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Round 2: Snooze!

Round 2 of Dragon versus Dragon thing starts. Gut, analysis before the round starts?

Gut: Dragon thing, Julia, has a slight lead!
Tjeka: It's too early to tell, however. It's still anyone's game.

And here we go!

0:18 - 0:31 Julia takes a deep breath and fires off a huge THUNDER! WHOA! Big and yellow and zappy and deadly, for sure! It arcs high into the air, but Athena down in her position slightly below the cliff has already begun to move, flapping her wings and moving upwards and forwards towards the cliff, her wing gathering Steel energy. The thunder comes down, barely clipping Athena who has moved from her position and has cleared the cliff, swooping forwards and smashing Julia with a Steel Wing! Ouch!

0:32 - 0:41 Athena continues to dish out the hurt, winding back and releasing out an Ice Beam, DBZ Kamehameha style. Why not just a normal from-the-mouth beam? That's boring as shit! The Ice Beam smashes into Julia, forming a big chunk of ice at the top of her blue belly thing and dealing a nice hit! Julia isn't going to end this round without doing ANYTHING productive, however, and she goes for a THUNDER WAVE! Too bad she used up almost all of her electric energy in that Thunder, though. A piddling of electricity flies from Julia's fingertips and zaps Athena with the strength of a minor static shock one might receive from a doorknob in a carpeted room.


Athena took only portion of damage from the Thunder, avoiding the full brunt of the blast. She's just about reached the end of her first quarter of health. Her energy use was pretty high, though. She's close to reaching the end of her first quarter of energy, too. As for paralysis, she kind of feels a bit of a crick in her neck!

Julia took some heavy hits and delivered none. She's been pushed below the first quarter of health by a decent chunk. Energy use was really high, and she's already a good amount into her second quarter in that respect. She has a large chunk of ice stuck on her chest that will probably restrict upper body movement slightly.


They are a few feet from each other, staring at each other. Athena's back is to the cliff. She is about 15 feet from the cliff's edge, and the two of them are about 10 feet from the river's mudbanks.

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