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Round 1

Originally Posted by Missingno. Master
Species; Skorupi
Gender; Male
Level; 1
Type; Poison/Bug
Attacks; Bite, Poison Sting, Leer, Sludge Bomb, Night Slash.
Next attack learnt; Knock Off (lv. 6)
Nature; Rash
Ability: Sniper
Evolution; Skorupi>lv. 40>Drapion
Bio; Scorpius loves battling above all else, and is always willing to get into a fight with anyone nearby, often without regard as to whether they are actually his opponents.
Opinion on evolution; Unknown at this time.
Obtained: Cable Club
Birthday: September 15th
Keith wandered into the famed Geyser Park, a confident look on his face, and an overexcited Skorupi on his shoulder. Once he had reached the battlefield, and had spotted his opponent with her Seel at the other end, he gave a little nod to his passenger, and Scorpius eagerly leapt off his shoulder, landing expertly on the ground, tail pincers clicking excitedly. Scorpius loved battling above all else, and this was to be his first official match. Keith saw no reason to delay things any further, so once the referee explained the rules, Keith issued commands to his eager Poison/Bug-type.

"Let's start strong, Scorpius. Use Leer! After that, give that Seel a taste of your Night Slash, and wrap the whole thing up with Poison Sting!

Originally Posted by kaisap112
Alright, we finally got our Pokémon back, it's time to battle!



Species: Seel
Level: 1
Type: Water
Gender: Male
Current Location: Party
Birthday: January 14th
Ability: Thick Fat
Nature: Rash Nature
Obtained: Trade with uhhhhh
Held Item: None
Beauty Points: 0
Contest Stats: 0
IQ: 0
Contained In: Pokéball


Growl - Lv. 3
Water Sport - Lv. 7
Icy Wind - Lv. 11
Encore - Lv. 13
Ice Shard - Lv. 17
Rest - Lv. 21
Aqua Ring - Lv. 23
Aurora Beam - Lv. 27
Aqua Jet - Lv. 31
Brine - Lv. 33
Take Down - Lv. 37
Dive - Lv. 41
Aqua Tail - Lv. 43
Ice Beam - Lv. 47
Safeguard - Lv. 51
Hail - Lv. 53

Mud Slap
Water Pulse

I declare to possibly use: Fresh Water x1
Noriko was giddy with excitement, nearly dropping her partner Kitty off her shoulder with her constant fidgeting. The trainer and her Pokémon had been waiting for this match for a long time and at last they'd get to business. "Come on out, Minori! Let's rock!" Noriko threw a Pokéball in the air, releasing her Pokémon of choice for this match, Minori the Seel.

Minori was as eager to battle as Noriko was, making aggressive noise. Kitty waved her tail and meowed in encouragement.

"Let's win this, Minori! Start with Water Pulse and then give them two servings of Mud Slap"
Both trainers were literally bubbling with excitement as were their Pokemon. They had thought about and discussed this battle for a long time and now the time had finally come for them to showcase their Pokemon. Keith has his chosen warrior on his shoulder, his little Skorupi names Scorpius. Noriko was not using her starter this time, she released her Seel who looked uncharacteristically sombre and fierce and he was aggressively staring down his opponent. The referee made her way to the side of the battlefield and raised her flag, the long awaited battle was finally under way!

Scorpius was slightly faster than his watery opponent and he give him a taste of his Leer startling the Seel and lowering his defences. With the pause his foe gave him Scorpius makes his next move scuttling towards his one of his claws darkening until it was almost black. Within range he unleashes his Night Slash upon Minori's white furred body and the Seel yelps in pain backing off and rubbing a flipper over the cut.

Minori slides that fierce mask back onto his face, now it was his turn! He charges up an orb of water before his nose and launches it at Scorpius knocking him back and sending water spraying everywhere. That Water Pulse was a direct hit! Scorpius recovers quickly and uses his last move sending a barrage of Poison Stings that impact all over Minori making him cover his face to protect himself. When the attack was over he regains his focus and digs his tail into the most soil before throwing right at Scorpius who screeches as the mud lands right in his eyes lowing his accuracy. Minori gives a tight smile before using another Mud-Slap right at the Skorupi who's trying to remove the soil from his eyes.

Health: 88% -
Energy: 85%
Status: Acc --

Health: 83%
Energy: 88%
Status: Def -

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