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For the sake of keeping everyone who cares on the same speculation boat as me, I'm going to copypasta my Discord observations over here. Call me silly if you want.

-I just realized that you can see Lunaala's chest-glow from behind its Necrazma!armor. It even matches the original latticework and everything!

-Okay, that Z-Ring's unusually dark.
--Necrozma has something to do with Z-Crystals, confirmed?

-Seeing as Lunaala, Solgaleo, and Necrozma all share a type, I don't think we're going to see any changes in that regard. The first might get a decent defense buff though, seeing as it now looks like it's wearing half-plate armor.

-You know, I think the new legend forms are gonna be like a refverse kyurem- yeas, Necrozma's in both fusions, but Nebby's the one ultimately in control. Anyone else?

-More just-noticed details- Solgaleo has a beard. Seems to be a trend nowadays.

By no means is this a lot of significant stuff, but maybe someone else can gleam more conclusions and ideas from it? We'll see, I suppose.

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