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Cortoza Updates - Set Sixteen

It's a Solstice/early Christmas miracle! >>


Missingno. Master: Sunfire whickers mostly cheerfully in response, eyes bright at your win as she trots over to a water trough and drinks deeply. You end up following after Ieni, not really needing Meowth’s translation to figure out that the feast is about to start, but you ask him to ask Ieni about what happened. Clearly, something has and it looks like the villagers may know what it is.

Ieni shrugs, clearly uncomfortable, and says he’s a bit surprised your Meowth didn’t notice it. Most Pokémon do, as you may have noticed, but maybe you don’t live near a volcano, so he didn’t recognize it? He does eventually tell you that there was an earthquake during the race and that people have been getting worried because there’ve been a lot of earthquakes recently. While the adults don’t like having it pointed out or mentioned, the baby Pokémon from earlier were right; it’s been a long time since they’ve had a celebration for Pele or in her name, so a lot of people say it’s her letting them know that she’s mad. They’re hoping that the celebration today will be enough to appease her, but some of the elders and the crazier priestesses say there’s no way one celebration will be enough. They say we need to either have a month-long festival or we need to start throwing people into the volcano because there’s no way Pele would be satisfied with anything less.

And with that happy thought in mind, you arrive back at the clearing with the long table piled high with food. Where the empty spot was earlier sits a roasted full-grown pig surrounded with various other kinds of meat and fish. Bowls of soup bracket one end of the table while the other end hosts bowls of juice and water. Vegetables and fruits fill up the remaining space and the table bows slightly under the weight. The food is clearly going to be served buffet-style, but before you can see if anyone’s started going for the food yet, Chief Kupa’alani catches your attention with a wave and a yell.

He walks up to you and says he hopes Ieni has been a good guide and that you’ve been enjoying his village’s hospitality. As you reply to his pleasantries, your stomach decides to announce that you haven’t eaten since you woke up and it’s been too long since you’ve had any food. Kupa’alani laughs and says that they’ll fix that mistake very soon. But, first, you have to give a speech to the village, chosen warrior of Pele.

You quickly find yourself maneuvered in front of the crowd of villagers and Pokémon, who are all looking expectantly up at you. There were…quite a few more than you realized, now that they’re all gathered in one place and waiting on you.

What will you do now?

(Declared: Tentacruel, Meowth)


kawaiiconcept: The Vulpix takes a step back when you offer your hand, growl becoming louder even as it sways in place. It takes another step back as Little Miss comes into view, looking like it had just noticed your two Pokémon, but the only thing it offers is a slow shake of its head before the Vulpix crumples to the ground. It takes you a moment to notice that the Vulpix is still breathing, but you’re not sure what might have caused it to collapse. Most likely, its exhaustion had finally caught up to it, though if there’s anything else wrong with it, you can’t tell right now.

One of your Pokémon spots something at the Vulpix’s neck and points it out to you. It turns out to be a leather collar with a circular, metal dog tag attached to it, inscribed with the word “Pixy.” Does that mean this Vulpix was someone’s Pokémon? How would it have ended up in this condition?

Flipping the dog tag over, you find the other side blank. No address, no phone number, no way to get in touch with the humans or trainers most likely responsible for the Vulpix. It doesn’t sound like there’s anyone nearby either and who knows how long it could be before someone comes along? The Vulpix must have looked up the path for a reason; maybe there’s a village or its home in that direction? However you decide to help the Vulpix, you should probably decide quickly. …can Fire-types overheat?

What will you do?

(Declared: Pawniard, Ledyba)


134: You follow Pouli up the stairs with a chill running down your spine, watching as she circled the altar in search of something unknown. Kauka fidgets in your arms and you ignore her, deciding you need a bit of backup, whatever this situation may be. You call out your Mandibuzz, Palaho bursting out of her Pokéball in a flash of white, and Kauka is immediately, thankfully distracted. Too quickly, she and Pouli are once again urging you to approach the altar, so you oblige, feeling a bit more settled with Palaho’s evident presence.

The altar itself looks unremarkable, a solid, waist-high, rectangular piece of stone. No carvings on its sky-facing surface nor on any of its sides, though a layer of dust or sand lies thick on top of it. You accidentally brush some of it off while you’re examining the altar and Pouli tilts her head to the side, glancing around to try to pinpoint something that you can’t hear. Something dark looks to have been hidden under the sand/dust, something colored or painted directly onto the altar itself, and you brush off a little more to try to figure out what it is. It looks like some kind of three-pronged fork?

Pouli wanders over to the back of the platform, investigating the caldera wall, while you brush more dust off of the altar, slowly uncovering the image of a Sigilyph. It’s a well-drawn image, colored extraordinarily well for something inanimate. Palaho ruffles her feathers uneasily from her perch on one of the extinguished torches, eyeing the drawing with wariness, and then screeches when it abruptly pulls itself out of the altar. The animated drawing(?) darts towards the wall Pouli had been investigating and disappears through it, leaving behind the image of an Eye. The image emits a Miraculous amount of rainbow light before dissipating, leaving the three of you to blink spots out of your eyes. Wait, three?

Pouli seems to have disappeared! Last any of you had seen, she was investigating the back wall, but once the Sigilyph drawing started moving, you’d lost track of her. You call out for her and wait anxiously for a response, which seems to come from the back…wall…? It looks solid, but you press a hand against the stone and it slowly begins to sink into the wall! You snatch your hand back, but your hand doesn’t seem to have come to any harm. In fact, it felt a little like pressing through jello or water, though your hand definitely isn’t wet. You call out for Pouli again and she responds, sounding just fine if a bit impatient.

