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Round 2

Both Pokemon were evenly matched as this long awaited battle begun. Skorupi was busy trying to rid the mud from his eyes that was reducing his accuracy. Midori was proud of his work but already felt that his defences were weaker than before. Scorpius was left blind hoping that his hearing would be good enough to pin point the Seel. He concentrates hard listening for his breathing or any kind of movement. In the time it takes him to do this Midori was back on the attack. He begins to gather mud between his flippers again and Scorpius turns towards the sound, was he there? Both Pokemon fire their attacks at the same time, Midori's Mud-Slap hits his target but Scorpius' vision was not reduced any further as he was already caked with mud. The purple/brown Sludge Bombs fire into the air and rain around Midori only half hitting their intended target.

Midori begins to shuffle towards Scorpius getting closer for his next attack and Scorpius uses this opportunity to attack again. He hears the Seel more clearly now and spits out a wave of Poison Stings that stop Midori in his tracks. He winces and waits for the attack to end before resuming his slower approach to the scorpion before ramming his horn into his little body with a Headbutt. It was after this that both trainers could see the purple tinge on Midori's face, he's been poisoned! With both Pokemon close to one another Scorpius is able to latch onto Midori with his Bite catching a flipper and making him wave it back and forth trying to dislodge the bug. Midori charges up a bool of energy before his nose and lets loose his Water Pulse that attack exploding between them injuring both Pokemon.

Both Pokemon pick themselves up injured but not done and suddenly feel the ground rumbling beneath them ... the geysers were about to erupt! They look about nervously and a geyser erupts right next to them sending them both flying to the side of the arena landing with a thud. Both trainers look very concerned but both Pokemon stir and slowly get to their feet. Scorpius squeals in pain as he feels a burn across his little midriff, now both Pokemon were inflicted with status problems and they were only 2 rounds in!

Health: 60%
Energy: 69%
Status: Atk - Acc -- Burnt

Health: 52%
Energy: 74%
Status: Def - Poisoned

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