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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
After allowing Jayson to bandage up its leg with his ripped shirt, the Rockruff took a few shaky steps before gingerly sitting back down. It wasn’t going to be able to get very far in this state, but fortunately it could sense the trainer’s good intentions by now and allowed Jayson to carry it. With Ajax’s dim light, Jayson was able to make out two different paths to leave the cave. He sent Tomoe the Wimpod ahead to scout out the right path and they would follow shortly behind. Tomoe wasn’t able to venture off too far without stubbing her mandibles on a rock as visibility away from Ajax was just too difficult, so she remained as close to her trainer as possible.

As they walked down the path to the right, eventually the slope turned into a slight incline, and they finally came across the stone staircase that they had originally come down when entering the cave. Brimming with confidence that he was able to help guide the group down the right path, Ajax’s luminous bulb grew much brighter, so that they could see all around them. Congratulations, Ajax has successfully learned Flash! The group quickly ascended the stairs, where they found Madoka’s Lunatone hovering silently at the top, its watchful red eye having observed Jayson and his Pokemon from afar the entire time.

With an injured Pokemon still in hand, Jayson passed through the shrine building with little time to waste where he found Madoka back out on the front porch sweeping the shrine stairs. “Oh! You’re back already! Did something happen?” she asked while looking up. On either side of the staircase Madoka’s Lycanrocs continued to rest, but they both stared at Jayson as they picked up the Rockruff’s scent. The fur on both of their backs immediately bristled. Neither Lycanroc took an aggressive stance, but something about the young pup put them both on alert. “Oh my gosh, that poor creature, is it okay? Quick, let’s bring it back to my cabin so we can treat it,” Madoka added, leading the way. Lala the Midday Lycanroc remained on her pedestal ever-alert along with Lulu her Midnight-formed sister who was unusually awake for this time of day.

Once inside Madoka’s cabin, she quickly ushered Jayson over to a counter where she had him place the injured Rockruff. “There, there,” she cooed as she gently examined the extent of the injury. Fortunately the injury wasn’t nearly as bad as she initially thought, and so Madoka quickly sprayed Rockruff’s leg with a Super Potion. “A little bit of rest and it should be good as new!” Deciding it was best to not leave the wounded pup alone, Jayson volunteered to remain and keep watch over it while it rested. It wasn’t the most exciting way to spend the day, but Jayson was happy to nurse the creature’s injury. As the afternoon grew long, Madoka eventually returned to her cabin and volunteered to cook Jayson and his Pokemon some dinner.

The sun had begun to set when Rockruff finally roused from its slumber. It looked around at its surroundings and sniffed the air before testing out its leg. As it discovered that it was able to put pressure on its leg and move around freely, the Rockruff’s tail wagged excitedly. It scampered over to Jayson and gave him an appreciative lick on the leg. After sharing its thanks with Madoka as well, a tasty curry and rice dinner was served as well as some food for Rockruff and Jayson’s Pokemon. Once dinner was over, Madoka had begun to wash the dishes. Rockruff’s ears flattened backwards as it looked around nervously. It was at that moment that Jayson and Madoka heard a chilling and haunting sound echo across the mountainside.

Madoka immediately stopped what she was doing and rushed outside. Jayson and the others quickly followed. The sun was just finishing up its final moments of glimmering light as it disappeared beyond the mountain’s horizon. As the moon rose in the sky in the opposite direction, it had an eerie orange-reddish tint to it. Lulu and Lala were still on their usual stone pedestals, but they were both standing at attention, on complete alert. Neither of them joined in on the howl that continued to echo from up the mountainside. Rockruff immediately took off, its leg not bothered in the slightest anymore. “This isn’t good,” Madoka stated, biting her lip. “Something’s upset the balance of the mountain’s pack. From the look of Lulu and Lala, I think it might be best if I stay back and keep watch over things here at the shrine. You better hurry after Rockruff!” The small pup was fast, and it had already gone up the hiking trail that Jayson had previously considered exploring. What would he do?
Jayson was delighted to see Ajax finally master his technique, just in time to lead them out of the cave. Jayson made his way up the stairs, holding the Rockruff in his arms. He was surprised how quickly the young pup trusted him, he'd expected it to be much more standoffish, especially considering its injuries. Thankfully Madoka was waiting for them and quickly treated the Rockruff's injuries. Her Lycanroc acted strange in the pup's presence, a curious development and one Jayson would certainly keep an eye on. Jayson stayed with the Rockruff as it rested, making sure its condition didn't worsen. Late in the evening they were treated to a meal, which Jayson hungrily devoured. Not long after they finished their food, an eerie howl sounded out from the mountain.

They all rushed outside, the Rockruff was quick to its feet, confident its leg was all but fully healed. It tore off up the mountain path like a Zubat out of hell. Madoka quickly liked the information together, a pack of wild Lycanroc that lived on the mountain were acting strange, Lulu and Lala weren't acting themselves ever. The trial leader insisted she remain to protect the shrine, meaning it would be up to Jayson to protect the Rockruff and sort out the mountain pack.

"Come on Ajax and Tomoe", Jayson called to his Pokemon. Tomoe scrambled up his leg and clung to his back, while Ajax was already sprinting off after the young Rockruff. "Ajax be prepared to light our way with a Flash if it gets too dark, we can't afford to lose track of Rockruff." Jayson was at full flight as he raced up the trail, hopefully closing in on the runaway Rockruff.
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