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Alongside Ajax and Tomoe, Jayson darted up the mountain path in pursuit of the Rockruff. For a creature that had been badly injured just hours ago, it was displaying an almost supernatural level of resiliency. The sky above had turned a deep purple as the sun disappeared across the horizon and the daylight was quickly following. Visibility was getting worse by the minute as stars began to pop up all across the night sky, so Ajax supported the group with his newly mastered Flash technique.

Another haunting howl echoed across the mountainside as they progressed up the steep and rocky path. As Jayson and his Pokemon came to a bend in the path, they stopped for a moment to catch their breaths. The moon had begun to turn a more ominous red in color by each passing minute as it rose further into the sky. With no time to lose, they briskly continued up the path, offering only the bare minimum of caution to make sure they didn’t slip on any loose rocks. Rockruff could be charging headfirst into some serious danger, so the sooner they retrieved it the better.

It was at long last that Jayson and his Pokemon finally caught up to the young brown pup. It was standing still like a statue in the middle of a circular clearing in the path. Tall, jagged rock formations encircled three quarters of the path while a wall of dense pine trees stood beyond the trail before them. As Jayson took a moment to catch his breath, he was relieved to finally reach the Rockruff before it had befallen any other danger. Or so he thought. As he reached out to pet the canine, he could see that Rockruff was on high alert and didn’t even flinch in reaction to his contact. That was when he finally realized; it was eerily silent up here. No howls or any other sounds seemed to fill the air like before.

As he looked back up, a tall shadow stood perched atop one of the surrounding rock formations. Piercing red eyes glowed in the moonlight. The figure leapt down into the clearing and emitted a low growl. It had a reddish fur coloration and stood upright on two legs; much like Madoka’s Lulu, it was unmistakably a midnight form Lycanroc. From the look of things, it appeared to be alone, likely on a reconnaissance mission for the pack. If it were to alert others to their location with a howl, things could turn ugly fast. What will Jayson do?
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