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Beyond The Base

Besides Robin's base, there are a few other places you and your Pokemon can explore, if you so choose. Keep in mind that these areas have their own set of restrictions.

Currently available:

Sunabā Beach

A sandy beach to the west of Isshin Village. Here you and your Pokemon are free to build sandcastles, or even take a dip in the refreshing ocean. Throughout the beach, there are several signs, warning visitors not to grab any shovels they find in the sand. Several large logs can be found along the shore, which people and Pokemon can use to rest on, should they need a quick break. Several Wingull can usually be seen soaring above.
It's advised not to feed them, for reasons currently unknown.
Spoiler: show
1.) When at Sunabā Beach, make sure to use wheat coloured text, or otherwise label any part of your post that you are here.
2.) Much like inside Robin's base, you can bring as much Pokemon as you wish.
3.) Have fun.

*More areas to be added later.*

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