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Bulbasaur Beginner Trainer Battle: Missingno. Master vs. kaisap112

The referee was always a little nervous about battles conducted in this arena. Cascadia's Geyser park was an explosive temperamental terrain known to erupt with extremely forceful jets of scalding hot water at a minutes notice. The trainer's had chosen this arena and the referee would ensure all safety precautions were in place. The arena was situated part way up Mt. Aduro, a 100 metre square plot of volcanic soil, thick dark and moist. Dotted around the field were several geysers that would shoot hot water far into the air at random intervals.

The two trainers climbed the roughly cut terrain approaching the arena and spotted the referee waiting on the edge for them ready to safely escort them to their trainer boxes. She gives them a small wave and waits for them to finish their conversation before speaking to them.

"Well you both certainly chose an interesting arena. I warn you to be very careful here, the last battle I reffed here had the earth literally quaking and geysers erupting every round. I know that Noriko is new to these battle so I welcome you here and hope you and your Pokemon will enjoy yourself. Lets go over the rules so we all stay safe".
Missingno. Master vs. kaisap112
Beginner Trainer Battle (Pokemon from Lv’s 01-25 used only)
1 on 1
72 Hr DQ Period
Arena: Cascadia’s Geyser Park: On the slopes of Mt. Aduro of the Cascadia island chain is a 100 x 100 meter area of dark, volcanic soil where every once in a while a geyser will erupt. The geysers shoot up with heights varying from 10 feet to almost 50 feet, and if a Pokémon is struck by one of them they will take good damage and will likely be scalded or burned from the boiling water. A geyser will erupt roughly every 2 minutes, leaving it up to chance whether a Pokémon will be struck or not…
She allowed them time to prepare themselves whist retrieving a coin from her pocket. She assigned Missingno. Master to Heads and kasisap112 to Tails and gave it a quick flip: "Heads".
Once she was sure they understood the rules she went through the order of play:
– I need PM’s from both of you including your Pokemon, their stats, any healing items being declared, and your attacks for the first round (I am happy with up to 3 being used per round)
- I will then ref the first round.
- Missingno. Master will then order their attacks for the next round.
- kaisap112 then orders their attacks.
- I ref the round, and the next round attack orders switch and so on and so forth till we have a winner!
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