed on the grounds, he laughed at Cyanide before his Shed Skin ability kicked in.

Sophie thanked Keith for the offered Pecha Berry, but stated that it was not going to be necessary, explaining about her Scraggy's Shed Skin Ability. "Ah," nodded Keith. "Well, alright, then." He resumed watching the battle, feeling a little better about things.

Then, he noticed Dusty the Trapinch wanting to get in on the fight, and from Jake's side of the conversation, it sounded like the Trapinch had wanted to get into the battle to get stronger. Keith had to admire the Trapinch's spirit, it was almost as though she was already a Dragon-type. And as that occurred to Keith, he remembered one Pokémon he had brought with him, but had yet to send out. Turning away from the battle, Keith took the ball off his belt (making damn sure it wasn't the Shadow Ball- it wouldn't have been the first time he sent Stewie out by accident) and tossed it up into the air. "Norbert, come on out!" he said.

In a flash of light, the ball opened up, releasing an Axew onto the floor. Immediately, the small Dragon-type plodded over to the Trapinch. "Hi!" Norbert greeted her cheerfully. "I'm Norbert, what's your name?"

Meanwhile, Scraps had managed to get in two Dragon Dances, and between those and the poisoning, his Facade attack really hit hard. Cyanide skidded across the floor, but was back on her feet almost instantly. Oh, no way in hell was she gonna lose to this guy! After that Zen Headbutt he had hit Pom with, Cyanide wanted Scraps to suffer. Immediately, the Umbreon changed tactics, deciding on a more cruel approach. She focused hard, and then winked, creating a bunch of pink hearts in midair- she was using Attract. As the hearts flew towards the Scraggy, Cyanide planned to use her Cut attack, and follow it up with Hidden Power, which for her was a Poison move.

As Dusty continued to watch the battle, an Axew went over and cheerfullly greeted her. This minorly annoyed the antlion, as she wanted to concentrate on the battle. However as she turned around she realized that it was a dragon that had greeted her.

''Hello, how can I help you?'' She asked while bowing. To Dusty, dragon types had to be treated with a great deal of respect.

The pink hearts flew towards Scraps, and before he realized it, he was already under the effects of attract.

And though he was planning on using Brick Break, Scraps just couldn't bring himself to do it, not to a pokemon as dazzling and attractive as Cyanide.

Cyanide then hit with a Cut and then a Hidden Power that reeked of poison, sending the shedding pokemon flying.

However he was back on his feet in no time.
Angered Scraps snapped out of the spell of attract for a few seconds and flew at the Umbreon with a Head Smash.

Shortly after the attack connected, Pom came back to his senses and jumped into the fight.

Scraps then planned to use Brick Break on Pom, then use Jump Kick on Cyanide and follow with a Toxic on Pom.

But under the effects of attract would any of these work?

Meanwhile Pom planned on using Brick Break and then a Swift. But he was only at half health, and so even with Scraps under the effects of attract, it wouldn't take to long to be knocked out unless the battle ended quickly.

Meanwhile as the group was watching the battle a loud ringing came from Jake's backpack, it was his Xtransceiver!

''Sorry'' Jake apologized as he went outside on the small balcony and clicked the talk button. After a couple seconds Jake's voice could be heard, yelling the word finally.

Jake quick ran back in. ''I finally did it!'' Jake said, not explaining much. He then turned to Tasu.

''Tasu, come with me, theres something I want you and Sparky to see.''

The electric mouse looked confused but nonetheless jumped on to Jakes right shoulder.

''Hey Telpo, can you teleport us to the Cable Club?'' Jake asked.

Telpo nodded and soon the four were gone, leaving some somewhat confused pokemon behind.

And only a few moments later the group was back.

''What did you trade for that made you that excited?'' Sophie asked confused.

''It may not be a rare or valuble pokemon in here to most, but to me it is'' Jake said before holding up a pokeball and throwing it in the air, revealing a Chinchou.

''Everyone meet, Lucky''

Sophie waved to the angler.
''Hello Lucky, your quite the cutie.''

''I hate confrontations!'' The angler screamed before hiding behind Jake, trembling.

