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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
As Peony gushed over Isaac, hoping he would accept her request for a picture, she hardly noticed an Oddish stirring from the flower bed where the gardener was weeding. As Isaac cut her off to address the aggressive Pokemon, Peony puffed her cheeks in frustration; not because of Isaac, but because an Oddish would dare ruin her moment. She had half a mind to deal with it in the swiftest of manners like she normally would, but she maintained her careful façade of a refined young lady before her idol. “Oh my gosh! Take your time!” she exclaimed, eager to watch Isaac handle himself in a Pokemon battle as she stored a mental file of Isaac saying “cutie” into her memory banks, almost certainly to be replayed over and over in an edited recollection about herself later.

Having previously sent out his young Eevee and Rowlet to enjoy the beautiful weather in the garden earlier, Isaac called upon Vinny’s daughter Ahri to take on the Oddish. Ahri had little experience battling, but like her mother she was ready to go. The young Eevee started things off by charging up a Shadow Ball and quickly firing it off at the Oddish. The walking weed was knocked back, having taken a direct hit before it got back to its feet and began Growing in size. Ahri took the opportunity to charge forward and Tackle into the Oddish, who was none too pleased. It cried out and begun to Absorb some of its energy back from Ahri.

Both Pokemon were still relatively fresh as the battle had only just begun. Oddish had taken a couple of solid hits before recovering a small amount back from Ahri, who was still raring to go. She looks back over at her mom, eager to leave a strong impression, before looking up to Isaac for her next orders. What will Isaac do?
Vinny's ears flicked irritably. Her daughter really did have a mind of her own and it was driving her crazy. Was she this reckless when she was young? How did Isaac put up with her? She took a deep sigh, coming to sit on her hind quarters. Luca, on the other hand, began to cry out --- causing Isaac to return him to his Pokeball. He had never seen a proper battle, and the owl was certainly afraid of seeing his sister get hurt. Ahri looked back at Vinny, a tremendous smirk on her face. She was going to make her mom proud if it killed her, and if she didn't... well, her mom would probably kill her when she returned to Isaac's side.

Isaac grinned, he was usually a composed person, especially around fans. However, he felt himself glow a few tinges redder when he realized he had literally said 'cutie' about a small weed Pokemon. He let out a deep sigh, he understood Peony was a big fan but that probably made him look a little ridiculous. Ahri glanced back at him, looking for his next command to attack the pesky weed that was ruining his fan's day. Isaac smirked, nodding at the small Eevee.

"Alright Ahri, go for a Growl and follow it up with a Tackle! While the Oddish is reeling back from the attack, try to Covet it!" Ahri gave a firm nod, turning her attention back towards the Oddish and barring her teeth to do her best menacing growl. She then rushed forward on the offensive.

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