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Originally Posted by myahoo View Post
Ex-Admiral Insane: The woman’s expression goes stubborn at your implication, but that’s her only reaction to the possibility. Otherwise, she nods at your suggestion to be careful and stick together for now.

She blinks at your question, caught off guard for some reason. “Oh, uh, yeah. Abby?”

Her Kirlia illuminates the cave with a Flash of light, revealing a bare cavern with only one exit. You, Rags, the woman, and her Kirlia all head towards the exit to see what kind of place and situation you all ended up in.

It’s night outside with a full moon shining bright in the sky. Stars glitter and twinkle as you glance around to try to figure out where you are, but it wasn’t like you’d paid that much attention to the scenery on your way up the mountain. You glance over at the woman to see if she has any idea where you are or what’s going on, but she’s gaping up at the moon.

“Did we just lose an entire month?” she asked incredulously, her voice pitching up at the end. That’s right. Didn’t one of the natives you overheard say that the full moon was three nights ago? But it’s the full moon again, so…

The woman shakes her head and clearly tries to refocus on something she can actually do something about. “Okay, Abby. Which way to Keith and Afterburn?”

Her Kirlia tilts her head this way and that, looking towards the right and then the left. It’s pretty flat to either side, but you’re pretty sure you’re still around the same elevation as you were before you went through the wall. She glances up at the peak and then to the left and right again before pointing to the right.

“She says our friend feels like he’s at the peak of this place and that the path to the peak is to the right,” the woman relays.

…huh. On second thought, this area looks kind of familiar. Like the path between the trail to the top of the mountain and the altar. And, if that’s the case, then the path to the peak would be on your left.

Will you trust the lady’s Kirlia or your memory of this place?

(Declared: Gallade, Wailord, Gible, Axew, Bagon)
With a quick command the woman orders her Kirlia to light up the cave. Instantly, the cave lit up, showing them the exit out of the cave. The group followed the Kirlia out towards the open sky. Night time had apparently fallen already. Lucas tried to take in his surrounding for a moment before quickly giving up. He barely paid any mind to his trek up the mountain before. To be a bit lost would be an understatement.

“Did we just lose an entire month?” the woman’s voice pitched.

’What?’ Lucas thought. ’What on earth is she talking about. We didn’t stay in the cave that long.’ Rgas intercepts Lucas’ thoughts for a moment as he points up at the sky. “Hmmm? What?” He dazed up ahead at the black shy marked by the stars and the full moon.

“The moon!” Lucas erupted. “Wait,” he said impatiently as he went back in his thoughts. “I could have sworn one of the villagers said the full moon was three days ago. I didn’t know they came around every three days.”


“They don’t?” Lucas turned his head quizzically to his Pokémon.

The girl was already focussed on finding their path again, asking her Kirlia if they can find the path. The Kirlia gazed down their two paths for a moment, using her psychic powers to explore their surroundings before pointing to the path to the right. “She says our friend feels like he’s at the peak of this place and that the path to the peak is to the right.”

“Oh cool, I didn’t know you could understand your Kirlia so well. I thought me and Rags were one of the few.” The Gallade tugged at his trainer’s shoulder and indicated the left path.

“Gall, Gallade.”

“Hmm?” Lucas informed the woman what Rags was saying. “Apparently Rags says the left path looks the same as the one we took up when we went to the altar. He says that that’s the actual way to the peak.” He looks back at the left path for a moment and back. “Now that he mentions it, it does look a lot like the path we took before.”


“I don’t know, honestly.” Lucas pondered for a quick few seconds. “Oh well,” he threw his hands in the air with a blasé attitude. “If the Kirlia, I mean Abby, says she can sense the guy on the right path then I guess we should follow that.”


“Well, we also thought the full moon was three days ago.” He made a gesture of conceding. “So I guess that means our memories are unreliable.”

“Gall!” Rags took slight offence.

“Well too bad. We can always turn back later and take the other path.” He spoke to the woman again. “Lead the way uhm, what was your name again?”

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