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Originally Posted by phoopes View Post
Rhee, you don't have to revive a dead basketball thread every so often with great posts. But you do. And for that, I thank you. I normally have some bones to pick with some of your takes but in all honesty I think your commentary is 100% spot on.
lol yeah this is where I go to vent about basketball when my IRL friends aren't around to listen to me rant

Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
I hope Harden doesn't win because he has a lot of off-court stuff that makes me dislike him, and I love the idea of "best player to never win an MVP". I'm really hoping for LeBron to get it because he's playing at the peak of his career now.

That said, the NBA perception is warped and I think Harden is getting more credit than he should be. Yes, he's improved, but the Rockets are still not in the same tier as the Warriors/Cavs/Celtics. The Warriors have been coasting on the strength of their awesome bench, even better than the 2014-2015 bench, and the difference between the Rockets/Warriors records is 0.1 seconds. They're pretenders and are going to get wtfstomped.
interesting take! even though bron's only got a few MVPs, I feel like voter's fatigue is exemplified in him. Realistically, except for a few years with the Heatles, he really has been the best player on really good teams since, like, 2013, and I feel like he should have more hardware than he does. Still, he's putting up numbers right now that people should only really get in 2k and people are acting like it's nothing. I'm sure there'll be a little bit of deflation in points once IT comes back, but yeah, i think lebron probably deserves it a bit more than Harden.

That being said, Harden and the Rockets are REALLY GOOD and I feel like the perception has only recently started going in their favor when people started noticing that they've been winning!

Their defense is actually really good, and even though he hasn't improved as much as Kyrie, part of it has been a little bit of effort from Harden!

Their offense is something out of D'Antoni's wet dreams, and they can outscore pretty much anyone at any time since he's staggering CP3 and harden's minutes.

Plus Capela is a defensive stud, and he's already better than 7-Seconds-Or-Less Amare in my mind.

I think LeBron's been doing more with less around him, but goddamn, Harden has been unstoppable on offense (his step-back is better than MVP Curry's!) and he has less minutes than most!

I think the Rockets really are contenders this year like they never have been.

Plus, if Harden doesn't get it this year, lol he's never getting it

EDIT: to be clear, the Warriors are still my favorites in a seven game series. Their depth is somehow underrated (????) and, like, who's gonna stop Curry/Thompson/Durant/Draymond/Jordan Bell (god I love that kid)? Still, I think the Rockets have a shot this year, and more of one than the media would like to give them credit for!

DOUBLE EDIT: to reiterate how insane LeBron's numbers are: He's averaging 28.4 ppg, 8.2 rpg, 9.2 apg, 1 block, 1.5 spg, and on 57% fg, 41% 3fg, and 78.5 ft%????? I don't even like Lebron and golly!

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