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Round 3: I'd like to write a fucking dissertation on why Taunt/Swagger is f'ing dumb

Here we are. Round 3. Wow these orders look like they're going to be really boring and easy to ref which is awesome because I just got home from 9-hour band camp and I don't feel like doing anything complicated.

Tjeka: *pauses the music*

Bless you, Tjeka. We tight as shit. Let's do the reffing now.

Athena uses those tiny wings of hers and flies again. Upwards. But not only is she flying upwards she is flying in a fucking ZIG ZAG. Look at those fucking diagonal alternations. Holy shit. That is some sweet ass simple-yet-effective ordering right there. Can you tell that I'm trying to pad my reffing for this shitty and tiny round. Anyway Julia doesn't appreciate the hidden artful beauty of Athena's zigzags and tells her exactly how she feels. And by that I mean she taunts her. Wow. Julia's a mean, mean person.

Athena is consumed by rage at Julia's ignorance to her post-modern dance/battle moves and forgoes setting up a Light Screen. Julia pulls up some rocks from the ground that rise up and smash into Athena before going back into the ground. How fuckin exciting. Oh and they do it in a ~stealthy~ manner.

Tjeka: Whatever that means.


Julia used some energy I guess? She's a good chunk away from the halfway point.

Athena lost some health I guess? She's nearing her halfway point.


Athena is hovering 20 meters off of the ground. Julia is not.

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