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Originally Posted by myahoo View Post
Missingno. Master: As you approach the pink Volcarona, the other Larvesta and Volcarona part for you and watch you pass. At the same time, a figure slowly fades into visibility above the pink Volcarona for every step you take. By the time you stop, the figure looks almost solid enough to touch, though you’re still several feet away.

A woman ‘stands’ above the pink Volcarona, clad in a dress that ripples like fire with long copper hair and obsidian eyes. Behind you, you hear a sharp inhale and then shifting as Ieni and the Ponyta react to the sight of the woman, but you don’t turn back to look. She listens as you make your case, her haughty expression unchanging despite your plea, and then you wait for her response. She lets you wait, glancing from you to Meowth to Ieni and the two Ponyta behind you before looking back at you and smoothing her dress down as much as she could when the fabric refused to stay still.

“Traveler,” she says and her voice rumbles like the volcano under you feet. “I am the goddess of fire, lightning, dance, volcanoes, and violence.” She pauses. “It was not I who brought you here.” Her lip curls and her voice crackles and pops like a campfire. “But, if I had chosen someone to determine how angry I should be with that village, I would not have chosen an outsider to do it.” Pele bares her teeth at you as the lava in the pit bubbles and rises. The Volcarona and Larvesta shift angrily and you’re abruptly reminded of the fact that they’re half surrounding you. “What do you know of the festivals and traditions I am owed? What do you know of how often they should throw them?” She glances over at Ieni and the two Ponyta, gaze burning. “I presume they didn’t tell you that the last time they dedicated a festival to me was last year when I went out of my way to remind them.”

She pulls back and eyes you critically. “No. There will be no recourse. This has gone on too long and they refuse to change. I have been insulted too often to accept it anymore. I will wipe the island clean and take my chances with the next peoples who settle here.” She turns towards the ocean. “The earthquake nears and it will shake this island to its bones.” She turns back to you. “What will you do, Traveler?”

(Declared: Tentacruel, Meowth)
Each step closer Keith took to the pink Volcarona did nothing to calm his nerves. A figure slowly faded into visibility above the one he was approaching, looking almost solid by the time Keith stopped. A woman, her dress rippling like fire, her hair long and copper. Behind him, Keith heard Ieni and the Ponyta reacting to this sight, though he didn't dare turn away. This was no time to lose his nerve- Keith was on a mission, and so he pleaded his case, though finding the woman's face's lack of change throughout said plea to be a worrying sign.

And sure enough, once he was done speaking, Pele spoke, her voice rumbling like the volcano on which they stood. She introduced herself as the goddess of fire, lightning, dance, volcanoes, and, somewhat ominously, violence, before giving a rather startling revelation- Pele wasn't the one to bring Keith to this time. This got Keith to exchange looks of great surprise with Meowth. If Pele wasn't the one to bring him here... then who? And why?

Pele continued to speak. Had she chosen someone to determine how angry she ought to be, it wouldn't have been an outsider. She called Keith out on knowing nothing of the festivals and traditions owed to her, or how often they ought be thrown. She revealed that the last festival dedicated to her was last year, and even then, the villagers needed her to remind them to do so.

As she declared that nothing was to change, that the earthquake would shake the island to its bones, that this has gone on too long, and that she was willing to take her chances with the next people to settle Cortoza, Keith found himself shaking once again. And this time, it wasn't with fear. Pele's words had an awful sort of familiarity to them. A cruel, uncaring volcano deity, carelessly disposing of those she so deemed unworthy... it was Heatran all over again, and as though to drive this point home, Keith felt one of his Poké Balls shaking in inexpressible fury. And he didn't even need to look to know it was the Level Ball.

"Pele," Keith began, a touch more confidence in his voice, albeit at the cost of some respect. "I must thank you for one thing at least. As I've said, I've been wondering why I was brought here. And while your words leave me confused as to who brought me here, I am no longer in doubt as to why. I wasn't brought here to serve you or any of that- I think I was brought here to stop you!" He felt Meowth's grip on his shoulder tighten. "You are correct- I'm an outsider here, less familiar with your ways and traditions than the locals. But what little bit I know isn't nothing. In my time, most major celebrations are once a year, and nobody has any problems with that. For sure nobody gets wiped out by earthquakes or tidal waves in angry retaliation for it. Just because they're fewer and farther between doesn't mean they should change back to the old way. When things change, they change for a reason. And that reason, from what I've observed, is not due to loving you any less." As he spoke, he plucked the shaking Level Ball off his belt and enlarged it. "These are good people," he reiterated. "You asked what I will do? I will repay the kindness and generosity the locals have shown me, by fighting for their survival!" He turned his head to the Level Ball, gave it an understanding nod, and lobbed it into the air.

The modified Red Apricorn split open, and from within emerged a Heatmor. Kyle had heard everything from within his Level Ball, and Pele's words had touched a nerve, hit a little too close to home. Right now, despite having never actually met the villagers before, Kyle knew the sort of trouble they faced- the threat of extinction from an angry volcano deity. He glared at Pele, the sort of glare he once gave to Heatran. The Heatmor looked back at Keith, and they nodded simultaneously. They were in complete agreement- if Pele was not to be swayed with words... a battle was the only option.

"Let's go!" Keith declared. "Kyle, Hone Claws, Thunder Punch, and Aerial Ace, in that order! Do it!"

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