Dusty turned to greet Norbert, immediately becoming more respectful than was ordinary for her upon realizing she was addressing a Dragon-type. Norbert replied, "Hey, can I watch this battle, too?" He sounded very interested in watching the battle, though as he sat down next to the Trapinch, he turned to face her. "And after this, wanna go hunting with me?" said the Axew. "Oh, yeah, I didn't get your name," he added.

Cyanide smirked evilly as the Attract took its effect, preventing Scraps from attacking. She let fly her Cut and Hidden Power without mercy, and the Scraggy angrily retaliated with a forceful Head Smash. However, he still seemed to be under Attract's spell. Pom entered the fight as soon as the Head Smash made contact with the Umbreon. Taking note of this, Cyanide knew that things had to be wrapped up soon, because any more damage to Pom, she didn't think she would be able to stop herself from killing the Scraggy. And by killing, I don't mean that as some euphemism for knocking him out- I mean, she would end his life. Quickly, Cyanide sprang into action, first making use of a move she never thought she'd ever actually use- Helping Hand. She used the move in order to power up Pom, before preparing her next volley of attacks- she would deliver a painful Cut right across the Scraggy's face, and follow up with a Tackle attack.

Meanwhile, Keith pressed a few buttons on his Pokédex, and three more of his Poké Balls appeared. "So, like I was saying," he said to Sophie, "I have a couple of Fighting-types myself." With that, he tossed the balls into the air, unleashing a Toxicroak, a Makuhita, and a Timburr. "This is Malfoy," he said, nodding toward the Toxicroak, "this is Helga," he added, gesturing to the Makuhita, "and this is Millicent," he finished, pointing at the Timburr. At this, Millicent tugged on Keith's pant leg and pointed at the log she had slung over her shoulder. "Right, right," Keith nodded. "And this is Willow," he added, indicating the aforementioned piece of lumber. "Long story behind that," he added.

Once Jake returned and introduced his new Chinchou, it quickly became clear that the little guy was extraordinarily timid. As Lucky was hiding behind Jake's legs, an Ivysaur slowly approached him from the side. "Hi," she softly said to the Chinchou, a friendly smile on her face. After seeing how frightened he was by a normal friendly greeting, Pomona knew she had to be careful if she didn't want to scare the little guy.

Norbert asked if he could watch the battle too. At this the antlion nodded vigorously.

He also asked if after the battle, she would want to go hunting with him, and what her name was.

''My name is Dusty, and it would be an honor to hunt with you'' The Trapinch said excited.

''But there's one problem with that, it's embarrassing to admit, but, I don't know how to hunt.''

Meanwhile, Kieth sent out three fighting types of his own, Malfoy the Toxicroak, Helga the Makuhita and Millicent the Timburr.

''Wow, a Toxicroak!'' Sophie said in suprise.
''I've read all about them, but I haven't seen one in real life'' Sophie then turned to Helga.

''And a Makuhita'' Sophie stated, before moving onto Millicent.

''Aww, your Timburr reminds me of when I first got Chikara.'' Sophie cooed as she pat her on the head.

Then Keith inroduced, Millicent's log, Willow
saying that it was a long story.

''And you even named your log? That's so cute!''

Pomona the Ivysaur slowly walked over to Lucky, before softly saying hi.

Even that was enough to make the angler jump.
''U-um, h-hi'' Lucky managed to studder.

Cyanide quickly started to use Helping Hand, boosting Pom's power.

Pom then hit with a Brick Break, knocking, Scraps health to a quarter.

Cyanide then delivered a Cut across Scraps face.

The shedding pokemon was going to hit back with Brick Break but once again couldn't bring himself to do it.

Cyanide then hit with a Tackle before Pom hit with a Swift.

Scraps then, lunged at Pom with a Jump Kick, sending the monkey up into the air. But he wasn't done yet. As Pom started falling, Scraps hit him with a blast of Toxic.

"Oh, that's OK," smiled Norbert as Dusty confessed that she didn't know how to hunt. "I can teach you how to hunt!"

