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Robin's Secret Base and Beyond

As you're traveling in Fizzytopia, you may just come across a long road leading to a small village known as Isshin. If you were to follow this path, you could find a small staircase leading down to a beautiful beach.
As you follow along the warm, sandy beach, one will eventually come across a rather large rock sticking out of the cliff side. If you were to think this was a regular cave, you'd be mistaken, for this is actually home to a certain Electric type specialist.

Floor 1

Spoiler: show

Carved into the rock is a small wooden door. Upon entering it, you will find yourself in the living room of Robin's secret base. To either side of the door is a large potted plant. Staring directly at the entrance to the base is a large Wailmer beanbag chair, which seems quite comfy by the looks of it.
Throughout the room there are several small windows, that give you a nice view of Sunabā Beach.
Turning to the right, you'll find a large table, with four chairs neatly tucked beside it. This is usually where Robin and her Pokemon eat, but it can sometimes be used for other activities.
Turning to your left, you'll notice two large couches, with a wide table resting in front of them. On the wall is a flat screen TV, perfect for watching a show, or even a favorite movie.
Nestled in the bottom left corner of the room is a warp panel, which will take you directly to the kitchen, should you step on it.
Tucked in the top left corner of the room is a PC and healing station. Guests are free to use either if they're so inclined. In the top right corner of the room is a stairway leading deeper into the base. Beside it is an elevator, in case that's your preferred method of travel.

Basement Floor 1

Spoiler: show

Upon reaching the basement, you'll be greet by the sight of a hallway. If you follow it, you'll soon find a set of twin doors on your right. Inside the room you can find an assortment of games, including two arcade machines.
Beside the TV is a blue shelf, which holds more Game Cube games then you can think of.
If you couldn't guess by now, this is where Robin and her Pokemon usually hang out to relax and unwind. Guests are welcome to play in the room, if they so choose.

If you continue down the hallway, you'll eventually find another set of twin doors. Inside the room is two large, black beds, with a bookcase separating them.
In one corner of the room is a red settee and table. Usually you can find a board game or snack lying on the table, probably from one of Robin's Pokemon refusing to clean up.
When company is staying over, this room is used as a guest room.

Continuing to the end of the hall leads to a dead end. Maybe something will be put here later....

Basement Floor 2

Spoiler: show

As you descend into the second basement floor you'll find yourself in another hallway.

Straight ahead is the battle room, which is where trainers can participate in friendly matches. There's an elevated platform on either side of the room, where trainers can stand and give orders to their Pokemon.
On the sidelines of the battlefield rests a healing station, PC, as well as four sofas to ensure maximum comfort for any spectators. Dividing the battlefield and sidelines is a sturdy wooden fence, in order to keep anyone watching the battle a little bit safer.
The ceiling in this room is much higher then in the other rooms, and can contain Pokemon up to the height of a Steelix. (Anything taller is unfortunately banned from this room.)

If you instead take the door to the left, you'll find yourself in the kitchen. Often you can find Tessa and Cayenne working in here, happy to prepare a delicious meal for anyone who happens to be over.
In the top left corner of the kitchen is a warp panel, allowing people and Pokemon to travel from the living room to the kitchen in the blink of an eye.

The south portion of the kitchen contains two large, black tables, which can comfortably seat eight, should anyone prefer to eat here.

If you instead turn right down the hallway, you'll eventually come across two doors. The door on the left is the entrance to Robin's room.
Robin's room is usually closed off to guests, unless they are given her permission. In the top left corner of the room is a fluffy double bed, with a black bookcase to the right of it. On the bookcase rests a Mudkip and Pikachu plush.
In the bottom corner is a black lounger, as well as a small table. Resting on the wall in front of it is a flat screen TV. Near the entrance of the room is Robin's computer, which she sometimes uses for research or the occasional game.

In the room behind the right door is a large indoor pool. The pool has a good amount of space in it, and should be able to fit most aquatic Pokemon. A few exceptions include Wailord, Gyarados and Milotic. If you're not up for taking a swim, this room also provides plenty of seating, should you wish to watch.

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