What will you do?

(Declared: Houndour, Vullaby, Mandibuzz)


Mon1010: It takes you a moment to decide what to do, but you end up sending out your Horsea to retrieve the thing in the water while you go investigate the sound. The moment you give your Horsea orders, though, you bolt off, heading to investigate the commotion out of sight.

You follow the shouting up the river until you come across the three teenagers watching the scene from a safe distance away. The trainer and his Umbreon were standing over one man, while another was being held up by a Chesnaught. Both men were being berated by a scientist in a white coat, who was pacing back and forth and gesturing angrily.

“…and do you know how hard it is to get permission to examine those eggs from the parent Pokémon? We’re trying to make sure they’re fine and healthy, not making it easy for you smugglers and black market thieves to steal them away! Why do you think we’re all the way out here? Jesus Christ.” He ran a hand through his hair and spun around to glare at the man dangling from the Chesnaught’s grip. “And now you’re telling me you dropped the eggs into the river? The river that goes over a waterfall and into an ocean? That river?”

The scientist shook his head. “Nevermind. I don’t have time to deal with you.” He glanced over at the trainer. “Could you take them to the police station? I’ve gotta go see if I can find those eggs before they go over the waterfall or this entire project could go down the drain.”

The trainer nodded and sent out a Luxio and a Nuzleaf. “No problem.”

“Thanks. I’ll call ahead and tell them to give you some sort of reward for your troubles,” the scientist said as the trainer and his Pokémon took the two men back towards where you’d come from. The scientist then turned to look at the four of you. “Did any of you happen to notice a bag or sack or something go down the river? As you might’ve heard, they’re full of Pokémon eggs I need to return, so any information you might have would help a lot.”

Well, that sounds somewhat familiar. What will you do?

(Declared: Munna, Horsea)


Gemini Spark: The vandal’s eyes narrow at your taunt, but he gets himself under control quickly. He then frowns and sighs, shaking his head a bit disappointedly, though he makes sure not to take his eyes off you or your Pokémon. “Mom did say that people like you didn’t know how to negotiate. It’s a shame; I heard things like this are all the rage right now.” He opens his fist to show you some kind of opalescent sphere. There’s a dark bit running right through the middle of it, something kind of rectangular? It’s hard to tell what exactly he’s showing you, with the rain and all, but he tucks the sphere back into his pocket before you finish identifying whatever it is anyway.

“Not like I’d be short on it, but, hey.” He shrugs, just this side of mocking. “Double of nothing is nothing, right?” He leans to one side and taps his foot on the ground again, before nodding decisively. “That being said, you wanna fight, let’s fight. Houndoom, Thunder Fang.”

Lightning wreathes the Houndoom’s Fangs as it darts towards Rengar, closing its jaws on air with a boom like Thunder. Rengar just barely dodges the attack, catching only sparks which flicker momentarily over his fur. That actually gets him out of range as the ground near you shudders. Vi turns, alarmed, as you stumble back and she moves to get you out of the way. Not quickly enough, it turns out, as the Earth erupts with enough Power to throw both you and Vi in opposite directions. You, at least, hit solid ground, even if solid ground means the cliff wall. Vi, on the other hand, ends up dangerously close to the edge of the cliff. Thankfully, she rolls back to more solid ground and leaps to her feet, looking somewhat ruffled and a bit muddy but fine.

Well, that was rude. How do you respond?

(Declared: Seviper, Druddigon, Eelektrik, Blaziken, Zangoose)


Ex-Admiral Insane: Dumbfounded by the disappearance of one of your dragons, you and Rags sidestep the altar and approach the wall your Gible tumbled through, hands stretched out to touch the stone. At the same time, you tell your remaining dragons to stick close and follow you through should you manage to find a way after Hai. Not that it turns out to be too difficult as, the moment you touch the wall, you feel it pull you in like a vacuum. From Rags’ cry, it seems to have caught him too.

“Hold on!” came a woman’s voice from behind you, but neither of you get the chance to decide whether you want to struggle because the suction abruptly increases and pulls you and Rags through the wall with Sar and Sal only moments behind you.

The lot of you end up in a dusty pile on the other side, coughing from either hitting the ground or getting hit with the weight of several young Dragons. Hai greets you from where he stands several feet away, looking none the worse for wear. Satisfied with your Dragon’s condition, you turn back to the wall in the hopes that you could go back through and continue to the peak of the volcano, only to spot the woman from earlier frowning and looking in your direction with a hand against the wall. The wall that didn’t look anything out of the ordinary and wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, if the woman’s hand on the wall was any indication.

“It’s solid now,” she tells you, stepping aside with her Kirlia when you inspect it for yourself and it definitely is now. You press your hand against the rock, but it only feels cool and, well, rock-like. Gravelly and dusty and solid.

“Abby says she can still feel the people on the other side, but there’s something keeping us here,” the woman says, glancing from her Kirlia to you to the wall and back to you. “But she can feel my friend and his Fletchinder further in this place. I’m planning on heading after them. Are you planning on staying here and trying to find a way back? Mostly so I know if I should come back here or try to find my own way out.” She tilts her head to one side.

What do you plan to do?

(Declared: Gallade, Wailord, Gible, Axew, Bagon)
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