Sophie showed obvious surprise at the presence of the Toxicroak, Malfoy being the first one she's ever seen in person. "And Malfoy's not your average Toxicroak, either," Keith added. "He's got a number of attacks you wouldn't normally see a Toxicroak using, like Metronome, Aqua Ring, even Heal Pulse."

Sophie then moved on to the other Fighting-types, and remarked that Millicent reminded her of when she first got her Gurdurr. Keith gestured to aforementioned evolved Fighting-type. "Yeah, see that, Millicent?" Keith said to his Timburr. "That's what you'll look like when you evolve."

"Burr Timburr!" Millicent replied, frowning and shaking her head. Keith blinked in surprise.

"Millicent, what are you saying?" he asked. However, before Millicent could answer, Willow took it upon herself to handle that instead. The log slung over Millicent's shoulder vibrated ever so slightly, as Willow's voice sounded to anyone within earshot.

"Millicent is saying that she does not wish to evolve," came Willow's voice. "I have grown accustomed to my living quarters, and Millicent does not want to risk losing me by switching to a metal beam or concrete pillars."

"So, wait," Keith said to Millicent, as though he had not just been addressed by a ghost who was inhabiting a piece of lumber. "You don't want to evolve?"

"Burr," replied Millicent, shaking her head, though she was now looking down. Now that the moment had come for her trainer to know, she was a little afraid of what he would think of that- suppose Keith would insist on evolving her? What if, Arceus forbid, he traded her away, insisting on getting a Timburr that wanted to evolve? However, as she tentatively looked up, Keith was still giving her a friendly smile.

"Well, that's OK," he said as he gently patted the Muscular Pokémon on the back. "If you don't want to evolve, I'm not about to force you to do so." Then, he turned to Sophie. "Oh, yeah, you're probably wondering about that voice," he added. "Well, remember I said it was a long story about Millicent's log? Yeah, see, she didn't exactly name it Willow... Willow is the name of the ghost that's haunting the log."

In spite of all of Pomona's precautions, the Chinchou still jumped a little at the Ivysaur's introduction. Pomona let out a tiny bit of Sweet Scent, hoping to calm Lucky down a little bit. "My name's Pomona," the Ivysaur said, still speaking softly. "What's your name?"

Meanwhile, the battle raged on. Though Pom got into the fray, Scraps managed to slam him with a super effective Hi Jump Kick, before following up with a Toxic attack. Cyanide's eyes flashed with rage at this- oh, this Scraggy was going down. First, she used Psychic, but not to attack- no, this was to rip the Pecha Berry from before out of Keith's hand and place it near Pom. "You listen to me, you fucking psychotic fathead," Cyanide Snarled at the Scraggy. "Nobody but nobody hurts Pom and lives to tell the tale!" With that, she lunged, another Cut attack at the ready.

Norbert smiled, saying that it was ok, and that he could teach her how to hunt.

''Really!?'' ''That would be an honor, sir'' Dusty said before bowing once again.

Pomona tried to calm Lucky down with a bit of Sweet Scent. Lucky's shaking started to slow down, though only a tiny bit.

Pomona then introduced herself, and asked what his name was.

''Um m-my m-my name i-s Lu-Lucky'' The angler pokemon stuttered.

He then cringed.

''Pl-please do-don't hurt m-m-me, I kn-know Supersonic a-and B-bub-bubble, s-so stay b-b-b-back''

Keith showed Millicent, Chikara, explaining to her, that that's what she would look like when she evolved.

That was when Willow spoke up, stating that Millicent didn't want to evolve, for risk of losing Willow.

Keith said it was ok, saying that he wouldn't force her to.

Meanwhile, Sophie stood there confused.
''What the hell was that voice?'' She thought.

She was just about to ask when Keith explained that it was a ghost that was haunting Millicents log.

''A ghost haunting you Timburrs log?''
''I've never heard of that before, and I know Timburr quite well, almost as much as Meinfoo'' Sophie stated.

As Scraps hit Pom with Toxic, Cyanides eyes filled with rage, she used Psychic to rip the Pecha Berry away from Keith, putting it in front of Pom, before snarling some nasty words at Scraps and then lunged at him, hiting him with a Cut.

