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Originally Posted by myahoo View Post
Missingno. Master: Having decided you’d try your hand at changing a goddess’ mind, you begin your search for Sunfire. She’s not where the herd of Ponyta and Rapidash used to be and she’s not near the beach. As much as you can tell from the brief glance you got before you got hustled away from the area, anyway. You wrack your mind for anywhere else she might be as you walk through the village, only to get grabbed by someone else.

You glance over to see who grabbed you now and Ieni looks up at you with concern. He asks you what you’re doing and why you’re not evacuating with everyone else and you…hesitate. Ieni might’ve been your guide for the day, but, looking at him again, you realize that he’s…actually really young. Young enough to possibly want to accompany you if you explain the situation and what you’re planning to do about it. Still, he would probably know where you could find Sunfire and the clock’s ticking. Every second you waste is one less that you have to convince Pele not to wipe out the village.

You end up asking him where the Pokémon evacuate to and he eyes you for a moment longer before telling you to follow him. He leads you away from the village and up the side of the valley, saying that most of the Pokémon that can’t fly usually head this way when they need to get away from the ocean. That’s where most of the village usually evacuates to, too, but it’s kinda weird this time. A lot of the Flying Pokémon have actually gone away from Cortoza, which is making some people worry.

As you crest the edge of the valley, you find most of the village milling about with many of the Pokémon pacing restlessly or practically vibrating with tension. Those that weren’t worried before clearly are now that they’ve had a chance to watch the Pokémon they live with. Not that most of the Pokémon seem to be able to help it; those that aren’t pacing or forcing themselves still look just one movement away from snapping.

Ieni leads you over to the nervous herd of Ponyta and Rapidash and he whistles, making more than half the herd startle. It takes a moment, but two Ponyta eventually trot over to you. You recognize both of them: one is Sunfire and the other was the Ponyta that Ieni rode in the race. Clearly, he intends to help you with whatever you’re planning. Not that he knows what that is yet.

You quietly explain the situation to Sunfire and she whickers nervously, dancing in place. Take you to the top of the mountain? To Pele’s home? She paws at the ground and then glances out to the ocean, taking a deep breath before settling down and nodding. She turns her gaze to the mountain’s peak and says she’ll take you. If you succeed, you’ll be a legend and she’ll be the one who took you there. If you fail...well, it’s not like anyone will remember anyway.

At that point, Ieni demands to know what you’re planning to do. It sounds to him like you’re heading to the peak to talk to Pele, but, but no one just goes up and talks to Pele. There’s, there’s rituals and only the priestesses are allowed to do that and how are you supposed to get up there before the earthquake hits? Everyone tries to go up there and catch a glimpse of Pele herself, but no one’s ever succeeded. No one can go up to the peak without being a priestess.

Well, that’s definitely a problem. But do you have the time to grill Ieni about it or should you take him with you? Or will you try to leave him behind?

(Declared: Tentacruel, Meowth)
Keith's search for Sunfire did not get him very far before someone else grabbed him. And this time, it was Ieni. His question, incomprehensible though it was, Keith had a decent idea as to the meaning, so clear was the concern in the boy's voice. It was then that it dawned on Keith just how young Ieni really was.

"He's askin' where you's goin', and why you's ain't evacuatin' wit da rest," Meowth translated, almost unnecessarily this time.

Keith hesitated for a moment. He wasn't sure if he wanted to get Ieni involved in this as well. He owed Ieni a great deal for being his guide, and he felt it would be a poor way to repay him by putting him in harm's way. But still... he got the feeling that Ieni truly wanted to help. And then, he realized, perhaps there was a way Ieni could help... "Meowth, ask him where the Pokémon evacuate to," Keith stated. Meowth relayed the question to Ieni, who eyed Keith a moment longer before leading the way. Away from the village, up the side of the valley. According to Meowth's translations, this was where the non-fliers went when going away from the ocean was a necessity. Apparently, though, this time was weird, as the Flying-types seemed to be fleeing Cortoza altogether. It was making some people worry, and Keith was among them- Meowth's translations of the old woman's words echoed in his ears. Pele was pissed this time, apparently, and the Pokémon could sense it, far better than the people.

And they arrived at their destination. Ieni summoned over a pair of Ponyta. One was Sunfire, but Keith recognized the other one as well- it was Ieni's ride. Keith realized at that moment that despite Ieni not knowing Keith's plan, he was intent on helping. It caused Keith to feel the strangest mixture of gratitude and worry. But now wasn't the time to dwell on it- he had to explain the situation to Sunfire, and so he did. The Ponyta was understandably incredulous at Keith's intentions- to ride right up to Pele's home- but ultimately she decided to help.

It was then that Ieni demanded to know what Keith was doing. "He's pretty much worked out dat yer gonna try and head on up to da peak ta talk ta Pele," Meowth explained. "And he don't tink dat's possible. Only priestesses get ta go up dere. Ain't no one else eva succeeded."

"Well, that's worrying," Keith sighed. "But," he added, reaching into his backpack and withdrawing from within the necklace he'd just been given. "...that old woman said I'd need this when climbing the mountain, right? I get the feeling she knows the situation better than most here... perhaps this, for whatever reason, is what's needed to get to the top." He then turned to face Ieni, indicating as he did so that Meowth was to translate his next words as close to verbatim as he could for the young boy. "I'm so grateful for everything," he said. "You've been a big help to me. You and the rest of your village. But now... but now it's my turn to help you," he said. "Pele chose me. Fletchling said that maybe I was supposed to see how angry she should be. And if that's the case, then I have to go up there, and I have to tell her, that she shouldn't be angry with you at all. I owe you all that much at the very least. If you still want to come with me, Ieni, I won't stop you... but this is sure to be dangerous, and I don't want you to put yourself in danger if you don't have to." With that, he started to climb onto Sunfire's back. He was all set to go.

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