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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Isaac and Vinny’s tasty lunch as well as the handsome ranger were now in the rearview mirror as they trekked across the plains, heading eastward towards Galea Town. Isaac had been fortunate enough to escape this incident without a citation, and more importantly his life, and to top it all off, he now had a killer story to tell someday in the future. After a short while of walking, their new destination was now in sight; a place that would hopefully be devoid of bears or anything else of the like. Isaac was one to pamper his beloved Leafeon, and if she wanted to stop to smell the roses, then that’s what they were going to do.

The Rose Garden was an architectural masterpiece; renowned for its masterful landscaping and flawless upkeep by some of the best gardeners in all of Fizzytopia. Being located so close to town, the garden was really an ideal tourist spot as people travelled across continents just to view it in person. As Isaac and Vinny entered the garden, Vinny was drawn to the myriad of colors that filled each flowerbed. They headed deeper into the garden, enamored by the tall sunflowers that gazed down at them, each one shining nearly as brightly as the sun above.

Continuing their stroll through the garden, Isaac spotted a teenage girl toiling away as she ripped weeds up from a flowerbed. There was something out of place about her, which Isaac determined to be her clothing. The girl sported a long pink ponytail held up by a scrunchie on the side of her head while she wore some trendy and stylish clothing; a white blouse with a black skirt and a pink sweatshirt tied around her waist. She wore a frilly pink plaid apron to prevent her clothes from getting dirty and had a pair of matching gloves on her hands. A number of accessories and jewelry completed the look that made her appear more like an idol than a gardener.

As the girl turned around to see who the passerby was, her jaw dropped. “Ohmygod, ohmygod,” she whispered, covering her mouth with her hands. In seemingly the blink of an eye, the girl had ripped off her apron and gloves, pulled a compact mirror out of her purse to make sure her makeup hadn’t run, and whipped out her cellphone, covered in a pink case with a few decorative straps dangling from one of the corners. “Ugly Casanova? Is that really you?” she gasped, getting to her feet as she called out Isaac’s old stage name. “I am like, I huge fan of yours! I have all of your albums!” The girl blushed and straightened out her skirt before fixing her hair. “My name is Peony; I’m a gardener here. What brings you to the Rose Garden? If you don’t mind, could I get a selfie with you pretty please?” The girl was going a mile a minute as she could barely contain her excitement. So much so that she didn’t notice some of the weeds in the flowerbed rustling as an Oddish emerged, ready to attack the one who was disrupting its slumber.
Vinny was always one for flowers, not to say that Isaac wasn't. Following his cleanse he needed a hobby, and gardening seemed the easiest. It was ironic of course, that Mr. "Clad in Green almost all the time" had a rather green thumb. But Isaac took pride in his flowers. They brought him peace when nothing else would, and at least it kept his hands somewhat busy. Vinny had always admired his gardens, which probably had something to do with her choice in becoming a Leafeon. Vinny's mind today however, was somewhere else. After recently giving birth to her daughter, and of course taking in the young Rowlet Luca as her own --- all she could do was thinking about their well-being. Upon walking deeper into the garden, Isaac released Vinny's daughter from her Pokeball as well as her somewhat oddly shaped adoptive brother.

"Vee!" Called Ahri, the young Eevee almost as headstrong as her mother had been when she was younger. She ran forwards quickly, smelling each and every flower that she could. Vinny groaned in protest, not wanting her daughter to get hurt or lost in the bountiful fields of flowers. Luca, however, was simply perched on his adoptive mother's back. He was much more shy than his sister, preferring to simply stand back and watch as the energetic Eevee ran full force ahead.

"Don't worry, Vin." Remarked Isaac, smiling while watching Ahri run forward and smell every rose in her path. "Ahri's a good kid, and nothing will hurt her here." Vinny seemed unsure, her ears folding back in frustration. Isaac bent down, patting her on the head and giving Luca a scratch under his chin. The small owl cooed, puffing out his feathers as though he was relaxing. Isaac smiled, it really was peaceful here.

As Isaac let Ahri run freely, using up her energy as fast as she possibly could, he noticed a young girl tending to the flowerbeds. He couldn't help but feel that the girl looked off in her environment, she most certainly fitted the profile of the girls he used to see modeling in agencies in Unova more than she fit the idea of a gardener. He shrugged it off, he was sure he didn't look like a celebrity to those who viewed him from afar. His plain clothes were his way of hiding in plain sight. The pink button up short sleeved shirt with the somewhat plain green shorts made him look like some kind of trashy tourist --- most certainly not a celebrity. As Isaac started to walk past the girl he heard her take in a large intake of breath and quickly turn.

“Ugly Casanova? Is that really you?” she gasped, getting to her feet as she called out Isaac’s old stage name. “I am like, I huge fan of yours! I have all of your albums!” The girl blushed and straightened out her skirt before fixing her hair.


The only thing that went through Isaac's head. It was like a gunshot, the sudden surprise of someone in this region actually approaching him like this genuinely surprised him. Sure, he should have been aware of the power and reach of his music... but he really didn't expect to find a fan in a garden like this. The girl began talking rapidly, introducing herself as Peony and asking if she could take a selfie with him.

Stay calm Isaac, just introduce yourself politely and take a selfie with this girl. Come on, moron. You've done this a dozen times.

"Nice to meet you, Peony." He said politely. "But please, call me Isaac." He gave a warm smile, moving closer to the girl. "Anything for a fan!" He exclaimed, putting on his best smile and throwing up the peace sign for the incoming selfie. Vinny watched, shaking her head silently.

"Vee!" A scream rang out as Ahri came barreling back, she had noticed the rustling from her position a few feet away and came to attack the fearsome creature that had awakened from it's slumber.

"Ahri!" Isaac called, somewhat upset that Ahri felt the need to interrupt, until he noticed the Oddish that was emerging near them. "Oh shit! Is that an Oddish?!" He exclaimed, clearly excited. Isaac adored Oddish almost as much as he loved Eevee, it was one of his all time favorite Pokemon. He gave Peony an apologetic look. "Sorry Peony! I promise I'll get a selfie with you, but let me deal with this... cutie..." He eyed the Oddish longingly.

"Alright Ahri, you ready?" He asked, the Eevee gave a firm nod --- ready to attack. "Go in with a Shadow Ball! Then follow it up with a strong tackle!" Called Isaac, causing the small Eevee to rush forwards.
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