Scraps hit the floor hard, sliding several feet back.

Pom took this opportunite, and grabbed the Pecha berry and ate it, removing the toxins from his body.

He got back up, to see that, even after all that, Scraps was still clinging on, but barely.

Pom ran at the shedding pokemon, intent on ending the battle right then and there, with a move he had just learned, Double Hit.

The move connected, and Scraps was on the floor, knocked out.

Sophie was noticed this and quickly returned Scraps to his pokeball before any more trouble could happen.

''I'm sorry, everyone for Scraos, I'm sorry'' She apologized.

Pom then turned to Cyanide.
''We won!'' He smiled.
''Well no, you won'' He quickly corrected himself. ''You dealt all the damage while I was out, I just finished him off, I was too weak to deal with him myself.'' ''I won't let that happen again, me being a siting duck, I'll be stronger, I promise''

Pom then smiled a little.
''You know that move right, the one I just used?'' Pom asked.

But before Cyanide could give an answer Pom continued.
''It's Double Hit, it's know most for it being the move an Aipom needs to learn to evolve, infact, most Aipom evolve only a couple minutes after learning the move.''
Pom explained.

Then, a white light envolped Pom.

It started turning brighter and brighter, and when the light had faded, Pom wasn't an Aipom anymore.

Pom had evolved into an Ambipom!

Norbert gave a small giggle. "You don't have to be so formal with me," he smiled. "Just call me Norbert."

The timid Chinchou introduced himself as Lucky, but then he cringed, begging Pomona to not hurt him. Pomona tilted her head in confusion. "What do you mean? I'm not going to hurt you," she replied.

As Keith had pretty much expected, Sophie was confused by Willow's voice, and was astonished to learn of the ghost haunting Millicent's log. She claimed to know a lot about Timburr, and that she had never heard of this sort of thing. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is a unique case," Keith replied. "See, Millicent had been in the Adoption Center before she came into my ownership," he explained. "From what I've learned, Willow went into Millicent's log to keep her company, and now they're really close.

After Cyanide attacked, Scraps was still raring to go, but seemed to be just barely hanging on. Nothing a little Tackle attack wouldn't fix, Cyanide reasoned, but before she got the chance, Pom ran at the offending Scraggy, and to the Umbreon's surprise, unleashed a powerful Double Hit, taking out the Dark/Fighting-type once and for all. Pom then turned to Cyanide, grinning, exclaiming that they won. He corrected himself, however, stating that Cyanide won, and that he merely dealt the finishing blow. "Hey, you also landed that nice Brick Break," Cyanide grinned. "You didn't do too bad out there." Despite this, Pom lamented that he was too weak to deal with Scraps himself. Cyanide shook her head, but before she could speak up, Pom vowed to never let that sort of thing happen again, promising to be stronger in the future, before explaining about the move he had just used. Cyanide already knew what it had been, and by extension, had a feeling she knew what was coming, and sure enough, once Pom had finished talking, his entire body was cloaked in a bright light- Pom was starting to evolve. The Aipom grew taller, and his single tail split into two, and as the light faded, there stood an Ambipom. Now Pom was much closer to Cyanide's height- actually, he had a few inches over her now.

Cyanide was, for a moment, speechless as she took in the sight of her newly-evolved boyfriend. Finally, she managed to speak up. "Pom," she murmured, "I didn't think it was possible for you to look any more attractive than you already were." She then slowly walked over to the Ambipom, unable to stop a grin from forming on her face. "Never have I been more glad to be wrong," she added, as she used Psychic- this time, to bring Pom's head down to her level for a kiss.

Keith, meanwhile, looked on in amazement at Pom's evolution. "Whoa," he murmured. "Congrats, Jake," he added as he dug out his Pokédex and pointed it at Pom.

"Ambipom, the Long Tail Pokémon, and the evolved form of Aipom," droned the device. "Ambipom deftly manipulates its tails to do numerous tasks. It is so skilled with its tails that it rarely uses its arms anymore."

Story 2: (2015)
(Coming Soon)

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