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Originally Posted by myahoo View Post
Missingno. Master: “Hah!” Pele barks, eyes flaring up like flames. “What do you know of what a spirit needs?” She glances dismissively from Kyle to Ieni and the two Ponyta behind you before looking back at you. “But, so be it. You are clearly done talking and I will not be attacked in my own home!”

Around you, the Volcarona begin Quivering in some sort of Dance, while the Larvesta lever themselves upward and take aim, the entire cluster of Bug Pokémon crowding you and jostling around until they’ve put themselves as best they can between you and the pink Volcarona. At the same time, the lava level in the pit rises some more, bubbling and popping and raising the heat and Pressure in the air.

Kyle is not bothered much by the heat, having once lived in a volcano himself, and he takes the opportunity to rake his Claws against the ground, Honing them to an edge in preparation for the coming battle. He keeps a sharp eye on the Larvesta and, when they begin Shooting String at him, he dodges, slicing any strings that get too close. He also takes that opportunity to get closer to the pink Volcarona, his fist beginning to crackle with electricity as he leaps to Punch Pele herself. She barely glances at him as she flutters away, a red-horned Larvesta throwing itself between them to take the hit. Kyle’s Punch hits with the boom of Thunder, knocking the Larvesta over, and it wiggles as it tries to get upright. Nothing else is fast enough to interfere as Kyle moves immediately into his Aerial Ace, slashing into and past Pele before she can react.

Pele barely flinches at the attack, only hmphing before she sweeps a hand in front of her. A Wave of Heat buffets Kyle and you and Meowth, though the attack does nothing more than trigger Kyle’s Flash Fire. You, on the other hand, feel like you just opened the door to an industrial-sized oven. It’s immediately followed by a gust of Air that feels sharp enough to Cut and Kyle has to brace himself as the Critical attack targets his footing.

Pele glances sidelong at you. “You bring a Fire Pokémon to fight a fire spirit?” She grins, sharp as obsidian. “Intelligent. But I would expect nothing less of a man who dares fight a volcano.”

As the winds die down, you manage to catch yelling from behind you. Ieni sounds shocked and dismayed, asking what you’re doing, that’s Pele, why are you fighting her? Sunfire sounds horrified and on the verge of tears, apologizing repeatedly to Ieni, to the other Ponyta, to Pele herself for volunteering to take you up here. Blitzwind, Ieni’s Ponyta, sounds disturbed, suggesting that you must not be Pele’s Chosen if you’re fighting her, but then what has the village been hosting for the day?

Things are escalating quickly and the battle's barely begun. How will you handle this situation?

(Declared: Tentacruel, Meowth, Heatmor)
Pele dismissed Keith's last words before the fighting began. And to Keith's dismay- though not necessarily surprise- the multitudes of Larvesta and Volcarona got in on the fight as well. As many of them as possible put themselves between Kyle and Pele, as the temperature rose.

This, however, did not bother Kyle, a native- and survivor- of Mt. Aduro. He went into the Hone Claws, and sliced at the String Shots that came from the Larvesta, shredding them to silky ribbons. A Larvesta, however, managed to shield Pele from the Thunder Punch, though there was no shielding her from the Aerial Ace. Of course, if it did much damage to Pele, she wasn't making it obvious, but Keith knew better than to let that get him down. If Heatran was any indicator- and he was of the opinion that Heatran was a very good indicator in this situation- Pele wasn't gonna show signs of weakness for as long as she could help it.

And then came the Heat Wave. Kyle took the hit, taking no damage from it whatsoever- his Ability, after all, was Flash Fire. The only thing Heat Wave did to him was power up his own Fire attacks. Now, Keith and Meowth, on the other hand, were treated to an intense blast of hot wind, as though a large and very much operational oven was just opened right in front of them. Kyle looked back with no small amount of concern. "Mor heat?!" he exclaimed.

Keith grinned. "I'm good, Kyle, just keep it up!" he encouraged the Heatmor, and indeed, no sooner had Kyle turned back to his opponent did a powerful Air Cutter land, and a critical hit, no less! Kyle was forced to brace himself to withstand the move. And afterwards, Pele gave a sharp grin, remarking that it was intelligent of Keith to bring a Fire-type to fight a fire spirit.

Just then, though, things started to get screwy. As the winds died down, Keith could hear yelling, from Ieni and the Ponyta, and they didn't sound happy. "Yeah, dey're all wonderin' wat da hell yer doin, fightin' Pele," Meowth translated for Keith.

"I figured they would," sighed Keith. "Meowth, go and explain the situation to them."

"On it," Meowth replied almost immediately. Clearly unwilling to take another one of those Heat Waves, he jumped down off Keith's shoulder, ran back over to where Ieni, Sunfire, and Blitzwind were, and started to explain to them everything that just transpired in the past couple of minutes- that he and Keith also thought he was chosen by Pele until just a few minutes ago. Explained how Keith pleaded with Pele to spare the village, but that Pele outright refused. Explained that Keith felt that fighting Pele was now his only option for saving the village he was so grateful to, explained that Keith would rather die than just stand by and let the villagers die. He finished by pleading with Ieni and the Ponyta, asking them if any of them had any better ideas, and if they did, they should tell him now.

Keith, meanwhile, was not letting the rocky start dampen his spirits any. The clock was ticking, after all, and the earthquake drew nearer. "Kyle, try your Flame Burst attack!" Keith called out. "Then go for Fire Lash after Fire Lash!"

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