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Missingno. Master - Ringo's face was slowly changing as you explained the whole story to her. It went from a very normal appearance to becoming more and more disgusted with each word. "So you're telling me that some old dude is behind all of this…? Why didn't you say so in the first place!! Do you SEE this mess!?" Ringo gestures to the burnt trees and grass as well as the sopping wet clothes she and you are wearing. "Ringo, that's enough! Where are your manners young lady!? Give the poor guy a break, remember this isn't his farm and we are to be nothing but grateful for someone taking time out of their day to try and help us." Suddenly there is a familiar voice behind you and you spin around to see Granny Smith. "Sorry Gran…" Ringo sulks a bit but doesn't say much else.

"That is some very interesting information you just shared though." Granny Smith smirks. "I would know that description anywhere, sounds like old Percy is having another one of his episodes again." Granny nods knowingly as she speaks. "Old who…?" Ringo was clearly not in the know. "Old who is right! What did you just say!?" Another voice came echoing through the trees and you were soon joined by the man you had met earlier named Adam. "Old Percy. This boy described a man just like him." Granny repeated the name and Adam was holding a few berries in his hands and at the mention of that name he unconsciously squeezed his grip, popping them all and causing berry juices to start dripping down his arms. "Dad!" Ringo is appalled at seeing even more berries destroyed today, and by her own father no less. "He's supposedly in the Galea Plains dear." Granny adds. Adam lets out a very audible sigh and then turns around and begins to walk away. "I'll head out there and see if he's nearby… I can't believe this, he has been banned from here five times already!" Adam continues to loudly grumble to himself as he walks off. "Okay but who is old Percy?" Ringo is still confused.

"I'll explain later honey… I am so sorry for all of the trouble you've had to deal with because of our farm but we really are very grateful, and you've helped us so much just with the information you shared alone! Please, take this as thank you for everything you did for us." Granny hands you money along with some berries as well as a little something extra. Ringo examines the berries you now have and reaches into a bag she had with her. "Here! Based on everything I've witnessed, you're going to need these too." You add the Rawst Berries that Ringo offered you to the rest. "Alright come on Lady, we've got a HUGE mess to clean up." Ringo puts some emphasis on her words, perhaps still bitter about everything that went down. "Thank you again, you are a very nice young man and you are welcome here again anytime!" Granny gives you one of her biggest sweet old lady smiles.

You've Obtained

$500 Pokedollars
x1 TM Natural Gift
x5 Lum Berries
x5 Sitrus Berries
x5 Rawst Berries

This concludes this adventure! I hope you had fun, I certainly did! You're welcome to continue exploring the CG if you'd like to!
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