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Round 5

Noriko was astonished with how their fortunes had turned, Minori looked ready to keel over from his injuries and they had started so well too. Keith couldn't keep the grin off his face as he had flashbacks to the Rocky films, his Pokemon kept getting knocked down but get getting right on back up; and now he was set for a major comeback.

Minori starts backing up whilst charging up yet more water before his nose. If he could keep his distance he might survive, if he could take out that Skorupi he could win the match. He unleashes his Water Pulse, the orb flying right into Scorpius knocking him over. Scorpius picks himself right back up and narrows his gaze upon his target before sending a wave of Sludge Bombs right at Minori. He backs up trying avoid the attack but the bombs explode all around him making him wince and cry out with every shot. He wobbles back before collapsing to the ground unable to take any more punishment.

The referee sends her Driblim across the field to observe the result before pointing towards Keith speaking to her trainer in her own language.

"Piper informs me that Minori is no longer able to battle, so Keith and Scorpius are the winners!"

Health: 19%
Energy: 31%
Status: Atk - Burnt

Health: 00%
Energy: 39%
Status: KO'd from his injuries

Congratulations to Missingno.Master and Keith. This battle was back and forth and you had some good luck with the RNG. Your move-set was stronger and it gave you an edge, you're beginning to stack up victories now. Your opponent's will have to watch out for you
For his victory Scorpius receives this . He also receives two levels.

Commiserations to kaisap and Minori, it was another close battle and you're getting closer to your first victory. I know you're keen to keep fighting so I hope you give your Pokemon some more moves to work with and I know you'll get there. Minori receives 1 XP for participating in the battle.

I hope to see you both back again ^-^
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